Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rodrik had a Birthday!

Rod ha a Birthday in May. That was about 3 months ago. Here is the documentation. Lot's of pictures--the one below is the ONLY one of Rod smiling.  Isn't he beautiful?!
 Here he is the morning of, I got him that balloon on a stick because I knew he would love it, and he really did.
We had our family over to celebrate. Much the same as Jaxton's birthday except Rod wasn't as obliging at any point during the party/ day/ year. In any sense of the word. ;) Rod was just Rod, even on his birthday with all his favorite people, activities, popsicles and presents. :) Kinda a lot of ornery.


 Luckily all the fam still loves him. :)
See! :) 
All Rod wanted to do was squirt people in the face. :)
We had the pool out and the sprinklers under the tramp, we also did races. Rod LOVES to run. LOVES to "race"..and I use that word loosely. But he actually has gotten pretty dang fast just because he practices all. the. time.

              He is a Running Machine!!
And bless his cute little 2 yr old  heart, even when we brought out the cake and presents he was ornery. (There was a lot of eye-rolling by me) I tried to get a picture with him by his "cake" and this is the best I got--we had to actually bring the cake to him--he wouldn't come close. We had cup cakes and popsicles for his birthday.
  He had this occasional flint of a smile--I captured it below. It was generally when opening a present...;)
 This is the Wolverine Monster Truck--it's a pretty BIG deal around these parts.
 A Lightning McQueen that blows bubbles!! Happy day!
 This soccer ball and the Superman outfit were courtesy of Brooke and Tasha, he LOVED them, in case you can't tell.
He loved looking at his reflection in the glass.
 A scooter from his Gause Grandparents--he LOVED it!
I also always fail to mention that at every birthday, without fail, Rod and Jax ALWAYS get a card from their Great Grandparents Haight and Gause. It's such a sweet gesture and the boys ALWAYS love it. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of them with their cards. Booh.:(
We got Rod this water thing, which he opened after his nap, after the party.
 I forced him to hug me and love me. I love his face in this picture! :)

I think he liked the whole day fairly okay. Probably a 5 on a scale from 1-10. But who knows. :)
I love him so much regardless.