Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Some of the end of March 2016

Here are some picture proof of the fun shenanigans that happen at the Gause family get-to-gethers!:) Grama Debbie is always happy to play!!
 Rod had a field trip to the Fire Station. He loved it.
 Brooke came and took Rod to play with Linc for 5th Lincons birthday, and they celebrated doing VERY fun things. Rod had a GREAT time and LOVES Lincoln! Happy Birthday Linc!
 A gazillion Easter Sunday pictures!! It was too cute, but hard to get the willingness from everyone at the same time. Except Jax; he is always willing and ready for the camera! 

 Geeze I love these boys!!

March 2016

We just want it to be warmer...! And Cal seriously loves his daddy!!
 I got Insanity Live Certified. It's fine.

I had to snap a picture because I loved his hair this day, it was so fluffy. This kid...
 Rod and Ollie are such fun friends! Note Ollies hand around Rod. Too cute!
Cal has so many silly facial expressions! I love him so much!
A girls night happened on my Moms birthday, it was so much fun!!
We went to this all you can eat Mongolian grill in Spanish Fork that was supposed to be soooo good. It was okay. The mussels Chanel was going to try and eat were so darn freaky, she couldn't do it. It was so much fun to be out with all the girls. Good memories. Sure did miss some of our sisters though!
Us taking selfies at the ice cream place we went to afterward. The ice cream was a GOOD idea. Love these girls!
I just love this picture.
Lincoln and Rod feeding the ducks with Grandma Gause!

All my boys rockin' the sunglasses Grampa picked up for them at his conference.

As mentioned before, we all went out for my moms birthday. I LOVE my mom. She is the best. The ice-cream was AMAZING. Also, I made my mom this cake, it was pretty good too. I love good food!
Cals hair just keeps growing and growing. I LOVE IT!!
Rod says: "This is my MOST favorite matching outfit"
I love this picture so very much. I can still feel the amazing naked baby chubbiness!! Too fun!