Tuesday, January 13, 2015

December Generally

My kids LOVED Santa this year. They are both totally smitten with him and believe he can do anything.
This Santa was the nicest I'd ever met. It was at this thing my mortgage company did this year; the kids thought it was magical! Rod asked for a little Dusty Airplane (never mind that he already has 3 different ones) Jax asked for a car that was big enough for Rod to ride in with him...:/ Good luck with that one Santa...!
 Justin is still taking the kids to Home Depot for their monthly craft, these are darling--we put them in the ground outside.
  The grama's with Calvin, how fun! He loves them both!!
 These are funny extreme Calvin pictures.
love it.
Poor little Roddie broke his little ornament gift he made me at preschool. It was SOOO cute!! Sob!
  Justin turned 30!!
So I had a party for him and a ridiculously large birthday cake, to prove how much I loved him...! :) 
In'd he cute!!?
It is always really fun to be with family! And Arianne, Carter and James were in town and were able to come play!! YAY!!!
There was a casualty though: Carter, (why didn't I get a picture?? I thought I did for some reason. Boohoo...) was really into this sticker game we were playing and was trying to make a swift escape from our kitchen. He leaped, with a huge grin on his face, (obviously didn't know what was coming...!) from the kitchen(middle level) to the downstairs (3 stair difference.) But, as we all do, totally misjudged the ceiling....Hahaha! I still can't talk about it without laughing!! He totally went head first into our ceiling! Made this huge head dent--like totally broke it in the exact imprint of his forehead! He landed on his back completely confused. I was laughing so hard. I can't even express how funny it was. You had to be there. He had a fairly narly gash--but he definitely won the fight with our ceiling edge/wall. It was actually really incredible. The head is an amazing thing...! I have a lot of respect for Carters in particular. :)
We love you Justin!!  You turned 30 like the boss you are!! ;) 

My mom did her annual gingerbread house making day--my kids LOVE it!! They eat soooo much candy. And the Mix's were there! YAY!! Jax, Rod, and James love each other. Anyway, then they just BEG me to eat the house's all day, everyday afterward. I told them they were for looking at and that they already had a bunch of candy. But I kept catching them eating candy off them, so after catching them sneaking candy off their houses for the 20th time, I grabbed them and threw them in the trash right in front of them. They were totally horrified. And Jax said "Mom, please just put them in a place we can't get to them!" Like a huge plea to me to help them save them from themselves! Haha! I couldn't argue with their logic and put them up very high. Problem solved. Yes, sometimes I take parenting advice from my kids....Cause they are smart! :)
 Brooke took these cute pictures of Calvin on Christmas. He was sitting in a chair like it was made for him. He looked darling. and those are his new boots...! :)
  SOOO much snow after Christmas! Lucky dad has 2 good helpers!!
 Look! A picture of me with my baby!! We love each other SO much!!
  Jax lost his other tooth on the bottom!
 We were able to watch Jason and Brookes kids for a whole day, it was really fun!! The kids got to be pulled on a sled by the razor. Everybody LOVED it! It look like tons of fun. They took turns on the sled and in the razor, they did that for a long time! And of course, Hot chocolate after! Because seriously, they were FREEZING!!
They all had such a FUN day! Thanks for playing with us Gause's!! We love you!!
 I couldn't pick which one I liked better, they are basically the same picture. 
Calvin can finally do the bumbo!..Well, kind of...:) It's more of an assisted slump then assisted sitting. This kid is the most limp child I have ever had. My other 2 kids were so active and stiff and just (seemingly) physically advanced. It's always comical when I get updates from baby center on what he is "supposed" to be able to do...cause there is just no way. Calvin is basically a 1 week old baby in a 3 1/2 month body. And I. LOVE. IT. I seriously dreamed him into existence, he is my perfect little angel baby. He just lets me kiss him and hug him without any restraint on my part (do you have ANY idea how magical that is for me??) AND he actually likes it. He loves me. He never resists anything. Except naps. He fills my heart.

Some more of November

So there are always a bunch of pictures of baby Calvin. He is really sweet. I say that I prayed him into existence because he loves to cuddled and be held and kissed--especially by me!;) I love him so much. He is my very special baby. He also sleeps SO well at night, he did around 4 hour stretches at night when he was first new and then quickly those stretches went to 5, 6, 7, 8 hours. He is a gem--it wasn't anything I did.
Justin and I celebrated our anniversary by going to the amazing Little America Breakfast Buffet. It was fun to spend time together. Thanks for watching our kids Mom!
We went to Hogle Zoo with Jason and Brooke's family. The kids had a fun time, they SO love being together! Thanks for watching Calvin, Debbie!
We did a fun after Thanksgiving game night at Natasha and Steve's Condo Clubhouse and Zach and Clarissa came with Eli! So that was fun! My kids could have swam FOREVER. But everyone else was cold and hungry so they actually had to get out at some point...my poor kids...;)  
 Calvin and his dad are sooo cute.
Calvin makes anyone's shoulder comfortable...! :) Can you believe his long arms!?
Rod exclaimed something funny (that I wish I could remember!) and I turned to look and he had a cashew up his nose and was making this face..! Jax LOVES to hold and bounce and play with Calvin. Lots of intense love there...:)
 If you notice all of the picts of Cal are him splayed like a limp noodle, he is SO cute and just obliges you constantly with content-ness. :) That is a slight over generalization, but honestly, he is the best.  
  Jax started Gymnastics at Aerate Gymnastics at the end of November--It's January as I write this and it has been going really well. I wish I could put him in everything he asks to be in and let him do everything he asks to do, but honestly, it would make a person explode. Gymnastics is a nice SMALL band-aid on that LARGE, expansive list of his "want to"'s ... And Calvin loves his infrequent baths.
Boy, do I love all my Boys! :)