Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lots of Pictures, July and August

Natasha and I took the kids to Classic Skating one day, they had an absolute blast.

Justin had to fix a sprinkler head, Jax and Rod always love "helping" their dad.
One time we went to the Manwarings pool. It was so much fun. I don't remember a time when I have played the foot ball game "500" so competitively. I also don't remember ever getting so much water in my nose and swallowing so much of it. Also, almost drowning.  But was so much fun! Cal preferred to sit on the side with a show in hand. :) Such a warm pool! It was great!
Justin's cousin Ryan got married which gave a an excuse to dress up and take some pictures. :) It was really nice to see that side of the family! We all had fun dancing and playing afterwards.
Some neighborhood friends put together a kickball night with our families. It was super fun too.
My dad is building his shed in the backyard and Calvin is always trying to get out there and use Pop-pop's (my dad) "boom shoot"(drill). And he really uses them and LOVES them. We are getting him a toy "boom-shoot" for his Birthday and I'm nervous the he will be a little unimpressed with it because he is so used to my dad's power tools. Haha. :)
Roddy knocked out his bottom tooth! 
I wish I had a picture of it, it was so long rooted! Yikes!! I wanted the story documented, so here it is: On the Tuesday Arianne and Carter came to town (HURAAY!) everyone was at my Mom’s the kids were all playing in the water.  The kids do this thing where they put the hose on the slide, and rocket down in at 100mph. Anyway, the adults were inside and Jax come’s running in saying that Rod knocked his tooth out!! Oh shoot, was my first thought, then I thought, well at least he is already 5 and not 2 like jax when he knocked out his first tooth. So  we go running out there and sure enough there is a massive blood bath in Rods mouth, (and he does NOT do good with blood) so he is just screaming. We look in his mouth and one of his bottome teeth are GONE!  So he is just beside himself—he has always been terrified to knock his tooth out like Jax. Anyway, Max is being so sweet and comes sprinting up the deck saying he found the tooth—He was trying to cheer Rod up by showing him his “cool” tooth—like it would be a cool distraction. So amiss all the “look how cool your tooth is” talk, Max drops the tooth in Rodriks hand and right when Rod see’s it he SHRIEKS, and chucks the tooth like it’s the most vile thing ever to touch his hand. It was REALLY funny. We were all laughing, except Rod, poor guy. But we were able to get him to calm down after awhile. Mostly because Natasha was being SO nice to him. There was a slice looking thing going vertically down his gum where his tooth used to be, suggesting that the tooth was ripped forwards. But we couldn’t get a straight story from anyone on what or how it happened. He just said he was going down the slide with his eye’s closed and then it just happened. Weirdest thing. I guess because the tooth was so long it could have gotten knocked in really hard and then the bottom of the root would come out the front of the gum causing the rip. Either way, kind of a crazy story. 
James and Cal were pretty cute to each other most of the time. I was able to catch this darling moment at Costco. I love it!
Also, we got the kids halloween costumes and they love them. Calvin is THE CUTEST batman I've ever laid eye's on, and he feels SO COOL when he wears his "bat-bat!!" suite!! Rod and Cal were originally each batman but we ended up taking Rod's suite back to get a different size and he choose Sider-man instead. Jax only put his suit on once (Kilo-wren) and I didn't get a picture, so I will add that at Halloween if I can't get him to put it on sooner. Rod and Calvin are so into their suites, it's so fun to watch them air-punch and hold poses thinking they are just the best.
We did so many fun things while Arianne was here. It was great to hang out with family so much. The kids were just in heaven all day.
Dripping Rock hike in Spanish Fork
This is an awful picture because of the sun, but the boys are in the back going on their first Razor ride of the season. 
We had a birthday party for Lulu that was just so cute and fun!
Splash pad!
Calvin loves squirt bottles. They are also called Boom-shoots. He LOVES them.

We went to our own Family Reunion in St. George and it was SO MUCH FUN!! I hope we got back every year! The pictures below pretty much sums up the trip. Jaxton learned how to swim really, pretty well while we were there, Rodrik did too, though not quite as efficiently.  I was so impressed by them, and so glad!
It was so fun to be with everyone, and to eat good food and not have any huge distractions. But there were spiders...Black Widows! So that was not a fun part. But other then that--so great!!
We also went "hiking" and to the sand duns while we were in St.George, which was also so much fun!!
Tash (as Calvin calls her) got Calvin this shirt and he is showing his "cheese" face. He really was happy, he just has a hard time trying to get his face to do what he wants it to do...! :)
 One of my favoite things (though not pictured, Gabe will get it to me) was the night my wonderful, saintly parents watch ALL OF THE KIDS so that the adult's could go out to dinner. It was SO MUCH FUN!! 

Below is me trying to get as much loving out of my cute niece and nephew that I so rarely see!
Love these people!
We were so sad to see them go!!

Because Jax spent so much time in the water at St. George, he got what is called "Swimmers Ear" and his ear was infected. It was very painful for him. But before the doctor could look into his ear she had to get this HUGE wax piece out. It SERIOUSLY took 25 minutes. And it was HUGE!! I wish I had something in there so you could have a reference on the size. But after she got it out she said that could have also been cause some pain. And I wouldn't doubt it. It was so gross. He had to do drops and pills, and he was feeling better in a couple days. Sadly it was the 1st day of school that I took him in, so he was only able to go to the last hour and a half. But it was nuts.
2nd Day of School Pictures!
  Cal and Justin have a special little bond and they really are cute together. Their expressions remind me of each other all the time.
As much as I absolutely love these silly kids. I'm so glad they are back in school!! Mama needs a break!!
We like to go look at the new houses that are being built by us, sometimes we take bike rides at night and do that. The kids love it, and Justin and I like looking at the houses as well. Fun family time.
 1st day of kindergarted for Rodrik!!
I realized the night before at like 10pm, that I wasn't going to be able to drop him off!! I had a class I had to teach at 8am. I was crushed! I had to live through the cute pictures Justin took. And they ARE CUTE!! :)
This one of Rodrik at his desk is SO cute!!
I have a cute story about Rod:
 Rod came to me so sweetly and took my hand and kissed my palm. Then he put his hand on my cheek and got close and said "mom this is the kissing hand, so if you put it to Your cheek it feels warm and it goes to your heart and makes you feel better." And then he gave me a big hug and a kiss. I was dieing of the cuteness. And I said, "Rod, can I kiss your hand?" And looked at me sweetly and said "No mom, I already kissed my own hand." HAHAHA!! It was so funny to me!

Aslo, Jax called President Lincoln, President Inkland. It was really cute to me.