Sunday, August 31, 2014

Camping with the Gause clan

Justin planned a 1 night camping trip with the Gause's the weekend before school started. He knew exactly where he wanted to go and planned to go 4 wheeling the next day. Sadly, Utah didn't let Justin know that everyone who is anyone was camping that weekend. And that is NOT an exaggeration. In caravan style we went to a total of 6 different FULL campgrounds over a span of 3 1/2 hours of driving, Justin felt awful.  Finally, we wound up at fairly unattractive Strawberry Reservoir at like 7pm in their "overflow" camping sites. Poor It was SO nice to get out of the car. And they had toilets that flushed--that was also SO nice.
 It was ironic that the one weekend the Gause clan goes camping in like forever happens to be the same weekend everyone else is. Or do people just camp all the time? What is driving these people to camp...? Are they all insane? I'm sure it's their kids. Cause that's what drove us. What started out as a nightmare quickly turned very fun, pleasant, and fairly relaxing. Kids have a way of looking at the bright side and having fun as long as they aren't in a car...:) And as long as they are camping...!!! I just LOVE these kids, they make "could be horrible" situations into really fun, silly times! :)
Then we went 4 wheeling! I am below astride the 4 wheeler from heaven (or just borrowed from Paul Gause), it's made of clouds and floats on the road. :) Me and Brooke took turns on the heavenly vehicle--cause the other vehicles where not so kind to us pregnant folk...
Isn't everyone so cute! I love the picture of the three boys hitting trees with sticks. We look over and they are all just going to town rhythmically, in a triangle, hitting the tree's like it was their job.
We all had fun but after that 4 wheeler ride we were all FILTHY. Dust everywhere. We were grateful to go home to our showers--maybe just the adults...:) Anyway, just more fun stuff to add to our fun summer list!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014


We went to Elko to see this guy:
His parents were a huge bonus I guess...;)
It was SUCH a great trip!! We loved seeing their new house and just had so much fun! My kids loved being with Eli 24/7! They are pretty much obsessed with him. And Clarissa and Zach are such good hosts. It was just a blast.
  There were a lot of highlights, Zach's boxing supplies were one of them. The kids couldn't get enough!
Zach is the boxing pro and my kids know it. They wanted to watch him do it.  He tried to impart some of his skill to my children...:) 
We went to the river in the canyon while we were there. It was very fun, Justin and Clarissa had rock skipping wars. And the little boys LOVED the river. And the big boys. :) I sat on a rock in the shade and loved every minute. :)
Zach and Justin tried to "throw" this rock--it's so much heavier than it looks--it was more of a "drop" then a "throw"...:)
This train is ligit. It was also a highlight. The kids loved it, would have been able to stay longer if it wasn't a million degrees and completely un-shaded.
 I LOVE this picture from the Salt Flats on the way to elko. My boys slay me.
 Elko was SOOO fun!! Thank you Zach, Clarissa, and Eli!! We LOVE you!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

I think this is all the rest of July...!

My Birthday!
As per her usual, my mom let me choose dinner and dessert for my birthday! I choose Greek lettuce wraps and cheesecake. And she delivers, she made me this DELICIOUS cheesecake special. YUMMY!!
Justin was SO sweet and planned a little overnight-er around the Little America Breakfast--cause it's my favorite and we rarely get to go, that breakfast is a big deal to me.  The sweetheart booked a night AT Little America so we could be right there to eat the breakfast-cause I'm pregnent and I need breakfast asap when I wake...;) Before we checked in we went went to City Creek and and had SUCH a good time and then ate a delicious dinner at this nice place outside and had "2nd dinner" at Bruges Waffle and Fites, oh my yum. It was GREAT! THEN we went and checked in and they told us that the Breakfast Buffet was closed!! Till September!! We were beyond bummed. The highlight of food was ruined. So in the morning we got up and checked out and almost starved waiting to eat at this weird place. Evil Little America dropped the ball and ruined breakfast. All Justin's hard work...! But it's okay, we went to Park City afterwards and shopped and shopped. Not even Little America canceling the best breakfast ever could ruin the day, It was really, really fun. Justin is the best to be so thoughtful. I love him so much.
Thanks Mom for watching our kids!!

 Steel Days!
Steel Days courtesy of Debbie and Preston. It was really relaxed and fun, snow cones and snacks and glow sticks make for a pretty cool get-together!:)
Look how cute the kids are! They got pretty hyper...:) 
They had a really good time, in case you can't tell...!:)
 Pioneer Day!
Lisa threw an awesome water party for Pioneer Day! Grama gave a devotional, and there were marshmallows and Uncle Gord brought the COOLEST fireworks. It was SUCH a great time!!
Stewart Falls Hike!
This one time when I was super pregnant I hiked Stewart falls. That is a WAAAY longer hike than I remembered! And on the darn website it says it's a "kid friendly hike"--only if your kids are not pregnant or are not kids. My mom and Chanel took turns carrying 30lb Rod the ENTIRE way back while he slept--it was AT LEAST an hour. I guess he might have been able to do it if it had been earlier in the day, or if we had food. I don't know. All I know is that hike was PACKED and we just kept passing whinny kid after whinny kid, parent trying to coax their child to keep walking and not get heat stroke. And I felt like telling them, "Just turn around! You are not even close, you are going to end up dragging that screaming 4 year old the whole way!  For the love, turn around." It's just not an "easy" hike, everyone says it's "easy". Well not for pregnant women or children. And yet, the amount that I saw, the masses of sweaty, panting, pregnant women and their crying children...Not to mention me and my children, boy did I feel dumb. The hike up was okay, but then you had to come back!! I felt like I was going to die. And it was HOT. HOT. HOT. And we didn't have any food because we didn't know it was going to take 3 hours. On the bright side, these pictures are cute, and the falls are really pretty, and I love my family.
 Haha, and my mom and sisters ran through the waterfall. Jax was beyond Jealous. His mean mom wouldn't let him. The chaffing and whinning that goes along with a 5 year old being soaking wet while hiking is something I didn't want to be a part of. Also the dirt that turns to mud. Anwyay...he'll never forgive me. Love you Jax!!

The amount of fun things we did this summer with family is just unreal. My kids have been in heaven. And I just love when they are happy. Yay for good times with family!!