Monday, February 28, 2011

Watch this.

My cute/amazing friend Olivia had this cool video on her baby blog, just watched it; totally worth your time if your interested. It is meant for newer parents, but I think fun/great info for anyone.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


For Valentines Justin and took me out to Spark Restaurant and got their 5 course valentines dinner. It was REALLY good. Super yum. Super expensive. But seriously--dang good. We probably wont do it again just because it's just too much money, but it was fun and delicious while it lasted! Sadly, me being pregnant (that's what I'll blame it on) I felt like I needed more than 5 courses...or just more in each be "full". I might be turning into a whale. So i got home from my 5 course dinner and felt like I needed to just eat. Great. And I'm dum for not taking any pictures---i even tried to sear in my brain to take pictures; and i STILL forgot. Sad.

I also wanted to document that i did these cute notes for Justin--left them places he would find and such. You cant tell on the picture but the black parts are velvet stuff--real cute paper, more than half the reason i did them...:) Anyway, I got a girl at his work to leave them all over while he was at work all day (plus a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper--his favorite, and Salt and Vinegar Chips--also his fav.) and then i did the notes at home. It worked out good--it was fun because he kept thinking they were done coming and he would call or text and say "thanks for the notes!" but then they would just keep coming. So that was fun, he seemed to really like them.

My Valentine gave me this cute apron, 
below is how it will look after i have my baby...

I got Justin this shirt that he has been wanting.
And then, like i said, we had a REALLY good, expensive, light, dinner. Light in full-ness, not in calories, I'm sure...:)

AND on Saturday my sister Chanel and I made Valentines cookies for the fam.  

That's all for our Valentines celebrations; It was pretty fun this year.:)

I'll post pictures of Jax and his cuteness soon...He is SO cute. What i need to do is video's, those are even cuter. We'll see if either happen.

Monday, February 7, 2011


So I never really go to Savers--I like the idea a lot, but sometimes i just think, "you want me to pay $10 for this dirty USED thing??".  And, DON'T get me wrong---I REALLY don't mind used things in the SLIGHTEST. Gross things yes, used things, no. Seriously, I'm one of those weird people that can look and look and look through crap for that "one" thing. And i really like it. But, the thing is that i can be pretty good at finding deals with things that aren't already used. Or, for example if I'm buying used clothes--I'm going to hit up Plato's Closet before I needle through the haystack at Savers.
Anyway, I don't mind a used thing, but i dang well better not be able to find a new, un-used one for cheaper. Get me?
 Like, sometimes, at least in the clothing category, I think DI and Savers are kinda swindling and picking on the poor people and/or the people that really like a good deal and might still be poor (under which category i fall) and so i like to stick it to 'em by not shopping there; because they really care where i shop. Cause i have tons of money. ;)
ANYWAY, the real post starts now.
 I took some stuff to Saver a little bit ago and they gave me 20%  off coupon (of the ENTIRE purchase) for it. Sooo, that really enticed me, nothing i like better than a good coupon. % off entire purchase coupons are like gold...:) I was pretty sure I could find a good deal on something AND get an extra 20% off my entire purchase.
And I will say that  I've never had such a successful shopping experience at any thrift store in my life. So that's good news. :)
This is what i got...and seriously, i would have gotten more stuff--but sadly, even at Savers, I'm not made of money.
I have promised myself that if i ever had the opportunity(saw a good deal) i would purchase one of these. They don't even have a real name that i can find, but they entertain kids of all ages. You can find them online under "Doctor Office Toys", which is the first thing i googled, because that is what they are...Mine doesn't look the same as this one--but it's close (Jax is sleeping in his room with his--so i don't have a picture). And mine didn't cost $90 like this one. Mine was $5. Seriously, who is doing the pricing at Savers?? I saw some nasty jeans for $12 and then this was $5. Whoever it is, keep it up! Anyway, it has little trains and cars for some of the beads--Jax loves it.

Jax is a one pair of shoes kid. So it's always kinda strange when he goes to church looking so sharp in a shirt and tie and then he's wearing his dirty little brown converse shoes. So, i guess I know that it's all my fault he's dressed that way and i really have no good excuse...even now I'm sitting here thinking "why have you never gotten him Sunday shoes"?...I only have one child, what IS my embarrassing...He didn't even wear Sunday shoes at my brothers wedding...I'll stop now, i hate feeling guilty. Point is, he now has Sunday shoes... Again, not an identical picture to the one i bought, but close enough. They really are in good condition. All i can say is that they were $2.

 This, as you can see, is the real deal. Well, just the real picture. Is this clock not gorgeous? If it's not quite your taste is it $5 gorgeous? All of the sudden your singin' a different tune. :) But i liked it before i saw the price...the price just made it that much better. And seriously, it totally works---that little gold hangy-ball really goes back and forth and makes a little soothing ticking noise. And it's a pretty big clock; probably about a foot and a 1/2 in length. $5. Amazing. Again, who's pricing things at that store...?

 We need a baby swing because we borrowed my sisters with Jax and she is having a baby at the same time as me, so she will be using the swing that is hers. We really didn't want to spend a bunch of money; cause who likes to spend money on a baby swing. But we knew we needed one; we kinda just thought we would get one on Craigs list or KSL...but they're still expensive. gawl. THEN, at Savers, amongst all these dirty, ripped, smelly things; i see this like new (I'm serious), clean, flawless baby swing. And $28 later I'm like, ummm, I'll take it. AND it swivels so that you can be swung front to back, or side to side. AND it does nature sounds. AND it's neutral colors. AND it works. But don't tell: we looked online and it has like 2.5 out of 5 stars...but that was the people that paid like $90, don't you think only paying $28 makes it double in the amount of stars...? I say yes.

Lastly, this is a large red race car mustang. It's like a foot long. Jax thinks it's awesome. So do i, cause it was $3. These things are normally like at least $12 folks.

I have buyers regret for not picking up a 2T gap Jacket lined with fake fur for jax...$6. Went back the next day for it, it was gone. There was also this REALLY cool plant. I even went back to get the plant --only 15 minutes later-- and it was gone! You gotta be aggressive at these kinds of stores... But you don't wanna impulse buy because they don't really have a shining return policy...among other things...
I think I'm planning on hitting Savers up more often...hopefully it serves me well.:)

Anyway, so happy that i got the things i did that i wanted to share. It was a good day in the Gause house that night--full of Clorox sani-wipes and smiles. :)

 PS. Can i talk for 2 seconds about the darn Savers price stickers that don't come off---can they not find a better sticker? Can they not put the sticker in a more inconspicuous place; IE. underneath an item.? Do they need to have 4 little cuts in between each corner, so that if you get a good peal-off going it only lasts to the middle of the corner? I don't get how they can have the WORST stickers invented...why don't they just use super-glue? You have to use a razor to get it off anyway. That might be one of the reasons they cut you a break on the price--they know your going to be going at the sticker for like 2 hours at home, maybe they feel bad. I'd like to think so.

And for good measure, here are pictures of my favorite little guy...