Thursday, June 22, 2017

2nd and 3rd week of June!

My guy went shooting and had a great time! I took this picture of him with these guns because he loves them. :)
Jaxton has always LOVED babies and he is always thrilled to see Zane!! We all constantly are!! I love this about Jax, he genuinely loves babies, such a beautiful quality in a little boy.

 For Max's birthday we all went to Lowe's Extreme Sports. It was really fun for everyone except Rod. He couldn't get over not being able to go in the "big kid section". But there were plenty of fun things to do for the little kids! As shown below in these cute picts of the whinny kid. :)
 I love the progression of Calvins cheezy smile in these pictures!
 Calvin had a great time!
  Poor Rod was just too focused on what he couldn't do to realize how much fun he could have where he was.
 Calvin finally went down the big slide with his sweet aunts, Natasha and Jerica! He loved it!! 
Jax and Max were having such a blast the whole time I barely even saw them!
Those boys could live at a place like this! Next time we go I will get Rod a ticket for the "big kid section," He will love that.

 Justin is almost done with the pergola!! We are so excited!! He needed some helpers when it came to getting that huge board up on the outside top. We had so nice help from Preston and my dad, also some nice neighbors came over for a bit. So nice!!
 Arinne and kids arrived!! It was her birthday on Saturday so we did a fun party and she is just so cute!!
I got her these cute workout pants! We love each other!
There were cupcakes...! :)
 Max had a birthday too!! It was so fun to celebrate with him! We played an epic basketball game. It was a blast. I think I continully shock people at how awful I am at basketball. I think people assume because I'm athletic that I can play basketball. That is a VERY poor assumption...! :) I was definitely the weak link!
Max and Jax hugging. Jax wanted to get max a little plastic basketball hoop for his door. So we did! 
And Arianne and Mom and I found our new favorite place to get cookies!! CHIP!! These cookies are AMAZING!! Chanel, they need you...!! I need you...waaaaaa!!

These darn kids are SO CUTE!! Feast your eyes on cute pictures!!
 Fathers Day also happened!! It was great! I made the best leige waffles I've ever made!! It was very fulfilling. Justin and I ate while the kids slept, they sleep in rarely, and happened to on Fathers day. So it was just me and my wonderful Justin.
I'm including this picture for reference on texture. HAPPINESS in a bite!!
We went over to my parents later that night and the guys played Spike ball. It's definitely a family favorite. And they big guys were nice enough that day to let Jax and Max in on the action. Which was elating for the little boys.

 Me and Louisa have been getting quality time. I love her.
Arianne and I took the kids to Maceys for an ice cream. They were REALLY cute in the dirty car carts.
Jax and James wanted a donut instead. Jax makes this face when I tell him to smile sometimes... haha!! :)
 We have had a couple of really fun days in my mom's backyard! We love watching these kids play.
 There was a lot of awfulness with Seven Peaks and so we went to the brand new Bluff dale splash pad one day instead. It was a MAD HOUSE.  It was really a cool,
fun place but WAY to crowded--like 300 people crowded!!
 I was looking at Calvin as he was sitting, eating an apple (totally against the rules, btw, he never gets to eat in the living room!) and he just looked SO CUTE to me. I loved his posture, the way he was eating. His messy hair, his huge head, and his skin. His shorts. I was just taken back and had to get some pictures. Per their normal, the pictures just don't do it justice...He is so beautiful to me.
More photo's to come of this next weeks fun times!! Huzzah!