Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shum Stuff

Jax got a new suday shirt to go with his jacket. look at my stud. :)

He does that big mouth face when he gets excited, its cute cause he breaths super shallow and fast, with his mouth wide open. too funny. :)

Look how cute this blurry picture is! grrr.


This is what we do with him on sunday's when we're getting ready for church, yep, we make him feed himself. it's really cruel. :)

Doesn't this look terrible!? poor kid...:)


Oop! I think something's stuck....

just too cute for words.

Spandex superman for Halloween, await pictures. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

I chopped it. alot of it.

As you can see I've gone quite short. So short in fact i think some sort of make up is now mandatory to distinguish my gender. I'm sure you've seen quite a few teenage boys running around with something of the same hair style. So do me a favor and instead of thinking "teenage boy hair" think "cool rihanna hair" dawg. :)

I know i have a glassy semi-creepy expression in this one, just ignore it; it's way hard to take pictures of yourself.

Props to my mom for always cutting my hair and doing whatever crazy thing i want her to do. She's probably saved me like $8,000 over the years. How many people can say that?
My mom rules.


I'm sorry, i know this isn't the most attractive picture but i think it's so cute. He was looking so peaceful in bed sleeping--grabbed the camera to document, (stupid camera does a flash before it actually takes the pict) and BAM his eyes flew open and he was looking at me like this. It was semi-startling and for some reason i got that "i've been caught" kind of feeling even though i wasn't doing anything wrong. Anyway, love his expression, love his long johns.

took another, couldn't resist.

Jax and Max

My sis and her family came over for dinner last sunday- so fun!

After dinner we tried to encourage some cousinly love, Max was a really good sport, Jax was fascinated with him. And yes, in all these pictures jax is on top of Max straddling i said, what a good sport.

Max is getting a real good slime from Jax right here.

Awww, look at this hug, what a good cousin Jax has. I love it.

Hot stuff

Jax in his new "Church" Jacket, got quite a few compliments at church, weird how many people notice that kind of thing...

Friday, October 16, 2009

hangin with the laundry

The funny thing is that he actually thought this was fun, he didn't use to. But ya, he seemed to like it.

Oh man my baby is cute!!
ps. Jax was weighed yesturday, 17lbs 7 oz. wowza!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Can i have everyone's attention?

Thank you. I've got a story.

Okay, so these two people (not me included)--these two really awesome people-- are my folks. They are GREAT!! Can't even begin to describe all of their amazingness, so i'm not going to.
Here is my story: they called up and said "we got your family's Christmas present today and are bringing it over, cause we don't want to store it." I'm thinking, oh man, if they don't want to store it, i probably don't want to store it either...wonder what it is blah blah blah. Long story short, guess what it was. Think along the lines of coolest present ever.

Dundadadaaa!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??? A PIANO!!! Kill me now. I cant express the just floored self of me, i was just WHAT??!!? In the BEST possible way. I am SO excited to have this AWSOME, AWSOME, AWSOME piano!!!


Awwww, look how cute, and look at that cute piano!! My parents are so pretty, and so is that piano, they are so sleek and amazing, and so is that piano, i could go on and on about their similarity's but i think i'll stop there.

Love them!! I wish everyone could have a piano!!

Guess who can sit up??!!........

You guessed it, the only one who couldn't previously on this blog. Jaxy-waxy. What a big boy.

Look at him make his famous face...I'm so proud.

The pillow around isn't completely necessary, just safety issues is all. He has been known to teeter right onto his face--or worse, teeter his face right onto a toy. Doesn't he look CUTE!!!

And this is just a cute picture of him trying to see Justin in the hall. What a doll.

So yes, my little/big infant is sitting. He can't roll over yet; but who needs to roll over if you can sit? Honestly.

family picts (Judkins side this time)

Way to go Dad for taking these AND being in them, you are SO clever. :)
He does such a good job.

Oh man, my family is SO good looking!! :) We took a few family pictures with different backgrounds and setups--this one is my favorite. The funny thing is that right after the camera goes off everyone starts yelling, this was one of our more heated family picture times. :) but look, you cant even tell. Kings and Queens of deception. :)

Check out Jax, this is like his favorite face, i'm sure it will come up again...

I think this one is my favorite of the ones my dad took of just our family, might just go on the wall.

This one is included because I just knew you'd want to see another pose. :)

In case you're wondering the beautiful location, my dad scouted out this great spot up Squaw Peak, except you go to the campground instead of the lookout, and then you don't go to the camp ground you go past it up this dirt road for like a mile and a half; your car might bottom out more than a few times but once your there the spot is pretty good... Again, good job dad, and our car suffered no permanent damage.

PS. My family was missing one...i'll try not to ball as i post this pict of my cutie little bro on a mission in Oregon...Go Elder Judkins!!

Waaaaaaaaaaaa. :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Oh man, my baby is SO SO SO darn cute.

I just love this picture.

Check out the drool...Hands down the best drool-er I've ever met. This is small beans. And no, i don't know what he's wearing.

Check out his muscles, this guy is tough. Ya, he could take you. :) Oh geeze, I blame his outfit on Aunt Lisa. :)

Aunt Shannon got these adorable shoes for Jax, he wears them all the time. Always gets complements, easy to put on, totally cute, great traction (for all the walking Jax is involved in), warm--perfect for fall. Thank you Shannon!

I know how to upload a video!! NOT!

why wont it upload my video?? does anyone know?? it always does this!!! grrr. it's in quick time, does that make a difference? it pretends it's going to load and then it doesn't. I'm so mad.

Sweet half Hat

So check this out.
Bought this on Thursday, i love it, i didn't know they were invented. You might, if not, You ask yourself "what the heck is that?" I'll tell you, cause you sure can't tell from this picture. It goes on your head, similar to a hat.
It's real cute, promise.

See. :) Half-hat. That is fun.