Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Morning with Jax

This first picture is my favorite picture from the Easter morning festivities. Jax LOVES this big soft dog. He was so excited; that was fun.  Poor kid loves dogs, but has been "attacked" (not bitten, but jumped upon and knocked over while mean dogs bark their head off---don't worry, all the while the owner reassures me how nice the dog he is attacking my 15 month old...dry heave, if only Justin had been there to kill the dogs...) at least 2 different times, off the top of my head--and he is only 23 months old. And there has been even more dog "encounters" that have been less severe, but still scary. As a result, he is now more cautious and loves them from a distance. So a stuffed one is right up him and his mom's alley.
 I have a really nice camera and can't figure why these are grainy...I think it might be because they where taken in "sport" mode. It's the only way to take pictures of Jax. But here he is with his first egg. 4 jelly beans inside.
 It takes him a sec to figure out how to open it...he doesn't even know there is candy inside as of yet.
 He knows that these "chocolate balls" are candy though, he was excited about that.
Note to self: This year I bought the CHEAPEST candy ever (I spent $3). I tasted some of his candy that morning--I couldn't even eat it. And I'm 9 months pregnant. Seriously Tawny, next year, please by candy with actual ingredients. And/or candy that is over a dollar. Less is not more.

Chewin' on a jelly beans and wantin' more.

  YUM! Dried, hard, colored sugar. Thanks Mom!

In light of what the holiday is all about, my parents always did a church-y theme Easter for me when I was growing up. Our baskets always contained things you could find at Deseret Book or something. OR my amazing mom would make us matching dresses with gloves and hats to match--you know just more reverencey, church things. What a GREAT thing to do. Justin and I are going to try and do that with our kids---does a stuffed dog count as reverent?? It's just quite and soft and nice AND it gives you a good feeling... Anyway, the other thing Jax got was 2 "church books". He is coloring in one shown below. He really likes it.

That book that he is coloring in is really cool. It is all fabric and its called Jesus Loves Me or something similar and was $6 and you let him color on it as much as you want and then you just wash it by hand or in the wash and its all ready to color again.

The sucker was a BIG hit. I found it in our cupboard. It's a
tootsie pop.

And don't worrry, I threw away 3/4's of his candy when he went upstairs. He ate a TON of it though. It made me feel so bad because I knew how gross it was...and I provided it for him...and he thought it was good...

My big regret of the day is not getting a family picture. That would have been nice to have. In our defense, our camera died.

My dad took some really cute pictures of the Easter egg hunt my parents had at their house later in the day for the 3 grandkids. I hope i get those at some point. :)

Church is always nice on Easter. And it was this year too. Our ward choir did this Easter Cantata thing...that was interesting. But seriously, what better thing to celebrate with a holiday than Christ's last day's on this earth and the miraculous things that took place.
As far as the commercial egg/bunny thing--that's lost on me...but I'm glad there is a holiday none the less.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gause Update

Jax used to call me Nauny.  Because he couldn't say his "T"'s. (He called me Tawny) It was SO cute. He would yell for me and say "NAUNYY!!" It was really funny.
Now, I have graduated from Tawny to Mommy. But it's plural. And it's REALLY cute too. It sounds like "Momiez". And he usually say's it really fast; I think he's going to be a fast talker like his mom. One of my favorite things to hear is him saying my name, that and anything nice--I shouldn't try and narrow it down. :) But I want to have on record that Jax says: "See dat? Momiez?" all the time. And I love it.
Remember how we have, in a word, "construction" going on in all parts of Utah County right now? Well, Jax LOVES looking at all the construction--it doesn't get old with him. "Diggers", "tractors", "trucks", and "BIG trucks" are always around in in excess. It never fails, every time we are in the car and drive by construction (which is basically every time we get in the car--you can't escape it) he'll yell and point, "Woah! See dat? Momiez? Tractor! See dat?" It's the only good thing about the construction for me. He loves it. Bless his little heart. Sometimes there is just so much to look at and he just points and talks and gets really excited, "See dat?! Momiez?! BIG Truck" and "truck" is always said a few tones lower than the rest of the sentence. Because it's so big of course. :)
 Jax is liking me more as a mom. Or as a person. Or something. Cause get this, the other day, I had to leave to Young Women's on a Wednesday night,(like I do, every week) and Justin said when Jax finally noticed I was gone (he was watching the movie Cars when I left--which means he wouldn't know if there was a cow in the room--Cars gets his FULL attention.)  he was just running and running, upstairs and down calling "Momiez? Momiez?! Momiez!!" and THEN he started BAWLING and was inconsolable! Can you believe it. He loves me. Yay! Not "yay" that he was crying, but "yay" that he showed that we was sad and missed me because I wasn't there. Lots of times he couldn't care less.
But can I just say: I REALLY have appreciated that he is not a clingy baby, happy day for me! He is SO easy that way (so good in nursery or whenever he ever has to be babysat by anyone)--and SO hard by the same token (running away mainly, and not being scared of strangers when he runs away, etc..). But seriously i am grateful he hasn't been clingy. It makes life a lot easier in that sense.

I know it looks like he is in tears in this one--that's because he was...he really wanted to see the picture on the screen on the back of the camera BEFORE we took the picture...that doesn't work. But he looks gorgeous when he cries, so it doesn't matter that much :)

Remember how Aunt Chanel is the most amazing human...she is. We LOVE her. She came with us (Jax and me--Justin doesn't go anywhere but school and work--and those don't include us.;) to DSW and watched Jax while I tried on EVERY shoe. Then we went to lunch. GREAT day. She has more tolerance and patience in her baby finger than I have in my whole body. Jax is always smitten.

 Here are some of Jaxtons very cool tricks. He was p-r-e-t-t-y impressed with himself, because, lets face it, these are some pretty impressive moves...
Also, please note that Jaxton's toenails are painted. His toenails and/or his fingernails are always painted. Courtesy of Chanel, Arianne and me. He really likes it. :) We try our best to do manly colors like shades of blue, but sometimes pink is the only way to go. :)
 This one on the bottom is my favorite because you can kind of see the strain in his face--he was trying SO HARD to arch and lift his leg so high in the back; he thought he was pretty studly. And rightly so.

Speaking of sleep. 4 weeks to go before sleep becomes an elusive fantasy...eek. Despite that sad fact, we are getting really, really, excited for the arrival of the little cute creature trying to exsit my tummy the wrong way!
 Note to self: This pregnancy is SO much more painful in the 3 trimester then Jax. Good greif, I feel like my stomach is the cage for a wild animal. Lots of really amazing searing burning sensations. Lots of really amazing youch. Also, as of last tuesday, I've gained 38lbs...Not too bad when compared with 60 from last time, but not to good when you compare it to the average women. Whatev.

We need to settle on a name asap!

And the update on my over worked husband is that he is still very much over worked. He has worked almost 60 hrs a week (6 day work weeks) the last 3 weeks. And good news! Wells Fargo doesn't pay overtime for Saturdays! SWEET! Sign us up for THAT! AND school is kicking his butt. But don't worry, he's kicking right back--anytime after 10pm. Between school, soccer, and work, the kid has been getting terrible sleep.
AND we've been trying to buy/look for a house and all that that implies, it's not UN-time consuming. AND much of his "free-time" is taken up by him watching Jax while I do YW stuff which can take up a ton of the day on Sundays and every Wednesday night. Poor guy supports me with my calling.
BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel:
-He only has 1 more final to take on Monday! and one more paper...and one more presentation...and a packet to turn in, and then thats it!...for this semester. Summer semester starts 2 weeks later. One 3 credit class and one 1 credit class. AND THEN...He'll GRADUATE. and that's really the end of that.
-His work is hiring another banker so that Justin doesn't have to work like a phsyco...but they have a 3 week training in SLC--so not imediate relief, but it's coming.
-We are probably moving soonish so I wont be YW President for a ton longer.
So maybe life will "normalize"(what does that mean?) for him in the near future...And I'll get my husband back. Oh wait, I DO still HAVE him, I'll just be able to SEE him. :)
What a trooper.
Long update. You are a trooper if you are still reading.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Jumping on the Tramp

 Thank goodness for my dad and his camera skills! This picture post is to make up for all the pictures i never took of Jax on the Trampoline, his most favorite place. Shame on me. Sorry he doesn't have any pants on...
oop, nope, I'm not.

 These top ones are of him running on the tramp--he thinks running on the tramp is really funny. I think he usually thinks he's trying to run away from someone, which is always really funny in his book. :)

And now for the main event: Jumping!! His FAVORITE! He is SO good at jumping, so abnormally good. I want to get him in a Baby Jumping Competition, but they are not real and don't exists. Which is a real shame, cause he'd win.:)

 I like how on a lot of these he looks like he is just in the cant really tell that he's jumping--watch for his shadow and you can.

Serious face on some of these--gotta get that height! 
This is cute, look how high he's jumping, he's jumping to one of his favorite special people...

It's his Mai-mai!

 Basically, this kid doesn't get enough attention or loves...can you tell?

Last pic, he likes to do the "land on your bum" jumps--and he doesn't fall backwards when he lands, cause he's pro.
 Ya, we think he's amazing!
Good thing I'm having another baby (distraction) and pronto, cause I cant get over this kid; and I think it might be getting to his head...or maybe just mine...or both.:)