Thursday, May 23, 2013

Splash Pad Fun!

These are some cute picts from when we went to the Springville Splash Pad on Jaxton's birthday. It was SO fun. The kids are all standing under a waterfall! They all loved it!

Love it!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jaxton had a Birthday Party!

Jax has been VERY anxiously awaiting his birthday this year.  There was a lot of pressure on the me to perform. I tried hard. And actually, Justin tried hard too. And I'm pretty sure he loved all of it. So I was pleased, and he was pleased. And it was a wonderful day. :)
 He keeps hoping it will happen again soon, and I always have to burst his bubble and tell him "it wont come again for a LONG time." But the memory is so pleasant, it seems to appease him well enough. Score for Mom.
The day was very fun filled. In the morning we went to play with Roger cousins at a new splash pad in Springville. This is a post within itself, so I will spare you and post on that later. Then Jax had Preschool, which is always fun, then he had a P-A-R-T-Y! And that is what this post is about.
We had his party in our backyard, (crab grass and all!) It was a 90 degree day that day--so Justin and I were pretty concerned. We have zero shade in our backyard. We picked up a canopy and a broken canopy and a big umbrella and included some last minute water activities for the kiddies, (thanks for the pool mom!) And it all turned out great! Kids are really SO easy going when water is involved. :)
 We did a bunch of "races", it was REALLY cute, and the kids REALLY liked it.
 This is what the adults did whilst all the child playing was going on, it was seriously 9,000 degrees: 
 I should have taken a picture of the Menu. It was ALL Jaxtons favorite foods: Hot Dogs, Chips, Fruit, and most importantly, SODA. He is definitely an American. And he was soooo happy about it.
I made this Grave Digger Monster Truck Pinata. Jax thought it was cool.


I am bummed I didn't get pictures of everyone hitting...they all did a good job.
 Are these kids CUTE or what??! 
The pinata was fairly indestructible (for it was once a Costco Milk box). We had to rely heavily upon Kaitlyn and Max (ages 5-almost 6 & 8) as  the power houses of the group. We finally just had to stab it.
  Cake time! Easiest cake ever, but still yum! Jax picked the ice cream layers: Cookie dough, "The Green Kind" (Mint Choco Chip), and "Fanilla" (Vanilla). There was a fudge cookie layer in between each. 

Then we did presents, Jax was SO excited about EVERYTHING. It was fun to watch.
Jax with his Great Grama's on Justin's side.
Natasha made Jax this Batman/Jaxman Outfit! CUTE!
Monster truck ramps and truck from the Gause cousins! Hot dang!

Razor Scooter from Grama Gause! Woot-Woot!

I missed a picture of my Mom with Jax! :( She had to come early because she had a meeting. She got him the cute pool you see in the background of most of the pictures. He loves her, I will get a picture of them soon.
 We gave Jax a Grave Digger Truck that flips (surprisingly SUPER cool) and a Baseball thing and squirt gun!
I love Jax SOOO much!!
He was rolling in presents! :)
We have so much good family support. Jax was really feeling the love. I LOVE our family!! I sooo appreciate them all coming and making Jax feel so special. It was really fun for me.

Here are some other cute picture from that fun little night. I missed some people; my brain is always so scattered at these types of things...and always...:)

To finish off his perfect little day, I let my 4 year old go to bed with a milk bottle. And the picture is evidence of how he felt about that. :)