Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hold on tight...a lot o' pictures.

We did family pictures on Sunday--my Dad did an EXCELLENT job. And believe me, he had his hands full.  It wasn't easy, but he conquered. 
  However, you might notice, he couldn't conquer my hair, sadly, no one could. Try to ignore might have more luck than me.
Ma' boys are digitty-dang cute. 

This is one of my favorites

This is one of my favorites too.

It's just too much.

Tell me you don't want to TOTALLY kiss him right now...

Does he look like a "Newsie" to anyone else??

Sadly it was hard to get any good ones of just the two of them, "hard" could be replaced with the word "scary" or "terrifying".

This pose was totally ALL his idea, we were all giggling pretty hard. :)
Ya, I have 3 of this one...I was REALLY wanting a big smile, but this is about as big as it got.

Kiss Kiss

Only usable photo of me and the Love. It wasn't the Loves fault.

Step 1 of favorite past-time...

Step 2 of favorite past-time...

Step 3 of favorite past-time...

One of my favorites too.

Thanks for indulging me Dad. Your the best.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's October 18th

I have some pictures from my phone to share.

This is a fun new thing. We have this brand new, super awesome park right by our house.  When we go, we usually go like this. I like the view. :)
I feel like Rod prefers crying to most things... Arianne is sympathizing. I don't usually.
  In his defense, I don't think he prefers crying to people food, which is what he is crying for in this picture. :) 
Here he is eating said "people food".
More people food... 
He seems to love everything we give him. I haven't gotten super serious on feeding him very much yet, but what he eats he likes.  He's had: rice cereal, peaches, pears, apples, cantaloupe, etc...whipping cream, Jax shoved a chocolate mint chip cooking in his mouth...he seemed to really like it before I frantically got it out. 

He LOVES to suck on fruit. 

my silly guy...
my silly guyS.....:)
One of my favorite pictures.
My cute Jax scaled 5 crates at Costco to get up close and personal with this thing.  "Open it mommy? Open it??"
If only it wasn't $115 and Jaxton's room was bigger than 9 feet squared....

Right now,
**Justin is adjusting to the new job--he really likes it by the way.
 **I'm trying unsuccessfully to loose 20lbs--this makes me cranky. 
**We are doing family pictures sometime next week, that will be the definition of "fun" I'm sure. Can't wait to get them though--its been a LONG time... 
**I have the patience of a 2 yr old, and I have a 2 yr old---not a good combination.
 **I can't figure out Rod's sleeping situations--this also makes me cranky. Sadly, this makes Rod cranky too.
 **I've been running 3 times a week for about 2 months, I'm up to 4 1/2 miles--this is the longest I have ever ran in my life. Yes, I did track in college, not cross country. Big difference.

That's about it; well, not really, but Rod is screaming like someone killed his spleen so I need to be done now.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Shum Shstuff

 First things first: Here is my hubs, he is cute AND he got a new job!
 So we're sittin' pretty pretty in these parts. We were only jobless for a nerve racking 2 months--which I realize is not bad for this economy.  We feel very grateful and are really excited. We have had so many little random blessings since he lost his job; we are so thankful for a watchful Heavenly Father. 
Downside: Jax is going to miss not having his dad around. He went from never seeing dad, to seeing him all the time; I can tell the seeing dad all the time is greatly preferred.
 Mom is going to have to get real cool real quick. :)

Never ending homework...oh wait,
 ends this December!!! 
Never ending house projects...

Secondly: Rod started sitting up about a week ago!

We have started to get Jax library books--he really likes it. We haven't done much with the library until recent because I was nervous about how he would treat their books; but he seems to be doing pretty good now. His favorites books have been books on trains, garbage trucks, fire trucks, sharks, and dolphins.

 And this is Jax playing gayagry birds(angry birds). This is not my fault. I blame my mom and Justin. My mom is a sucker for letting him play with her phone--any game he wants, and Justin just plays lots of games on his phone and Jax LOVEs to watch. Either way, he ask's to play all the time...

Also wanted to document that Jax constantly wants to watch the "tooeey". It means watch a show on the TV. He talks pretty well, but some of the words he use's crack me up. "Watch the tooeey mommy, watch the tooeey?" Over and over, really fast and urgently.
We try and not let him watch a ton of TV, but that doesn't stop him from asking.

Also, Jax went poop in the potty 2 days ago. And pee in the potty 2 months ago. Two different singular events. Here's to the kid ever getting potty trained.

Rod gets tightly wrapped like a burrito with one of those velcrow(sp?) swaddling blankets every time he goes to sleep. At night, he wakes up at least once, usually twice. because he gets his hands out and is trying to eat them. It makes me crazy because he is not necessarily hungry every time--but I never really know, so I just feed him anyway (prop a bottle up on a stuffed animal for him:). I think I might try one of those zip up ones and see if it will work. We had this problem with Jax and just had 2 weeks of sleep hell teaching him he doesn't have to be swaddled. I'm not ready for that with Rod. If i can find a way this kid might be swaddled till he's 2! :)

Remember how when you take pictures with a flash babies make this face? Hehe.

The sudden drop in temperature warrants the dawn of the winter coat. Nutty weather. Cute kid.

Jax playing in our "yard", by himself...poor first child.