Thursday, July 28, 2011

The end of July

So we have this nice camera but it only takes special batteries. We have 2 rechargeable "special" batteries for it. In the move we lost the charger. This means we have a beautiful, nice camera that just sits on the desk. Dead. So now i have to just use pictures from my iphone.
  Hopefully that charger turns up before Rods blessing.

Jax suddenly loves his helmet. What a great thing to love. especially when the kid is going at the speed of light on his trike! oop, that's a big lie.
This kid is more coordinated than any other kid I've met his age, and yet, he's not learning this trike thing at record speed. Maybe the opposite? I mean he can ride his trike, but he is not super efficient or effective...we are working on it.

Rods 2 month figures are as follows:

23 inches tall = 78%
12lbs in weight = 66%
16 inch head circumference = 65%

 Jax LOVES Rod TO DEATH. "Hold it mommies, I hold it"

Rod has a little bit of a hard time holding his head up in the bumbo---tummy time is way worse. He is one of those babies that just lays there completely face down while moving everything but his neck and head. Well, his head kinda just goes back and forth like an inch in each direction while he whimpers. That mental image should make you smile...:)

This is what Rod likes to do as of late. He has a hard time if he is not in my little pouch, (that green and white material "pouch", not my 20lb fat tummy "pouch"--I know it can be confusing). He looks really cute in there but it hurts my back more than you'd think.

Personally, at this point, I don't think my boys look alike (at all) or have similar personalities. I think Jax was more jolly and animated. A little less disgruntled at the human race in general. And lets be honest, Jax definitely had a bigger head.

time will tell...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The 4th

I love the 4th of July. 
 Because of Rodricks sparse, irregular sleep patterns we opted out of our usual 6am Balloon hurrah.  We did make it to the grand parade though. Totally fun, we really loved it. We had wonderful seats with wonderful family thanks to Grama Wing!
 The 1st picture is Jaxtons all time favorite breakfast: chocit milk baa (instant breakfast in a bottle). Because this is basically the only nutrients we can get Jax to digest on demand; we do it when we're in a hurry; or when Jax hasn't eaten in a couple days. :) 
(what? your 2 year old doesn't take a bottle?? odd.)
 The below picture just makes me laugh, classic Debbie Gause. She is the best documentor i know. :)
G & G Gause with Jaxer-oo
 My latest fling below...
 Jax and Mai are best friends and had a blast at the parade; this next picture is jax sharing his toast with Mai. He knows Mai won't turn it down; i've never seen that skinny little girl turn down food. ever.  Jaxton the other hand wont accept any food. ever. Maybe thats one of the reasons they get along so well. :)
 Love this picture with Jax and Grama Wing.
 Cute bride-to-be with my photogenic son.
 Holy gorgeous Chanel!!
 Some cute spectators...

more... oh, and in case you were wondering, that's cute little Ethan hiding by his daddy; he did not want to be in any pictures. :)
more cute spectators!
 How did i get so lucky!? 3 babies! :)
 And this grand finale picture is the closest thing to a "family picture" we've got.

I only got pictures at the parade with my camera. But we did do some other fun things:
1)BBQ at my mom's--- probably the most delicious BBQ I've ever been to. ever. Thats a pretty bold statement.
I made the cheesecake below for dessert, i was proud.
2) Water fight of death. This happend after the BBQ. I've never been part of, or witnessed, a water fight of this magnitude. Neither have you. Husbands against wives, wives against husbands. Screaming, bruising, egging, hitting, pulling, you name it. There was NO mercy---by the men. The girls tried to not have any because it was a definent weaknesss that came back to bite ya. 4 hoses, tons of wierd things filled with water, everyone soaked to the bone (well, lets be seriouse, mostly just the girls for the first 85% of the fight) including the interior of my moms poor house. The boys totally cheated and were ruthless, mean, and violent---which helped them win many battles, but alas, the nobal girls won the war. And by the end of it all, we got the boys p-r-e-t-t-y good. It was an amazing avent. I threw many a raw egg.

3) Fireworks! Loved them, you know who REALLY loved them? Jax. Isaac and his friends put on an awesome firework show and then, since cool fireworks are now legal, and go high in the air, we could just watch everyone elses from our very own driveway.:)

Fun times with awsome family!
I love America, I'm glad they have a holiday that celabrates that.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

it's been a while...

My lack of posting is due to the fact that I now have two kids (1st understatement of the year), and we've moved (2nd understatement of the year).  The house we bought had to be completely remodled.  It was an ooberly gross/cheap foreclosure. Hands down the most stressful 2 months of my life. hands waaaay down. I can't even begin to describe any of it. So i'm not going to.
Anyway, for postarity, here is some documentation of our newest little guy, Rodrik, in a progressive order. I've been really bad at taking pictures of this little man. Especially compared to the million and one photo's i took of Jax when he was little. Thanks to my photographer dad there is more than 5. Poor Rod. I'll try and make up for it later as he is going to be my "baby" for a VERY long time. He should consider himself lucky to get any more siblings at all.

1 week old
1 week old

2 weeksish?
3 weeksish?

4 or 5 weeks?

Just taken.
He is 8 weeks old today.
Rod is good at crying and Jax is good at smothering (in every sense of the word) him with love.
I'm good at not sleeping, oop, nope, not good at that. I'm good at having 2 kids, ooh, actually, i'm not very good at that either. We'll skip me.
Justin is good at going to his job even though he hates it.  He's also good at widdeling away at the mile long list of things to fix in this house in his 80 seconds of spare time a day.
So that is the update.
 I hope you appriciate it because Jaxton might have burned down the house while i was finishing this.