Tuesday, June 26, 2012

House Post!!

This is a long overdue house post. And it's a very long post. We bought our house in it's TRASHED state last June. So it's been a year.
Let's celebrate.
There are some before pictures...It looks SO much better. You will see. A lot, a TON,of hard work has been put into this baby, by a ton of ubberly amazing always-have-a-place-in-my-heart people. Justin's dad did a TON. Anyway, there is still a lot to do, but we are focusing on the outside of the house now.

These first 8 pictures are the BEFORE:

I know. What were we thinking? No idea. It was DISGUSTING. Sooo much worse than the pictures ever show. There was an Entire wall we had to replace because it had mold all over it from the leaky swamp cooler. We replaced the swamp cooler with an A/C, thank heaven. And had to redo the wall and the ceiling and also a completely soggy part of outside wall (thanks Dad!!). Soggy from years of rain run-off into it. gross. So much nasty was in this house.
We got a good deal though...! That should count for something, right??
Anyway here are some of the beautiful helpers. Not pictured is that Arianne painted my whole kitchen that green color. 5 coats. You rule Ari.

HUGE debts of gratitude it makes me stressed to think of... eek.
Looking at these pictures again it almost makes me cry of gratefulness. waaaaaaa!! I love you everyone, shown and unshown that helped us out!!!! 

I hate the formating issues blogger has...this post is CRAZY formatted. It's driving me nuts, but i'm done wasting my time. So done. The rest of the pictures are very oddly formatted. Not my fault.

Need more furniture at some point...
Anyway, this is the living room, right when you walk in:
Bay window--love the back light. :)
Into the Kitchen:


Up the stairs to our bedroom:

You can't tell, but this is the bay window in our bedroom.
Our king bed's size is the best--but takes up the room.
We had to invest in a wardrobe because of the smallness of the room--no room for our 3 dressers....

Rod's room:
Downstairs room from the Kitchen:

The office (off the downstairs room):

 Jaxton's Room (Upstairs):
We stained that cute dresser. :)

Upstairs Bathroom (off our room and the hall):

Downstairs Utility/bathroom/laundry room(slightly unfinished)Off of the downstairs room:


Hard to recognize that it's even the same house!! So much hard work. I'm so grateful the hard parts are done....So are our "helpers" I'm SURE. :)
Family is the best.