Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cute picts of my babe

This is Jax loving the "bath" with Isaac and Max

3 in the tub...

 Now aren't all of those just SO cute? :) He really caught a lot of Jaxton's usual faces.

ps. I do NOT get this knew formatting or whatever with blogger, then again, i didn't get the old formatting either...kind of really, really, annoying. Why cant i ever figure out how to make stuff look the way i want? Is it that hard? Blogging is really frustrating.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Master of the House

My Moms the Bomb:
  •  7 Children (really, lets be honest, this list could end here)
  • Primary President (WAAAAAY extra mile primary president)
  • Service extraordinaire (One of the most Christ-like people I know in this area)
  • "No" is not in her vocabulary (she will say yes to anything and everything you ask of her, ALWAYS)
  • Jumps, literally, at any chance to watch the grandkids---She's in love with them (I am SO thankful she's mine:)
  • Cup is ALWAYS "half full"--this can sometimes cause me to want to shake her...
  • Always beyond supportive, this goes from close family to extended family to church and to community. Like Marsha=supporter. Like a HUGE supporter.
  • Always juggling 1 million things--but somehow always has time for you
  • SO active--not one of those mom's that sit around--running, racquetball, back-handsprings (not on the tramp, ya you heard me) biking, swimming, triathlons, boxing, workout videos, you name it.
  • More than happy to feed anyone, and lots of times everyone, anytime, anyplace, over and over and over again.
  • Plus she is just darn cute.
ADD to this
  • MASTERS DEGREE in public administration from BYU. 
She's been working on that for the last 3 years, and it was DANG hard work.
Ya, she IS amazing. I'm glad we can all agree.
I'm sure there will be more amazing attributes that come to mind right after i post this but, oh well. I just wanted to give you an idea.
She rules.
Picts of the awesome occasion below:

Awww look how happy :)

These little people LOVE her

See, look at how Jax is looking at her

These big people love her too.

Note the Chocolate (Riesen and Hersey's Bliss Dark Chocolate--best dark chocolate you can buy at the store, better then dove) Lei--i made it. I am SO talented

And the happy couple

Gal of the hour in all her glory

Well there it is. documented for all time. Happy day.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ferron, the novel

SOOO, this one time, around July 29th, the entire Gause clan (Justin, me, Jax, Justin's brother Jason, his wife Brooke, they're two kids Kaitlyn and Ethan and then Justin's parents, 6 adults 3 children) went on their 2nd "Family Campout"...ever. since i've been in the family. We went to Ferron, it's in Utah, in case you were wondering. Ferron is the sweet remembrences of Justin and Jason's childhood, it's their "happy place". :)

It WAS beautiful, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. So pretty. I really appreciated the beatuy.

Preface: After my last post and then this you might start to think i hate everything--i'm starting to think that too...i really don't. i don't think. I'm trying not to. it's so hard.

So we all went, to re-live the dream. The only sad part about the dream is:

No drinking water (unless you boil for 10 minutes, luckily the others in our party were prepared for this--i didn't even know they had any campgrounds in utah that didn't allow you to drink the water. Why would you camp somewhere with no water. What if you didn't bring water?)

Driving 40 minutes going 15-20 mph on a bumpy dirt road. For some reason--it felt like eternity. please bless i'm not the only one that thinks that is really annoying.

Port-a-potties (i'm kind of a flushable toilets snob...aren't you? i cant be the only one; but everytime i say that to someone, they look at me like i'm this germ-a-fobe or like i just have to much money and can afford toilets that flush...i don't know, it's something i really care about.

Carrying out your own garbage, really not the worst thing in the world--especially if you have other people with trucks take yours out for you...yes, that is what we did.

Everyone and their dog owning a 4wheeler and/or a chain saw--no off bottons on either. really, is that normal?

Getting literially 2 hours of sleep---I'm going to be honest--worst part. People say "oh such a bad night, like no sleep"--i mean LITERALLY i went to bed at 11pm woke up at 12pm to Jax cough gagging and didn't fall asleep until 7. Up at 8. What did i do for 7 hours in the middle of the night with a wide awake child? Please keep in mind we are at a camp ground--the need for silence was imparitive--everyone can hear your every move, you don't want to be the one everyone is cursing the next day. SOOO as silently as possible, 3ish hours trying to get him to sleep next to me in my bed--that actually worked for a bit, but EVERY time i'd try and lay him back in his bed--wide awake. Why put him back in his bed? Could NOT sleep sandwiched between him and the hub, tried for 3 hours--it was a no go. Then, for about 2 hours, i pushed the stroller on the only cement withing 10 miles, a 3x9 slab outside the port-a-pottie. (those dinky strollers don't push on dirt roads--REALLY annoying) back and forth, back and forth, endlessly. The occasional wiff of human waste--sign me up. I also spent about 2 1/2 hours in our car (which was sandwiched between to other cars preventing me from driving Jax to sleep and/or commiting suicide.;) It was insane. It was the senior all night party all over again, only without the 7 hour nap the next morning. Just camping for another 12 hours and then trying it all over again. That kind of sleep does wonders for you and your child.

I cant be the only one this has ever happend to.

Why do people go camping? Why do people like camping? Why do i always think I like camping?

Why does everything that used to be fun suddenly blow because you have a child? seriously. I totally love my child. Have you met my child? He is halarious and super cute. That should make it funner. i don't get it.

Well anyway. Here are some DARLING pictures of the DARLING Gause's. Maybe someday i will erase all of the above caption and it will just be the pictures and i wont have anything but pleasent memories.

Jax playing peek-a-boo

Jax's cool stick--one of the "natural toys" camping offers

Jax LOVES Kaitlyn, he really like to follow her and Ethan around

Grandpa Gause and Jax. Jax really like to play and eat rocks.

Grandma Gause and Ethan, Campground in background.

The lovebirds (this was not staged, el-natural)

This one they actually knew i was taking a picture, thats my winner right there. :)

Cute Brooke taking some sweet picts

The kids played here for awhile, as long as you keep Jax away from Ethan--all was well. :)

Awww ya. sling shootin us some dinner.

Jax wouldn't look at the camera...but his handsome dad would.

Grandma Gause and Justin--comin in fast b/c there was lightning.

Don't be fooled by that face--Jax LOVED this shuvel.

Breakfast of Champions: Sausage, Bacon, Eggs, Hashbrowns and Pancakes, all cooked in bacon grease. Thank you to all the farmers out there.

Another good one of my cute sister in law and cute Ethan

Eat up guys.

I feel like Jax always wants to prove that he is a stud. Always wants to pick up heavy stuff and show you. Wants you to be impressed. He's such a little man.

Rockin the over-alls. I loved this outfit. :)
Very pretty view

Cute kid.

We survived and are victorious.

I have made a vow to never "camp" (overnight) with a baby again. we will see how that goes, i've made similar vows in the past--camping is so much cheaper...but this time i feel a little more dead serious.