Monday, November 19, 2012

Off with the training wheels!!

So today, Jax, Rod and I all went on a walk (Jax rides his bike). Jaxton's training wheels have become so worn in weird places they have started to really drag his bike, one side specifically. It becomes really hard to ride, it feels like the brake is on while riding. Anyway, today, we had both had enough. We got home and I took those little crappy wheels right off! Jax was more than willing to have me take them off at this point because his bike had become almost impossible to ride anyway. So then, I just said, "Let's ride!" hoping he wouldn't be scared to try. And, happily, he wasn't! He caught on really quickly after only like 5-10 minutes and has gotten better and better at each attempt today.
 I think the hard part of learning to ride a bike is being able to take off by yourself. He has yet to master that part; I'm betting it wont be long before he catches on to that though too.

It was a unexpected happy surprise!! We are all super proud of our "big boy"and he loves his new little bike without training wheels!!