Sunday, June 6, 2010


These are some picts my dad took at his house on Sunday--we didn't get any real cheerful ones because Jax was in a p-r-e-t-t-y rotten mood.
In his defense (story coming) that morning at 4am we had to take him to the ER because he had croup and couldn't breath very well. I luckily woke up to the sound of him weezing through the baby monitor and felt like i should go check on him, (so thankful for that prompting), he was having a really hard time breathing. How blessed/thankful are we that i could call my doctor at 4 am on a Sunday morning and get right connected, within the minute, to a nurse and have her tell me what to do...seriously, thank you America. Anyway i told her what was going on and she sent me to the ER. He did this breathing mist thing at the ER that really helped him out, but the doc said it would be only temporary, so they gave him some steroids, and then sent me home with $100 (ouch...) co-pay and more steroids for the next night (croup is the worst at night). And then we all went home and slept.
So, back to the pictures--Jax wasn't feelin' the love.
They are still DARN cute...PS. They (the pictures) are not for those who don't like to see naked baby cellulite bums. :)

Here we have Jax sporting his latest crash on the head.

I love this one.

Oh, my, you are sure cute!

Jax LOVEs basketballs, and i LOVE Jax!

This is one of my favorites too.

Beware: total naked cute backside below!

Cellulite never looked so good...;)

Thanks dad for the cute pictures!!