Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 Jax is starting preschool today!!
 He and I are SOOO excited. I'm excited because I am REALLY confident in his teacher and all the things he is going to learn and see and do, and the interaction with peers and all that jazz, its just going to be the best. :)
 And Jax is excited because he has a "Cars backer-pack" AND because he visited his preschool at the open house and this is what it looked like:
 I have never seen SOO many toys, SOO organized, with ALL of their parts, ever. In my life. This women (Miss Marlene) is incredible.
Rod liked the baby dolls. :)
 It was a magical place. :)

 "Science Corner"
 She even has a fish tank! Jax, and apparently all these other boys, LOVE fish tanks. Jax is the one with the brown shorts.
Kichen corner!

So that was last Thursday with my camera phone, this is today with my real camera:

And this is him when I went to go pick him up after his 1st day today:
Isn't he beautiful!? 
He seemed to be a little bit over-stimulated... 
But darn tootn' cute non-the-less!!!

Rod = 18months!

 Rod went to his 18 month appointment today and it confirmed what we already knew. 
That this kid is a big kid.
His weight is actually only 26lbs; I was thinking it would be somewhere around 30lbs. But still, 26lbs at 18m puts him in the 90th percentile.
But don't let the plate fool you, he barely touched his food...he has gotten way more picky withing the last few weeks. I think my children must have slow metabolisms; cause they are NOT small, and they do NOT eat very much.
He is 33 inches tall!! That surprised me. 
With that he is in the 96th percentile! Almost 100th percentile for his age!!
 His head size is more normal, 75th percentile, Jax was always off the charts when it came to head size, so it's funny that Rod is just "small headed". :)

So basically, in weight, he went from 53rd percentile at 6m; steadily getting bigger and bigger at each appointment to 90th percentile at his 18m appointment.

And in height he has been dabbling in the 60th-80th percentile since day 1. His last appointment 3 months ago he was 82nd percentile at 30 inches. 
In just 3 months he has grown 3 inches!!
Which is what spiked him to the 96th percentile. The nurse was so confused she came back in to re-measure. But it was right!
 Crazy little guy! :)

Love you Drama-King-Rod!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tea Party for Mai!

So this little Mai (pictured below) is turning the big 3! She wanted to have a princess tea party for her birthday with her Aunts. Cause she LOVES US....in princess dresses...while she pours our "tea". :)
Thankfully, I actually have pictures because Arianne took control of my camera all night, thanks Ari!!
So we went all out to oooh and ahhh our little niece on her special day.
 Maybe I should say her incredible MOM went all out on Mai's special day. Cause she did. We just dressed up. 
Natasha made us all dinner of: 
**Homemade brushetta on homemade artisan bread!! YUM!
**Homemade quinoa salad! 
**Homemade chicken salad sandwiches! 
**Watermelon and Cantaloupe fruit balls! (She homemade the balls too:)
 And that was just for dinner.
**Whipped yummy white stuff stuffed in strawberries! 
**And the cutest tiny chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting! ALL HOMEMADE. That's my sister.
And she looks like this the entire time: 
 Mom and sister striking a pose by the table.
 Is she the cutest or WHAT??
 Mai kept begging us to spin around in our big dresses, she loved it. So Chanel is obliging below:
 Here we are waiting for Natasha's delicious food. We are REALLY super helpful.
Brushetta of happiness: 
 We are still not helping Natasha: :)
 Max was there intermittently:
 All of us. Loves.
 Mai insisted on filling everyone's tea cup herself. She was soo happy about it.
Thanks for sponsoring the night Natasha. You can cook for us whenever you feel like it.

On a manly side note, we poured some cement in our backyard!! Thanks for helping guys!!
We are going to be trenching our entire yard for sprinklers on Saturday, hopefully. He just needs to get with his smarty-sprinkler-handy-man-dad to plan out the system. Thanks in advance Preston!! :)
Then, eventually, after that, at some point, in the future, after practicing much, much, much, patience, we will have grass, some day. And it will be a GREAT day.

Haight family reunion

The first weekend in August was the Haight reunion. It was up by Soldier Hollow. I only got 4 pictures and that's only because my uncle took them with his camera phone and emailed them to me. Thanks Gord! :)
It was HOT and FUN!! LOVE those Haights!!
We (Justin, me, and our kids) actually camped. We haven't done that in years! We were supposed to camp 2 nights like everybody else, but chickened out after getting zero sleep the first night (not even b/c of our kids--we just didn't sleep. And I was cold. And the kids got up at 5:30am.) And so we decided to go home the next night. Cause we are troopers like that. :)


Look at those cute kids! That is where we all camped, there is a huge pavilion with nice bathrooms right behind it. And 3 CRAZY tree's the kids LOVED to climb.
Rod, as mentioned previously, didn't sleep well. Happy day for tired babies. Jax was actually SO tired he feel asleep while eating dinner and fell off the picnic table backwards on his head. HARD, That was a rude awakening. 
Lots of SILLY skits and even SILLIER songs and chatting. Tons of yummy food.
Love those Haights!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

River fun!

 We ride our bikes to the Provo River a lot. 
Jax has gotten SO good at riding his bike he can ride all the way there and back without stopping and with no complaining and at a very good pace. It's great! And he LOVES it. So does Rod, he rides in the little seat on the back of my bike. 
Anyway, we always throw rocks in the river, every time. It is the sole purpose of a river in my boys mind. This time though, we found an extra cool spot (it was shaded) and shallow and had many rocks of all sizes. It was like Disneyland for my boys. They started out just throwing rocks in the water, and then...well, pictures speak a thousand words...:)
Jax AND Rod are both OBSESSED with getting the biggest rocks they can find and throwing them as far as they can.
LOVE this picture!!

At this point, they start to move into shallow water to get some extra good rocks.

   And then, Rod sat in it...GROSS!

And then...

 Next time, I'm just going to ditch the clothes for swimsuits before we leave the house...:)