Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some cute stuff

Here are some pictures as of late...
My cute kids.

This jumper thing Jax is wearing is halarious. This kid is so cute.

These next pictures show some of the faces he's been doing alot. He has become SO expresive.

This is a common one, but usually his eyes are open really wide too.

I'm placing a large bet that he's going to have curly hair--from like age 2 and on, just like his dad...i seriously cant wait, it'll be so cute. Cute compilied on top of cute, i love this kid.

Another common face, but again, his eyes are usually open really wide.

This face is like, alot of Jaxton's life now a days. :)

This video is of Jax kicking the ball around. He LOVES to kick balls. For some reason he loves to kick the basketball best...weird. But he'll kick all balls, he' s not picky. So everyone better watch out...:)

This video is just darn cute. Kinda boring in the beginning but the end is really cute.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy day

PS. Went to the dentist today and Jax's tooth is going to be just fine! SWEET!! Because he is so young the dentist said it is basically the best time to get a tooth knocked in. He said the roots are mostly separated and pliable until they are like 2 years old. Then it's bad news bears. But GOOD news for us! And an appointment that originally was going to cost $100, only ended up being $55. It is good.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tooth Drama

So sad drama of my life, Jax fell down some small steps in the perfect worst way and shuved his little, cute, perfect, front tooth all the way up into his jaw/gums. So far up in fact, that the doctor at the after hours clinic told us that it had been completely knocked out. And she said that there wouldn't be any tooth there until he got his permanent tooth at about 6 yrs old. I was crushed. But alas, the next morning there was this small whiteness in the gummybloodness, and then in the afternoon, a definite tooth! So it had been there all along, hiding! GROSS!! Poor kid. So needless to say we're going to the dentist tomorrow. I'm very interested to see how they (the dentist) are going to examine a crazy hyperactive 11 month old. He's not going to sit in a chair. We'll see what happens. We're crossing our fingers that it's not dead and wont have to be pulled...It looks pretty good to me. :) Anyway, other sad thing is: who thinks to get dental insurance for their 11 month old. Seriously. Gag.

Below are some pictures from the day after the accident. These pictures do not do justice to the hilarious monkey/who-ville(from the Grinch stole Christmas) boy face that he had. His upper lip/mouth was really swollen, he could barely smile. It was pretty cute and pretty hilarious. My dad was crying because he was laughing so hard at his face. :)

Ha Ha, I love this one, he didn't get it... :)

This is a new face that he does pretty often. Pretty cute.

On this one you can kind of tell that his upper lip is swollen.

From the side angle it is a little bit more obvious.

See here you can see his little tooth coming back from the grave.

Anyway, that's an update on our little drama Wed. night, poor kid. We love him. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

More baths

Happy late Easter. :)

Here are some picts of Jax in the tub, featuring some of his new faces...

This is a cute video of jax laughing his funny laugh. Please don't ask me what i'm saying in it. As a rule, ignore me in all videos. :)