Monday, May 29, 2017

End of May 2017

I have to have pictures so that I can remember this sometimes happens...It really does!! It is THE BEST.
Huraay!! Utilizing the cool sandbox Justin made!!
 Rod "posing" in his new swimsuit! I LOVE when he poses!! 
More posing!! This time they are Ninja's!! That is what you become when you where a bandana around your head. It's the cuttest.
School is finishing!! Jax brought home a bunch of projects. This one is a cute one so I took a picture. He also has some "books" he has been working on. They are called "Privacy's at school and ...." He finishes it with whatever the book is about. 
The most complete one, and the one he has spent the most time on is called "Privacy's at School and Changing the Snack Board." The two main characters change the lunch board menu to "Boogers" instead of "Burgers". That happens early on, (the first page.) Next, the boys use a magical spray bottle (called "Pick your nose spray and pants a little bit down") on their Principle. You can guess what happens next. The story continues as the boys give a poop sandwich to a kid at lunch, he throws up very graphically after he eats it. The kid is rightly upset and chases them. He runs into a pole and gets knocked out. Then something happens where two frowny face guys are chasing the main characters, so the main characters again procure a magical spray. This time it is "Naked Sprae" So as you might imagine, when they spray the kids, the kids turn naked. Again, very graphically. Then they go around and spray a lot more people at school. The spray has the same effect on all of them.  After school they "Cant believe we did that!" And they went to buy MORE spray at the store.  It's 15 pages long. Anyway, Jax is pretty proud.
Rod rode Jaxton's bike because his broke; we realized he is the right size for a bigger bike, and since his broke we thought it was the perfect last minute birthday gift. Here is a picture of Rod on Jaxton's bike.
Natasha and I switch off Friday date nights, last Friday was Our turn to go out. Here are the kiddies as Steve reads to them. I thought it was such a cute picture!
And then Rod's birthday finally came!! He was elated the whole day! Mr. Happy Pants!
We originally got him a longboard for his birthday, so that is what he opened first.
I love this picture of him and me. I want to frame it.
Then we brought out the BIKE! He was so excited!! I didn't get good video, but it actually loaded it on the blog, so if you want to watch...
It made his DAY!
Here he is on his last day of school with his teacher Mrs. Sarkady. She was great, I think Rod was pretty great to have in class as well. :)
Grandma and Grandpa Haight came down especially to see Rodrik because he had invited them very specifically to his party. He just loves them!!
I love these pictures too!!
Rod was SO excited for his cake. I think I blew his mind. It felt wonderful. 
Though he was very opinionated about his cake and his ice cream, he had none at his party! He even disappeared for like an hour playing inside with Ollie while everyone was outside! But he was SO SWEET and SO PLEASANT and POLITE, so it didn't really matter. :)
He wanted an obsical course, so we tried our best. He loved it and everyone seemed to have a great time. I need to remember that kids love this kind of thing! I don't always remember... 
Rod LOVED, ALL his presents. He was so excited and happy about everything! He said "I always wanted ....!!" About everything he opened. And he genuinely meant it. It was so much fun for me to watch!
 I LOVE how supportive my family and Justin's family is. Rod definitely feels VERY secure and very loved. What more can you ask for??  I love it.
I took more pictures of the cake after I cut into it, mostly for Chanel, but also because I LOVE the way cut layered cake looks. This cake tasted pretty good too. Huraay for chocolate cake!!
Guess who was there?!?! ZANE!! I love him!! He makes me so happy, it's just so wonderful being able to hold and cuddle that limp chunky monkey!!
Rod sporting his new tank top (He LOVES it!) and LOCKABLE diary and invisible ink pen. (again, he LOVES them, he loves everything!!) This kid is a things kid, all the things. He loves all the parts of all the things, nothing is junk to him.
Here are some videos of Rod and kids doing the obstacle course, he took it very seriously. It was so fun to watch them all!
On Saturday I came home from being gone all morning and Calvin was a mess! He had snot smeared all over his face and looked like he had pink eye! He has been getting better but good grief; I don't feel like he has been totally healthy in quite a while. Poor kid.  
Here is the Happy Mothers Day picture I wanted of Debbie and Justin!! I new it would be so cute!!
We rode our bikes over to Debbie and Prestons to see their new car!! It's so pretty! It was so much fun that we were able to go on a big ol' bike ride, Rod goes so fast with his new bike I'm the one always having to catch up! :) Hopefully I can have Cal on the back of my bike until he is 5...! ;)
Happy and good week!!