Friday, April 27, 2012


So Rod got tubes put in his ears on Wednesday. 5am in the sweet morning!! Everything went great and we are so glad that we hopefully wont have to deal with any ear infections in the future!
This picture melts me.
Forgive the toilet in the background, they make you dress them in the bathroom...
They actually wanted him to try and wear that thing on his head....what?? Of course he ripped it off and would have none of it after 5 seconds. :)

Then he looked like this (bear in mind it was quite early in the morning):
Is he cute or what? My little goober guy. My mom says he looks like a version of Benjamin Button--like a old man, in the cutest possible way of course! :)

In other similar news, Rod is standing, stationary, without help...walking shouldn't be far behind...?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Some early April Updates

We have been borrowing Justin's parents 4 wheeler for some yard work. Jax loves it. Remember how we discovered that Jax had thrown a myriad of earthy products such as sand, rocks, and twigs down into the gasoline tank, also plastic? That was fun. Justin had to disassemble it and clean it out and put it back together. Thank heavens we found out about it before turning it on--apparently it would have busted the engine.

 As shown in the pictures above; Justin still likes Jax regardless... :)

Jax always amazes us with his coordination. Justin will throw him the ball and Jax will kick it back to him in the air without it touching the ground.  He connects his foot with the ball really well, it's one of his favorite games recently. We even played it for FHE last week.
He also loves to "head" the ball, and really has pretty good form.

Here he goes! 

Check out his facial expression and body language as he preps to kick the ball. This is serious business.
It looks like he is prepping for  one of those "bicycle" kicks!
Puff out that chest!!
Solid kicks!
Look at his cute little face and arms!! He's ready!!
 Remember how the angle of the world came and stayed with me while my parents were in Florida for 5 days?! Chanel = Pure bliss for those around her. Sadly my kids didn't get to see very much of their favorite Chanel, she was so darn busy.
 They loved the time they did get though!
 Lucky for me I get to see her fairly often b/c I help coach the PHS Track team--Good job at the UVU track meet Isaac and Chanel!!
I love them!