Monday, September 26, 2016

Calvins 2nd Birthday!

Cal turned 2! 
It was a fun day! I didn't get pictures of his balloons for some reason, and they were cool. Calvin LOVES balloons. So, I got a bunch of yellow balloons and Justin blew them up and I drew black batman signals on them with permanent marker. I also got him some normal helium balloons, and 1 REALLY cool mylar Batman balloon. It was $9, for the ONE balloon. And honestly, he liked it, but he liked all the balloons equally it seemed like. And they were not equal in price. So, it was proved to me yet again; 2 yr olds are super easy to please. 
This is the only picture not about his birthday; Calvin is "praying". It's super cute in person. He kind of puts his bum up and then rests on his knees with his feet in the air and his head down in the floor. We love it.
Birthday sunglasses!!
Jax and Rod liked Calvins birthday quite a lot. They loved his presents and loved the festivities of the day. It's fun to have older siblings be cute and excited for younger ones.
I wanted a picture of Calvin and Me on his birthday, and this was as good as we got. We couldn't get him to look away from his new "boom shoot," ie. drill.
We had a bunch of family come over that evening and celebrate with us. I love these kinds of perks when living close to family. The candles make Cal a little nervous once they were lit. Everyone was so sweet. 
 Calvin loved all of his special presents he got from his amazing family. He was always so content and enjoying whatever he got only to find there was more in another present. There was a lot of smiling and happy feelings.
Doggie book! Calvin LOVES it!!
I LOVE this picture--this car was serious business! 
 So many things to shoot!! This little boy was in heaven!

These two...!! Note the jack-hammer in Rods shirt.
 We love our family! Happy Birthday Calvin!

Some things about Calvin right now:
-He is so long and lean. I swear he has weighed about 29lbs since Febuary, but just keeps getting taller and taller. He is in the 95% for Height. And 78% for weight.
-He is VERY whinny. Probably like most kids his age, but it's still shocking how frequently he whines, screams, and crys. 
-He also loves attention...But only from the people he chooses, when he chooses.
-He LOVES Justin. And me. But he really loves Justin. And I feel like they look super similar, and have the same facial expressions. I love when Justin is holding him and I catch them both making the same face at the same time. 
-He is an awful eater. My worst in fact. And that is saying something. This is something that makes me C.R.A.Z.Y. But apparently he is healthy as healthy can be. Go figure. 
-He loves to run fast. And he REALLY is fast. I feel like he has some quick twitch muscles. He can MOVE his legs QUICK. It is so cute. He is actually very coordinated. And it is interesting to me because he was the one that I thought might miss that boat in that department because he was so late as a baby, moving, at all.  He is a great kicker and thrower. Maybe better then my other boys at his age. 
-He loves to pretend to be a lion. I love this. He will stalk you, all quiet, but pretty obviously, usually very slow stomping up to you breathing slowly but kind of louder then normal, with his hands up in a curled finger position ready to strike! And when he stikes, he makes a loud growl and loves it if you react. It's pretty serious.
-His hair. I feel like it's part of his personality. But it's also kind of a rats nest. I don't know how we will ever cut it. He likes to shake his head "no" sometimes and feel it hitting the sides of his head. hehe.
-His favorite song is "Uh, Uh, Uh, Oh" (Try everything from the movie Zootopia.) He sings it and it melts me. "Uh, uh, uh, uh, OH! and then he just mumbles the melody of the "try everything" part in perfect pitch. Then, REPEAT. That's the only part he knows.
-Little Einstein's is his favorite show, and watching shows is probably his favorite activity ever.
-He LOVES to jump on the Trampoline, but not with anyone else on it.  So that is hard to comply with very often. He is my most cautious child for sure. Cal is terrified of lots of things. Nursery is a challenge now that I'm not in there with him. Fun times.
-He has the most beautiful high pitch voice. Not in an annoying way, in a really lovely, sweet voice kind of way. It's very melting. I love it so much. It also makes for a REALLY awful pitch when screaming. That is an AWFUL sound.
-He has the biggest, beautiful smile I have ever seen. And I love the sound of his laugh. It's so contagious. I challenge anyone to look at that puffy, curly haired red head, with that HUGE teethy smile, with his vibratory throaty laugh and try not to genuinely laugh back. The kid can turn on the charm.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Beginning of September 2016

Justin has taken the boys 4-wheeling with Gma and Gpa Gause quite a few times this year. Here is some pictures of the latest.
The hungry 4-wheeling boys finishing off their pizza! :)
 Calvin LOVES to hang out in Pop Pop's new shed. Much of that has to do with my dad letting him use his tools...

Random hugs, I'm glad I had my phone handy. Handsome boys!!
 This is a block castle that Jaxton spent a lot of time making. The red blocks are lava. He was very proud, because it was very cool! :)
Cute boys!
 Cal had his 2nd Birthday! It was so fun! Most of the pictures are on Justin's phone, so I will get those and do a separate post.
 Morning snuggles from Calvin, they are the best!
Jax drew this awesome picture during his first therapy session at BYU. He has some anxiety that we are going to try and help him cope with. The session went really good, we are excited to go back. I love having that positive one on one time with him. It's so much easier for me to see his sweetness when it's just him and me.
I love these these pictures!! It's like pulling teeth getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time, but when they do it's priceless! We went up the canyon to see the fall colors and we had a really nice time. The colors though were not super great. Very muted. 
 Calvin loves Rod's old back pack. And he loves playing with tongs. Also he is wearing his new birthday outfit from Grama Wing. The cutie pie.