Monday, March 13, 2017

March! And Arianne is here!

This week was so jam-packed!! Rod was so lucky to go play with Gause cousin's on Monday!! They took him to Krispy Kremes and he had such a good time playing with Linc!! Huraay!!
Calvin loves his shark blanket/bag!! He sometime's insists on wearing it down the stairs!! He thinks he is pretty cool. And he didn't even fall!! Love him.
Arianne and Carter arrived!!! ITS BEEN GREAT!! Here we are learning about the fun cruise Isaac went on just last weekend, I love how everyone was huddled around the laptop. CUTE!
Oi! I had 3 practice Orangetheroy workouts this week!! I was STRESSED!! It was quite the ordeal for me. I don't remember ever being as stressed as this last week...Here are pictures from my first class...
I was able to go watch Lincs kindergarten program later that day! It was SUPER cute!! Love that cute boy and his smile!!
Arianne is here!! HAPPY DAY!!
We went to Bridal Veil Falls (which was supposed to be closed because of land slides) and we found this huge boulder that had crushed the cement and all the way down the mountain you could see the path it took. It was amazing. The kids had such a great time!! We got some really good pictures. So nice that the weather is better now!! We can be outside without huge coats!!! PHEW!!
Rod and James were holding hands almost the whole way back, it was so cute--you can't quite see in this picture, but it is darling. 
This week we also went to the Bean Museum!! It was SO FUN!! YAY FOR FAMILY TIME!! The kids all got to touch the lion head!!
I love this picture of Rod. He was listening so intently to the lady talking about how the lion's teeth chomp their prey. This is his type of stuff..!!
Mai mai and Cal talking about birds before I discovered that Cal had pooped and I stuck my thumb in it!! It happened accidently when I went to check him...!! YUCK!! Get potty trained Cal! :)
Look how cute these kids are!! I just love the way kids look from behind. Also, note Rodrik and Ollie holding hands!! Be still my heart!! I love all this kids!!
Rodrik loves the upstairs, he loves to explain who is eating who and the roll al the animals are playing. You can tell from his body language, he is the boss! :) I love him!
Max kept playing with Cal so cute!!
I love these elevator pictures!! The whole clan!!
Oh my, the kids LOVE the gift shop!! 
Calvin was making his scary face one on the left...!
Watching Moana with cousins and Isaac!!
Finally passed my last OT class with these cuties. THANK GOODNESS!!
How darling are these 3?? We got together to celebrate my Mom's birthday!! Such a great time with family!! I should I have gotten a picture with my amazing mom!! I just love her and we are so lucky we get her!! Happy for us!!
I promise I have a beautiful, MUCH loved son named Jax!! I will get some pictures of him this week!! 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

March is here!

Thank goodness for March!! EXCEPT that it's still SNOWING!! It's been awful.
BUT Arianne is coming with her family this week so we are all VERY excited!!
AND look how cute Calvin looks when he sits on the potty. Sadly he doesn't do anything into the potty when he sits there, but he sure looks cute.
Justin took the older boys to do their Home Depot projects with Jason and his boys. They are so cute!
 Side note, my kids love to have their shirts off. Rod most especially, he thinks it turns his coolness and ninja power up by quite a bit. I wouldn't argue with him.

 I love these pictures of my boys. They are so handsome. I love when they put their arms around each other and smile. It's the best. The first picture was all I could get out of them until I begged, then they gave me a smiling one. :)
Calvin loves to read, I love when I catch him just "reading" to himself. He just looks at the pages and sometimes says a few words. He is so intent on it. It's darling. He loves books.
This last week when my mom was over she was letting the kids do SnapChat on her phone. It was pretty funny. I got a video of the kids doing it, but only one picture. They all were having a blast!
 Jax is so cute, every night he sleeps in his shark my mom made him. It's just cute to go in there and find him like this every night.
 Calvin has a friend that is 1 week younger then him who lives across the street named Lincoln. They are opposites but get along really well, especially for 2yr olds! Whenever Cal goes outside he wants to have Linc come out and play too. So that has been happening a lot in the last couple weeks. It's too cute to look out the window and see them playing together. These pictures just don't capture it. It's SO darling to watch. Cal will go over and knock on Linc's door or I'll call his mom and she will send him out and they are always so excited to see each other. Then they just play, without fighting! It's so cute! They like to ride bikes together recently. 
 For my mom's birthday some ladies from the ward got together and went to Thai and ice cream and did DanceParty, it was a lot of silly fun. I love my mom. Our family is doing her party next Sunday when Arianne is in town, so she has had a slow flow of small birthday things. I hope she knows how great she is!! :)
I wanted pictures of my boys today because they got hair cuts last night. Are you kidding me with how cute these two are??! I LOVE THEM!! My willing camera boys! They are too cute.
 We had to literally threaten Rod, so much, to get these pictures...was it worth it...I donno; but he still looks super handsome even with that scowl!!
 Poor Rod has a lot of things to whine about, a lot of the time...
I love these boys!!
I've been really stressed recently because my training with Orangetheory has finally finished and I now have to complete my practical "exam", I have a practice on Tuesday and my final on Thursday, I'll be glad when this week is over!! Hopefully everything just works the heck out...!