Thursday, March 25, 2010

My little Man

This is going to be a lengthy blog, prepare yourself. or don't read it, either way. :)

Jax has been growing SO MUCH lately.
*He now has 8 teeth!
*He's walking around ALL OVER. I had to run and get "Baby proofing" stuff for our cupboards, among other things. This kid gets into EVERYTHING. Jax ate one of those jet pack dishwasher packets and got it in his eye, i had to call poison control. I thought i was going to be known forever as the mom who blinded her child out of stupidity. But he's fine, thankfully.
ps. I had to run water into his eyes for 10 min, 10 minutes! do you know how LONG 10 minutes is?? NOT fun. I felt really bad.

*His fascination is toilets. If anyone has any idea of a contraption that keeps toilet seats/lids down--
that actually works, then i would LOVE to hear it.
*He will "Dance" to music if he hears it. Dancing entails swaying his body from side to side. Sometimes he will even "sing" too, this entails a lot of long vowels.
*Jaxton's head is CONSTANTLY being bonked, banged, or hit. (not by me.:) This kid has had at least one bruise on his head consistently since he's started walking. His head gets a bonk probably about 20 times a day. No joke. In his defense, the kid has a BIG head.
*He has really started being SUPER dramatic. Just wailing at the top of his lungs--high, like a little girl. But the thing is, it's usually FAKE! and you know how i know? Cause it's over such STUPID things, and because if he gets the least bit distracted from the high pitch wailing he immediately stops. Until he remembers or see's me, then he starts back up like he never stopped! Until i pick him up or do whatever it is he's wanting...can you believe that? And sometimes he will scrunch his face and make this SUPER pouty look, trying so hard to work up a scream--it's hilarious. He usually
can work up a scream--which isn't quite as hilarious. :)

*Whenever he gets slightly excited (he's been doing this for awhile now) he breath really heavily and in short repetition. That's really cute, we do it at him now when he starts to do it and it doubles his excitement--who knows what he's excited for. :)
*Overall, he's a pretty jolly baby, kinda a ham really. And it's fairly easy to get him excited. He loves to be tickled, spun, bitten and shaken (in a "i'm playing with a baby" kind of way), thrown, chased, and handled kinda roughly. :) He also likes to be sung to and to destroy.
*From the looks of him, you'd think he liked to eat--not so much. i mean cake he always makes room for, but i'm constantly floored that he can maintain such a heavy weight. He's pretty darn solid.

Here are some
really cute videos of Jax doing Jaxton things. Love it.

Happy Birthday Zach!!
ode to zach's family birthday party below.

Zach with his true love. If i could put a heart around this picture i would.
Nuptials: April 17th, hurra!

Zach's only niece. Our little doll with her mama!!

And that's all folks! If anyone is still reading this, you have a special place in my heart. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Yup, my great, awesome, amazing, coolest, good, cute mom had her birthday on March 2. Here we are celebrating. Shoulda took pictures of her "Cafe Rio" dinner. It was the real deal. Here she is with the cake i made her. It (the cake) was supposed to be LOADs cooler than it was. Lets just say it wasn't worth the effort, or maybe my effort just wasn't effective...well, we'll just have to wait until next year...the next one will blow this one out of the water.

Aww, isn't she pretty!

Happy day!

This was funny, this is the second time jax has gotten "stuck". He gets in this position and can't do a thing. It's hysterical. he just sits there and his whimpers escalate until you help him. I love his little (big) bum in the air!!

Jax's favorite part of the night--being fed by his uncle Isaac and auntie Chanel, whenever they're around he ALWAYS gets whatever he wants. :)

Happy Birthday to my mom!! If you haven't heard she is the definition of AMAZING!! (you'll have to look up the "all caps" version.) :)
Love you mom!


I actually have footage of him walking! He walked so well a while ago and then was scared to do it ever since... Isaac and my mom got him out of his shell with a sucker. the video is at the bottom....I'm super loud in it..turn the volume down. seriously.

Jax's tongue always seems to be out lately, I'm wondering if it's a stage or just unique to him. He has such a perfect tongue. :)

Here he is cheezn' it up with his hand in his mouth. what a cutie.

This is his "I'm discovering really cool things" look. pretty darn cute.

I've been trying to teach Jax yoga, this is his favorite position: up-dawg. ;)

And here is the video of him doesn't look like it, but he really does have pretty darn good balance. I'm convinced he could walk around all day if he would stop bein' a sissy. :) Hopefully he starts really walking soon, this little stud will be SO much happier, and in turn so will I. I'm assuming my happiness over him walking will diminish quickly, as it brings a whole new world of grief. But i'm not thinking about that yet. He is at the latter end of his current stage and is so frustrated. As of late he wines like you wouldn't believe. ask my mom. and throws crazy fits, like you'd think he was being stabbed...or beaten. ask my mom. However, He REALLY is quite the gem. I just love him to death.