Monday, January 31, 2011

I got my hair cut.

My hair was really a bad length. I've been trying to "grow it out". Never a good idea for my face. But I've  always wanted long hair, to curl it and things. But with me being like 6 months preg, my growing out "bob" really wasn't working to my advantage. Even my sweet husband was like "you really need a haircut" and he accidentally said I looked like Gene Simmons, So I went and chopped it. Best idea ever. I don't know why this picture is so small, but you get the idea. So that is my fun new thing.
Also, i got glasses---not like wear all the time glasses but for night driving and to see things far away. I've always had really good vision; but I'm loosing the far-away sight a bit. kinda sad.

My dad's 50th birthday was Saturday; I made him a "50th Birthday Gift Basket Box - Nostalgic Candy:1961"
That was fun. And how weird is it that they don't sell Now and Laters at Macey's, Harmons, or Smiths. 
Anyway; someday I'll get the pictures off my camera and onto our computer. Our unstable-might-explode-at-any-minute, literally, computer.

Monday, January 17, 2011


So really quick; does anyone have any really good ideas/books/articles/ways to potty train a boy? This amatuere (me) is thinking she's going to potty train Jax before the baby comes in May...I've got to; among other reasons, buying diapers for 2 children is a little expensive. And by "a little" I mean its enough to brake the bank.:) So, please help if you can. It's got to be possible. If it makes a difference, he is 20 months old.
Side note: Jax got his 1st haircut on Saturday; hopefully I'll post pictures looks like 30x's better.:)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some of December...

Remember how Justin had a birthday? It should be addressed. Sadley he has a lame-o wife that documents nothing except jax occasionally, so here is a Justin post. Cause it's like 100 to 1 post of Jax than of Just. If that makes sense. Dear me. Anway,
The blest day was Dec. 17th. He HATES being born that close to Christmas. I hate it too. :) We had fun; didn't do anything major---he would have LOVED to go snow mobiling but we couldn't find a good deal. So we went to the Harvest Resturant at Thanksgiving Point, sooo up-ity.:) If your not going to spend your money on snow mobiling, spend it on an expensive resturant.  I had the most delicious/most expensive salomon i've had in my lifetime. Happy Birthday to me! I was in heaven. :) Justin liked his too, he got this plate full of steak stuff. But mine was better...poor birthday boy.
Then we grabed some ice cream at the little creamery there. I got the "hot chocolate float" with mint chip ice cream. Justin just got mint chip ice cream, because that is what he ALWAYS gets. Don't ruin a good thing.
 Then we went to see The Tourist, at the mega-plex. That was really fun. Good movie. Good looking people. AND to top it all off, because it was Justin's birthday, we DIDN'T get stuck in the snow like so many other people on our way home. Hurray! It was a good time had by all. Gotta love those quality dates.
Thanks for watching the chitel mom! Thanks for being born Justin! And for taking me out on such a lovely date on your special day. :)
Here is the one grainy photo i got on my phone of Justin's celebration at my parents house 2 days after (he's with his niece Katelyn). That dinner at my parent's house is a whole-nother blog entirely...I cooked my little brains out. Anyway, One picture. I'm the bomb.
Sorry babe. But I LOVE you! You lucky duck!
(this is 3 years ago. Just a cute picture in trubite to his birthday:)