Saturday, February 27, 2010


He IS walking. He started 2 days ago at my parents house, he took like 20 steps, in concession. He will only walk if there are 2 people and he walks between them. It's been SO fun, I get SO proud, I was on the verge of tears. He's such a big boy. AND to add to the big boyness he is getting ALL 4 teeth up top/front! He is going to have a mouth full of teeth and be walking by himself within like 2 weeks I'm sure. So those are some big changes i wanted to document. He is such a doll, and we just love him so much.
We took a video (2 actually) of him walking at my parents and i tried to post them, but they were both too big...:( So you'll have to stand by for proof. It's hard to video him unless there are more than 2 people...but sit tight, i'll try and get one--it's so cute!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valentines..kinda late

So on Feb. 13th we went to the dinner drama at the covey center. The Thrillianaires were the performers--SO good. Really fun, funnest part is that we were able to go with my Natasha, Steve, my Mom and Dad, and NO kids!! :)

Here we are before we left--so valentiny.

The full body shot i know everyone was dieing to see. :)

My cute sister

All of us at the place at our table--that was a fun time. :)

Happy late Valentines.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My little man

Eating an Oreo--half an oreo, i don't know how much actually made it to his mouth...

Jax is ALMOST a professional crawler! He just started last week (actually, if we are all honest with are selves we will find that he is far from a professional, lets be serious;). He does a little bit better than this video now... Too bad everyone can't see it in person it's the cutest thing i've ever seen. :) ALSO, i'm sorry he sounds so stressed in this video, he has always hated the idea of crawling and in the beginning, when he actually could (ie: this video/last week) he wasn't SUPER happy about it...He's happier now.:)

Jax is really may more interested in walking then crawling and will walk the perimeter of any room holding on to walls and chairs. I think he will be walking sooner than later. I'm buying "baby proof" stuff today for my house. The kid cant even walk by himself yet but broke one of my glass bowls while standing and holding onto the cupboard. This kid is going to be a menace when he can walk on his own. He's already into everything as it is.

PS. Jax went to the doctors yesterday. 75% for weight (22.5lbs), that one was a shocker--were sure he weighed at least 25lbs. :) 70-90% for height, and a whooping 95% for head/brain size. That's my little man!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Sunday Sweater!

Look at my handsome man!! He's sportin' his new (hand me down--thanks Lisa) sweater! He just looked so sharp at church. Jax isn't very good at church--it's usually a very sad time of restless horrible-ness. I even made him a photo book with family pictures in it, does it help? Nope. We have to constantly be throwing different things at him trying to keep him quiet/entertained. And as you can imagine, when they hit him he screams and we have to take him out anyway...:)(last part was a semi-joke... :)
He may not be good at church but he sure looks cute the whole time! :)

Question: Does this not look exactly like Gabe when he was a baby?? Seriously.

What a handsome little dude!

The tub!

Here are some cute picts of my flawless baby in the tub. :)
Jax really likes his baths, but they can also make him pretty nervous if he splashes to much; which is kinda all you do in a bath. He LOVES to splash--but if it gets too intense and there's too much water getting in his face-- not cool. :) But he also likes to play with (chew) his little bath toys. What a doll.

I can't ever get over how beautiful he is!

Jax thinkin the crib is where it's at. :)

One of my favorite things to do is get Jax up after he's been sleeping. He is always SO excited and loves everything about life at those moments. Since he's been able to stand, when i get him up, i stand him up so that he can hold onto the side of the crib. He thinks this is SO cool. Here are some picts after a nap.

Yes, he's always drooling that much. :)

Cutest video of Jax after this nap, i love all the noises he makes and how excited he is.
What a cute kid! ps. sorry my voice comes on so loud, try to ignore it. I'll never learn to not talk to jax like he's half deaf and 2 octaves higher than is's a weakness you'll see in all the videos i ever post of him. :)

Gettin Big

Jax's first love is to be walked around by someone holding his hands. His all time favorite. He will settle for being carried around, but ONLY if i play by his rules. He has to be out facing and i have to be moving and doing things so he's not bored. Sometimes i oblige. But he's just SO heavy. Trying to do other stuff while holding a sack of flour (he doesn't hang on at all, it's like he has no limbs) gets really hard. So the other day i got this carrier out again from when he was little, i used it and he enjoyed it, but as you can see, it was a tight fit. And it ripped in the end. and my back felt like it had ripped also. Don't think i'll be doing it again. But they're a good idea for children under 23 lbs. :)

I love this picture, it's like he's think "what the heck are you doing" or "how puzzling". It's so cute.

This is a video of Jax in the walker, he can really get going in this thing.

Ha ha, this is him looking just truly delighted. :) it's so cute, to bad it's blurry, oh well.

Love this little guy!