Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Latter Part of April

Some small things to document:
SO handsome....! :)

Every once in a while the Gause cousins come over and play; this time they wanted a "popcorn party". Well, actually, they always want a popcorn party. And it's the easiest way to be the coolest aunt ever, so they usually get one. It's where you eat popcorn and watch a show. They thought it was the best, (always do!) even though I make them eat in the kitchen...And this is how cute they all looked lined up in the kitchen watching the show with their popcorn. :)

And this is how far away they actually were from the TV! Haha!
But they didn't seem to mind. :)
 Jax has been begging and begging me to take him on the new " fast train" (Front Runner) that goes by our house. I've been waiting for a good excuse because it's kinda pricey to ride, and then my mom found free Real Salt Lake tickets with our Pass of All Passes! 
So my mom, Chanel, Justin, and Me and the kids took the Front Runner up to Rio Tinto Stadium.
  WAAAY easier said than done. 
We missed our "scheduled" departure in Orem by--no joke--10 seconds--they don't wait for anybody!
 So we had to sit and wait with two little boys for 30min, on a bench for the next train! Front Runner took us to where you can jump to the Trax line in Draper, to go back down to Sandy. However, we missed our "scheduled" departure on Trax as well, and accidently got on a different line, but it was going the same direction, we just had to get off at a different stop and wait for the other train--15 more minutes about. All the train/trax stuff was Confusion City. Oh, and it was FREEZING. THEN, we get off at our "destination" and we are seriously like 3 city blocks away from the stadium. So we walked  and walked with the kids all the darn way to the stadium. It took forever. Mostly because we were freezing to death.  THEN, they don't allow outside food or drink (we have toddlers--it's kinda a packaged deal!) AND they make you pay $12 for 3 year olds--what??! And then we finally made it inside to sit in front of a couple drunk guys that Jax liked to copy-cat...:). And there was an amazing cup of hot chocolate we all shared that was a definite highlight.
The whole game was kinda cool, but seriously could be summed up in 2 words: ICE COLD. So, as a result we left right after the second half started even though we arrived late. :)
And we walked the forever long miles back to the Trax station. Then it was the WHOLE thing in reverse. Except, we did it without missing any trains. The experience in general was pretty dang terrible for all the adults. 
 But can I just say, Jax LOVED ever single bit of it.
He had SUCH a good attitude. And just LOVED all of it. Sincerely.  It made it all so much less depressing. That was a nice little reminder that attitude really can make a difference. He has been asking when we can do it all again...But I don't think his good attitude is enough to make us want to do it again...! :)

Waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.

Below are a series of Bathtub Silly's (strategically fairly modest...) This is what Jax and Rod do when I tell them to "smile". Are all kids the same?? :)

And I'm still in the thick of it with track. Below is a darn cute picture of Chanel and her teammates after winning 2nd place at a pretty big invitational--they did really well. Provo's team is pretty good this year--especially the boys.  My mom watches my kids like every single day so that I can coach. Talk about a time consuming sport--but I really do enjoy doing it. It's SOOO helpful to have her watch them. Thanks Mom!
Region and State Track is coming up next. So is Jax and Rod's Birthdays (which is kind of a big deal at our house). Also, mothers day. Also, school is ending (only applies to Jax--his hard core preschool.) Also we need to plant some living things in our barren yard asap, not to mention our "garden"...Ps. Our newly planted grass is still weeds! :( Hopefully we will work that kink out soon. There are worse things.

Friday, April 19, 2013

April Happenings

Jax got new underwear  The boxer-brief kind. I told him to smile for the camera--this series of pictures is his reaction to that statement. :)  

Baby Oliver was born..he is SO beautiful. He is an angel baby.
 And can I just say, my kids LOVE babies. Specifically Jax, he is IN LOVE with Oliver.  He is so gentle and loving and just can't get enough. It is very heartwarming for me as a Mom. :)
 And me and Oliver are buds, we get along SOOO well. I love that little dude. And for the record, only one of my sister's kids that looks exactly like her to me. So that's fun. :)
 Grama Wing gave all the Gause kids and their spouses Chuk-o-rama gift cards for Christmas. This is how Rod looked when he left that place--total plumbers crack. He fit in well. ;)
 I just LOVE this picture. But don't be fooled. He has no idea how to pedal. Or he does and refuses. But he does enjoy the helmet. He just sits on tricycles and moves his feet. I have tried over and over to get him to pedal; Jax never had a problem. Rod doesn't even want to. But he looks so cute it doesn't really matter anyway. :) 
 Love this picture of Rod. It's so hard to catch his "real" delighted smile on camera. I did it this time but he has a sucker in his mouth--but still, so cute. He LOVES to play in the sink. It is almost always a sure-fire mess.
Rod is not the only one that LOVES the sink, so does Hazel; they have to share often...sometimes are better than others. :) This time they were very harmonious, hence the picture, they were just being too cute. 
Jax and Rod love to wear hats--usually because they see their Dad wearing them. Jax was feeling super cool in his dad's read trucker hat.  I love him.
I love these pictures--the kids were loving it too. Notice that Rod is sagging a lot more than Haze, this is because Rod weighs probably almost 10lbs more than her. :) Ps. Isaac is super tough, we love him.
And this is like my favorite picture of Jax right now. His daddy has a matching Superman shirt, so it's extra cool.  Jax loves it. And I love him.
And this is just a really sweet picture of Jax with one of his little friends (Chloe) he only see's every once in a while. They are pretty cute together.
Jax had an Indian Day at preschool. We dressed him accordingly, in very native dress. :) And Jax has this thing were he does a face like the picture on the right when I just tell him to smile. My mom said I used to do the exact same thing when I was young...so, he got it from me...wonderful. :)

Little Sweeties.

I just took them both to their check-ups (birthday's are next month!)
Jaxton: 39.5lbs 81%
41inches 72%
Weight-Stature 76%
Rodrik: 30.5lbs 90%
34 inches 59% (dropped from 90% in Nov.)
Head-size 19.2in 69%

Justin's "busy season" has started at work. So that can be stressful for him. He saved us from snake infestation in his free time. We seriously had MAJOR snake issues--like leaping into our house from the outside!! We were always lead back to this huge crack in the cement--we thought they had a snake hive down there. So Justin sealed up the crack like a pro--and I haven't seen even one snake since then!! Knock on wood. But what if their colony was under the cement and we wiped them out! Either way, WONDROUS. 
Track has me pretty busy, I really enjoy it though. I love seeing the kids work hard and get better. I especially love seeing Chanel and Isaac do their stuff. Wouldn't mind having a track to practice on though...:) They tore down the PHS Track to build a new one right during track season. So that has been a huge challenge. Another challenge: I've been asked over 10 times by different people within the last 9 months if I am expecting. NO. FOR THE LOVE, I AM NOT EXPECTING. I have really bad posture (working on it!) and a arched back; not to mention 10-15lbs (depending on the day) of past preg still stuck on me(it wont come off--I've tried--hard)--thank you random people for pointing it out. Over and over and over and over and over. If you are reading this blog, spread the word--I'm not pregnant. Won't be for a long time. Rule of thumb: It hurts people's feelings, sometimes a lot. Just don't ask if someone is pregnant unless said person is in a delivery room...:)
Jax is riding his 2 wheel bike like a PRO. He starts himself and can ride off the curb and is SOOO happy about it. I can tell it is really freeing for him to just get on his bike and ride fast. It's pretty cute. He is really excited about his upcoming birthday. He has been talking about it all year...do all kids do that all the time? It really puts pressure on the parent to make his birthday awesome. He has been waiting and waiting...
Rod has really grown up in the last little while. He does nursery like a pro, suddenly (THANK HEAVEN). He talks so much more and is easier to understand, and understands you better. He isn't as clingy as he used to be. But he still throws fits and can be super dramatic. :)  But usually, he is only dramatic about emotional issues--not when he gets physically hurt-he is pretty tough physically--just not emotionally .:) He is also so incredibly strong. Like nuts, like carrying crazy huge awkward things that weigh just as much as him--if not more--and carrying them up or down the stairs without help. He is quite the spectical.
And that is the update.