Thursday, May 17, 2018

Catching up! February and March 2018

Jaxton loved playing basketball! We loved to watch him. He has really started to show more intrest in it and practices a lot! He is getting better and better.
Sometimes Rod is a little moody...He has a lot of emotions, and he wears them on his sleeve.
It snowed! The kids always look cute in the snow. It's especially fun in Dad is out there with them. Jaxton particularly loves to play in the snow, Calvin LOVES to eat the snow.
We went with Chanel to Penguin Brothers Ice Cream for a treat!
Calvin will occasionally fall asleep on me when he is very tired. I love it.
On January 26th we (foolishly) took our boys with us to see our babies gender (20wk) sonogram. They weren't super impressed and I somehow had forgotten how long those 20 week ultrasounds take. It was a small room with a lot of little boys in it. But look how handsome they are in the pictures! :)
Justin and I were pretty dang shocked we are having a boy, AGAIN. But I guess we would have been shocked if they had said we were having a girl.
 Looks like we are an all boy family over here.
The boys love K'nex. Justin loves them too. Sometimes they make really cool things. I'm constantly impressed by what they make out of those sticks.
Calvin's cheesy grin gets me every time.
Jaxton has gotten VERY into reading. It is not uncommon to find him reading all around the house. I love it. His favorite books are the comic book style.
All the girls did a really fun girls night where we got acai bowls and went to see The Greatest Showman. It was SOOO good. Such fun.
Ashleigh, Calvins' preschool teacher sends me the cutest pictures of Calvin at school. She has only the highest praise for his smarts and his behavior. It's always fun to get the pictures and to hear all the praise.
Calvin loves to have an audience when he jumps on the trampoline.
Cutie Rodrik doing a cool trick.
Documentation that Justin and I go out on dates.
I love these pictures of Chanel and Cal.
My dad had a birthday at the end of January! His birthday "treat" was fruit salad. Haha! We love him!
More cute preschool pictures!
Rod is super cool!
This was so funny-- I don't remember now why Chanel was on Zach's back, but there WAS a good reason. And she did whatever needed to be done up there. It was impressive!
We got a new couch and moved some furniture and fireplace to make more room. all the kids fit nicely on the new couch!
Also for my dads birthday we all went to top golf! It as super fun. And freezing. I'm remembering now as I look at these pictures just how cold it was...January birthdays... :)
Valentines day!
Jaxton and Kai made this awesome "fort". It actually was a real "shelter" for them because it started raining and they just got under it. :) You can't see them but that is what happened in the below 2 pictures. Smart, cute boys.
Cal fell asleep with me again!! :) I love it!!
My Rod got to bring home the special lion stuffed animal from school. It grossed me out, (it's gone through all the kids hands and homes) but he loved it. Cute Rod.
I put Jax in a lego building class at the library. He loved it and this is what the cutie made. 
We got some pictures done at my work, here is my head shot.
These are my really good friends and fellow coaches who (through awful drama with bad owners) have since stopped working at Orangetheroy. I miss them.
I don't know where we are, but here we are.
I need this documented. Calvin LOVES to sit on this step and drink his bottle. It so cute and so silly.
Weather got awful the end of Febuary until forever. Here are some snow pictures.
I'm not sure how far along I am here. Mid March I think. Maybe 6 months...?
My mom took Ollie and Rod on a "date" to the Discovery Museum in Lehi. Via the UTA Traxx. She is brave. 
THIS has never happened before, Cal AND Justin falling asleep together. Precious.
As I said, the weather was awful all through March. Jax found these cool, big Icicles. Look at that smile!
Calvin at the playground at the Mall.
More Cal... :)
The boys made a fort INSIDE this time. I think Jaxton was writing a book in there. That is also something he loves to do. And he is very specific about what kind of books...they are usually pretty silly; containing silly crudeness and/or silly violence.  They are pretty fun to read...:)
Johanna Came to visit at the end of March! It was so nice and fun to have her agian! Calvin LOVED her!
Rod enjoying some blow up balls at a Dean Party!
Haircut! Cute!
Mom's Birthday!! We love her.
This was the one nice day in a long time. The boys took it all in! I love these pictures!
I feel like I look less pregnant here. I have no idea when these pictures were taken. Super unhelpful.
Calvin did the most TRUAMATIC swim lessons. VERY Traumatic for him AND me. We bought a set of 10 and only ended up doing 8. I can never go back to that facility. I will forever have nightmares.
Sweet, my mom likes to read to the kids.