Thursday, December 19, 2013


We went to Hogal Zoo with Brooke and Jason's family. It was really fun!!
The kids loved to climb on all the little sculpture things. quite a few of the animals didn't seem to be around, but we got a sweet close look at the elephants. And the weather was great...for Utah...
The kids liked looking at the underwater exhibit most. It was really cute to see them all pressed against the glass and they would all exclaim whenever a seal swam by. :)

Darling kids!
The Merry-Go-Round was a highlight. My kids were a little more tense about it than I thought they would be--Rod just wanted to sit on the bench and Jax did not want to look for a different animal other than the first one he saw. But once it started it was all smiles and happiness..until they had to get off.... :)
  Rods foot at the beginning of December. It was looking really weird for a bit--it is doing SOO much better now.
 Jax helps me unload the dishwasher, he does a good job. Sometimes he makes a "castle," which is the picture on the left, and sometimes he is just so darn cute when he puts the silverware away I just HAVE to take a picture, (the picture on the right.:)
 Jax is really, just so silly. He loves to pose for pictures and make silly faces and just be SILLY. He will do ANYTHING for a laugh...makes me a little nervous sometimes...:)

The kids love to play outside. Jax has more than Rod, Rod is a little more temperamental and needs to be in the right mood and does not like me to take pictures of the event--or any event for that matter..:)
And Debbie had a birthday. We all went over and surprised her and Brooke made a delicious pumpkin pie.
 In case you can't tell, Jax just thought he was so cool to climb to the top of the dinosaur head. It was just too much cuteness for me to handle. I love when he thinks he is so cool. It melts me.
 Justin had a Birthday. We love him.
I surprised him by taking him skiing. Though I loath skiing, it was really fun to be with Justin and watch him watch me struggle down the hill. He was really patient. And I was really tense. My calves are still in SO much pain...:) It was good times though. We saw a movie and ate out and had a great time. Justin is really awesome. I love him.
 Jax helping to shovel--every kids happy place. :) 
We had a really fun Haight family Christmas party. The nativity was far from doctrinal, but the kids LOOKED really cute. :)

 We did gingerbread houses at my moms. It was so fun! It was, in my mind, the most successful year of doing gingerbread houses. We've tried multiple times before, and I feel like we are now starting to become really good at it. Also, the kids are older so that might help. But my mom and dad are professionals at gingerbread houses. Just sayin...So fun!
 I made one too!! Like I said, SO fun. You should have seen my dad's "Cathedral"....!:)
 My kids are way into icicles. Jax found this RAD icicle on our house--it was even bigger before I took this picture! A part broke off on the top!

Jax CAN NOT wait until Christmas. This is a very exciting month. :) We are trying to teach him about the Savior and the reason we even have Christmas in the first place, I think some of it is catching on...we'll keep trying. :)

Some cute shots to end November

Here are some shots of Rodrik playing with his FAVORITE toy, a little Lightning McQueen car. He has it on or around his person at all times. And Rod NEVER stops for pictures. :)
 Jaxton, on the other hand, does NOT have a favorite toy (unless all media is considered a toy) and ALWAYS stops for pictures...! :)

 My kids are beyond adorable to me. I find it fascinating that they are sooo different, but they still play together pretty well. That is one of my favorite things--when my kids are playing or laughing together. And it does happen, sometimes quite a lot!  I think that their favorite game is to run (these kids run all. the. time.) together and tackle or scare and hide from one another. They laugh and laugh, it's the best. I love these kids. 
And seriously...I just found the picture below on my phone...!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Little Tidbits in November...

A lot of times when we come in to check on Jax before we go to bed, he looks like this:
 It's blurry because it's dark in his room, but you get the idea...:) That brown thing on the left is his pillow at the top of his bed.
 We celebrated out Anniversary a week-ish early because we were able to get a sweet deal on a hotel in Park City.
So we left our kids with my mom (who had JUST had surgery the DAY BEFORE--she didn't tell us until AFTER her surgery--and my dad who was going to the hospital the next day for a procedure, our timing was impeccable. But it worked out SOOO nicely for us...:)  
But seriously, Mom Of The Year Award goes to Marsha Judkins. Also, my sisters for helping my mom out with my kids, my family is straight from heaven. :)
Park City was surprisingly even more nice and relaxing than I thought it would be. It was really, REALLY good to get away for a little bit just with Justin. No kids style. :)
The hotel had and indoor/outdoor pool and 2 Jacuzzi (1 indoor and 1 outdoor) that we hit up both nights--the outdoor Jacuzzi one is what we preferred. It's so nice to be all warm and toasty outside when it's like 30 degrees, not to mention the fresh air. And did we mention we didn't have our kids with us???!  We also loved the Sauna. And Food Network.
As always we had to visit the Outlets to see what we could see. I got some new running shoes!
 These are the only other pictures I got of our Park City trip. We ate some yummy food, Cafe Rio the first night, and this place was called Loco Lizard or something the next night. The next day for lunch we each ate a different sandwich from 2 Deli style shops that were right next door to each other.  I got a sandwich at one and Justin got one at the other. We should have taken pictures, they were soo yummy and different. Mine was a panini and Justin's was just gigantic and more deli style. Then we came home.
Seriously, it was pretty wonderful.
Again, mom, you are the very best. :)