Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bear Lake and other July things...

The Haight Family Reunion at Bear Lake was so much fun!! We love the Haights!!
Our awesome neighbor let us bring 4 of his kyaks; the kids loved them and all the other fun floating devices! But it meant a LOT of dragging back and forth!
 All of the kids played so nicely together! The adults on the other hand... ;-)
Talent Show! 
 Beautiful couples...
 Beautiful baby....
 Saying the kids loved the kayaks is an understatement! My kids could have lived at Bear Lake forever...!!
  Can you feel the happiness gushing from the pictures??
Three kids left the campout looking something like this: 
 The mosquitoes were SOOOOO awful. So awful.
Cal loves his auntie. 
He also loves LOVES blueberries. And raspberries. And strawberries.
I just like a lot of things about this of them is Debbies shadow...! :-)

We always love the parade on the Fourth of July. This year did not disappoint!!
 We did a lot of fun things on the fourth. The picture below is the boys watching some fireworks at my moms.
 We actually stayed up this year to watch the BIG Stadium of Fire fireworks at Fox Field--We will not be doing it again until our kids are a LOT older! The fireworks didn't even start until like 11pm, our kids were dead tired and couldn't even enjoy them. But we had some fun until then!
Roddy is a popular guy...:-)
Jax is doing Portugese Immersion at Lakeview! The below picture is part of a cute little program they did at their "camp" before school started. It was really fun to watch!
At Max's baptism (woot woot Max!) Jax got to ride home to Natasha's on Isaacs motorcycle!  It was very exciting. I turned to go get in my car and there was Cal; greeting me, looking like a complete darling, laughing and happy.
I love my boys.