Monday, May 22, 2017

May 14th-21st 2017

Another great week!! The weather has been awful, but we had a great week none the less! It started off with Mothers Day!! We got to talk to Chanel!! It was so wonderful!! We miss her so much, so it does the soul good to actually see and hear how wonderful she looks/is...We love that girl.
 We got my wonderful Mom a blanket with everyones name on it. It's super cute! Natasha's bright idea!! We love my Mom!! She is the BEST!! The guys made us delicious Hamburgers and homemade ice cream! It was so great and so yummy! I love Mothers Day! :)
Here is me being a goofball at work; we have to do social media posts, so sometimes we get creative...! :)
 Rod made me this cute picture at school.  I love it.  What a sweet boy.
Jaxton had his Portuguese program on Thursday night. It was something, he enjoyed hiding behind the people in front of him and playing with the friend next to him, this made it really hard to see him 80% of the time. But I got this cute picture!!
Jaxton had one part in the show. Holding this weird laminated paper during a song. 97% of the song his face was just like the picture on the right, somehow my friend, Ashleigh, caught the one time he smiled on camera, the picture on the left!! yay! But his eyes are closed, he still looks darling--though he never sang. Not going to lie, it was a very confusing 3 minutes. All the other kids had dancing parts except these boys that held this paper during this song--I think it must have been all the kids that didn't volunteer for anything else. It was so weird. Though it was a weird program, I LOVE having my kids in Portuguese at school--it's the best!! I have loved my kids school and their teachers.
 Jaxton has finally gotten over the initial scare with his drone. He LOVES playing with it now and does it as often as he can. I love his smiles in these pictures. It's fun to watch him fly it! Drones are so cool!
 Calvin had a checkup! Our doctor is so nice; she gives the kids books every time they have a checkup. Rod was so sweetly reading Calvins book--which Calvin promptly took when he noticed--she gave Rod a book too. Rod is a GREAT reader. I LOVE watching him read, he makes me so proud. He is SO CUTE.
Calvin is 95% for height and 86% for weight! He is so tall--but his weight surprised me! He is so weird about food; we are taking him in to a specialist to get him tested for food aversion next week. We will see if anything comes of that--if nothing else maybe they can give us some good tips on how to deal with his food oddities. 
Here is my cute Cal with his book he was so excited about!! "CHEESE!!"
 Rodrik was asking me questions and wanting me to literally "guess" the answer. Like "Guess what I'm thinking." And I would say, "what?" and he would say, "guess!" and give me this look. It was SO cute!! I loved the face he kept making. He thought he was so clever!! I love him.
 Hazel had a birthday on Saturday!! It was so much fun! I love that girl! She had Sami's dog come over for the party, Hazel LOVES dogs! That dog was definitely the highlight for most of the kids. It was this terrified love that was hilarious to watch! They couldn't stop trying to interact with the dog, but were all so jumpy whenever the dog moved or was too close to them. It was SO CUTE!! They couldn't stop, but they were so scared, but they loved it. It was so funny.
 We went to the Gause family dinner on Sunday night! Justin made delicious waffles for dinner for all the mom's as a late mothers day. It was so yummy!! I wish I had gotten pictures!! I'll have to get pictures next we are at the Gause's! I want a picture of Justin with his mom. He made the waffles for her specifically. Love it.
But I must say the highlight had to be Zane, hands down!! That little guy is SOOO CUTE!! I've SO enjoyed holding and snuggling him. It's just too much cuteness and wonderfulness!! He makes everyone so happy!!
We all fight over Zane, he doesn't seem to mind. Even these pictures are making me miss that little squishy dude!!
It was a great week!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

May 8-13th

This is our week in backwards order... :)
Jaxton's Birthday was on Mothers Day this year; so we celebrated on Saturday. He wanted waffles and whipping cream with berries. I love that too and work Sunday mornings; SO, the amazing Justin made me a Mothers Day breakfast, and Jax a Birthday breakfast all in one! It was so delicious!! I love Justin!!
 Jax has been SO excited for his Birthday, and this is one of the HUGE reasons why. He can play games as much as he wants...! So this was him for quite a while on his birthday, just to document. :) 
 Are you kidding me with these cute pictures?? I love my sweet boys! 
Jax got a drone for his birthday! AND not shown, his other birthday request; a big bag of fiery hot Taki's!! This boy loves them.
Crazy story: He tried to fly the drone inside and it just went into the wall; so we had him take it outside. We all go out there in the backyard and he gets it to lift up off the ground, and in about 10 seconds flat it lifts up, higher and higher, and then starts rocketing East, (which was the way the wind was blowing,) farther and farther, Justin and I saying 'Stop, stop! STOP!" But either Jax doesn't know how, or chooses not to. And it flies out of sight about 200 feet into the swamp. And we are just standing on our porch in disbelief. All of us. And Justin says "Well, Happy Birthday Jax." And Rod starts bawling, "Doesn't he have any other presents??" And runs inside to cry and cry. Jax is silent. He doesn't ever show much emotion or say many words, especially if he is uncomfortable, or if he feels bad...We all kind of assumed the drone was gone forever, but I had Justin go look for it anyway. And because Justin is the best, look for it he did. He went tromping through the swamp like a amazing hero and miraculously found the drone!! Inches from water-which would have ruined it! So needless to say we haven't even gotten it back out since then; we are going to need to teach Jax to use it in a more controlled environment before he can use it outside again. It was a super crazy experience.

  Jax really wanted to go play Laser Tag for his birthday with Natasha's family, so we went to Seven Peaks Fun Center in Lehi! It was fun but freezing, and as usual, a ton of the attractions were shut down; and I only got 2 pictures...Jax was able to play 3 rounds of Laser Tag with his Dad and Cousins! Yay!
Per Jaxton's request we had turkey and cheese sandwiches, strawberries, and Doritos for Lunch. And then Little Ceasers Pizza and breadsticks for Dinner. Also Fanta, Root Beer, and Sprite for Dinner and his party, which was later that night. Also, for his party, he also wanted Rainbow Sherbet, and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. I probably could have guessed most of his choices. He LOVES soda, sugar, chips, and sugar. :)
Everyone that could, came over later for his birthday party. I spent a ton of time working on this particular cake Jax wanted. He ended up loving it though it was far simpler then the original he saw online. He was so sweet about it.
He is ALWAYS ready to be a silly goof!!
 Jaxton's main request at his birthday party is that we play kickball! So we DID play!! It was great! Hopefully it fulfilled his dreams. We missed a few family members that were out of town or busy, but it was still a really good time!! 
 Jax got a WIDGET SPINNER!! They are all the rage right now, he loves it.  Natasha got it for him! He actually got another one from his other Aunt Brooke; he is stoked to have 2!!
 I have a best friend neighbor, Ashleigh, who graced our party as well with her family, we loved having them!
  So many amazing people love Jax!
 Happy Birthday my sweet, handsome, Jaxton!! You are so loved!! I can't believe how big he is getting! 8 YEARS OLD!! WOW!! He will always be my "mama's boy." :)

Calvin is so silly and cute.
 It was Ashleigh's Birthday earlier in the week, I made her a cake, I love her!! Her 5 year old took these cute pictures!
To celebrate Ashleigh, I got some friends together and went to eat and to a comedy show. Crazily, at the comedy show, I had to go on stage and do the weirdest unspecified things ever. It was SO weird, and crazy, and HALRIOUS. It was SO out of my element. I had to come off that adrenaline rush for like 2 hours after. I don't think I will ever do anything like that again! Luckily, all my friends were there and they thought it was the best part of the show. So, glad to be of service. :)
 I love the bond between Ollie and Rod. They warm my heart. Rod shared his explorer gear with Ollie and they explored together. They ALWAYS get along so well. Cal always wishes he could be part of their club, but it doesn't work out like that. Ollie and Cal play good together, and Rod and Ollie play good together, but all 3 of them doesn't quite work out as well. Oh well. We love this pair.
 Piano Recital!! Jax did SO well!! This kind of thing always makes me so proud and happy. He is amazing. I don't think he even gets that nervous! Jax and the piano warm my heart.
 Rod had Mom's and Muffins on Friday. IT WAS SO FUN!! I love when I get to spend time with just one child individually for a while. I love how important they feel, and how important they make me feel. Aw, warm fuzzies.
Earlier in the week I took the boys to the river on a run. I LOVE this pose Rod does, quite often, in pictures. My favorite part is his leg cross. He is darling. 
 I LOVE Cal's "cheese" face!!
 Here is Cal's "cheese" face AGAIN! He was making a "rainbow", he was so proud!
 I stoped off at the fountain at the Mall on the way back from Costco. The boys had a BLAST.
Jumping is the BEST! :)
I love these kids. It's been a GREAT week!