Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Haight Family Reunion July 1-3rd-ish

I am so backed up with pictures, I think I'm going to do mostly picture post for July I think. 
July was SO fun!!
 We did SO many fun things. The Haight Family Reunion was one of them. It was up American Fork canyon and was SOOO pretty, but it was at the cost of a lot of mosquitoes. We love those Haights!! And look at Jame's florescent head! Jax and James love each other so much!
Kanessa brought the cutest crafts to do with the kids, she was amazing!
Lisa brought hair markers and everyone partook, and I mean everyone..! :)
Justin took these boys on a long razor ride. I guess Jaxton's 2 hours of sleep each night just didn't cut it when he was on the razor. The kid was out like a light. Not at night of course. That would be silly.
Such a pretty site, such fun people! Huraay!
 Bridal Veil Hike with Natasha and her kids. Super Fun!


Monday, July 28, 2014

June 2014

June was GREAT! Here are a few pictures to prove it!  My boys are at SUCH a great age, I can take them anywhere and it's just not that bad. No diapers, no strollers, no need for a real set schedule, we are flexible, everyone can talk, and they are at an age where things are easily fun and exciting. It really has been a fun summer because of that, we have done a lot of fun things.
 These pictures are from the Springville Art Museam when they were doing some kind of Art Festival. As with all free activities in Utah County, there were literally 5,000 children there, luckily we got there early and left before it got unbearable. And it was HOT, cute, and fun!! :)

Hopefully you can handle these pictures, they are breathtakingly have been warned...;) 
 Here are the kids with all their loot--hats, wands, sunglasses and all. They had a blast.
Fathers Day was fun,
 the kids got Justin a "sword, so he can kill the snakes." Because that's what dad does, he kills snakes...but seriously, he does. And it's technically a "machete" ... anyway, Justin is such a great Dad/husband, we loooooove him. He made himself and everyone in his family steaks for dinner, he did a great job at cooking them perfectly. Sadly, cooking red meat is basically my worst skill below all skills, so the man has to cook his own meat on Fathers day if he wants it to be edible... 
The kids LOVE when Justin is goofy with them, I just LOVE all my boys!! And we get another one!! YAY!!!!
The Bean Museum is open after being closed for renovation, and it's pretty darn cool. However, because it's free, and in Utah County, its like a gargantuan preshool, 7-8 kids per adult. But the kids have a great time regardless, it's just the parents freaking out every other minute and counting children over and over and over... 
 Rod was especially taken with all the "scary" animals. Since he turned 3 he has become so much more energetic and social. Anyway, he thought it was awesome and I thought watching him react to everything was what was REALLY awesome. I love that kid.
  This hyena is eating this baboons leg while the baboon tries to escape...and his baboon friend is giving the death stare and scream from above, the death stare baboon scared the kids way more than the freaky hyena. I think Hazel said, "That is a bad monkey." more than once... :)
 LOVE all the cousins!! Only one missing is JAMES! He is by me (the photographer) sitting on Arianne's lap, but now he really is missing!! Well, just from Utah, waaaaaa!!! :(
 Claustrophobia did finally set in and the kids played outside the museum for like an hour. If there is a wheelchair ramp (which there was), there is a guarentee of at least 20 minutes of pure running joy.
 And then, another June time, the funnest thing happened, we went to a neighbors, sister's house to pick cherries. And they were sooo beautiful and we picked much and my boys loved it, AND there were horses, AND they saw one poop. So that was a great afternoon.
 And Jax loves Ollie. And Ollie is huge in this picture! :) Natasha and I switch off Fridays of babysitting so that we can each go out every other Friday (ideally) it works out pretty great. We always love having cousins over!!
Happy June. It's taking me forever to catch up....!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sisters Sleep-over

Because Arianne and Clarissa would be moving, we had a sister sleepover in Park City to ease the pain. I don't know if it eased the pain, but it was fun to get away with my lady friends! :) Oddly, I have no picture where everyone is in attendance...don't know how that worked out...
This was the silly picture where everyone pointed at my tummy. Obviously, my favorite shot. :)
 This is right when we are leaving. Aren't these ladies DARLING. All cept Clarissa, poor thing had to meet us there later, she was sorely missed in the meantime...and not any less DARLING.
The Farmers Market was going when we got to Park City, so we had a grand ol' time attending that without children. It was really fun.  
Then we hit the pool right when we got to our hotel. The ridiculousness that took place there is definitely worth mentioning. 
There was this waterfall thing and all the girls would get up on it and try and pose before the waterfall knocked them off balance and they fell. There was a LOT of glee to be had; so much laughing...!!

  I mostly only watched, because I'm pregnant, and I use it as an excuse whenever possible, to get out of anything--even if it's to not get my hair wet...So a lot of the a fore mentioned laughing came from me, cause everyone looked hilarious. I got in these last two pictures to prove I was there, and it got me pretty wet, if you can't tell I'm screaming at Natasha to "Hurry and take the picture--hurry!!" while leaning forward trying unsuccessfully to not get any more wet.:) 
I love the picture where my mom is just standing with her hands in the air, it was her default pose, I don't think she realized that they were supposed to jump in at the same time...;)
We had dinner at this Lizard Cantina place and got such delicious gelato from Smiths of all places. We had an awesome night playing games and enjoying each other. When I woke up I found out that somehow my mom ended up sleeping on a bench...she thinks and looks like she is 18, but sleeping on a bench will definitely help you realize your age. Hopefully that is the last time she tries that.
The girls minus my mom (she was supporting her brother who was giving a speech in Midway) went to lunch at this awesome place, and had a great time.
 We did some shopping and I felt like I was starving half the time during this trip, these ladies are minimalist eaters. And I'm just not... :) Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my BEAUTIFUL sisters!! AND MY MOM!! :)