Sunday, September 28, 2014

Calvin's Birthday 9-10-14, picture overload!!

Delivering Calvin was a pretty darn good experience. 
I thought I wouldn't be induced until the next week, but my doctor said I was "induceable" and he felt comfortable inducing me on my due date, which happened to be the next day! It was a huge surprise! And very pleasant. We went in on September 10th at noon, (awesome time right?!) having just eaten a delicious lunch from Kneaders--Vegie Avocado sandwich for me--so yum! (phew! I hate being hungry during labor, it's my nightmare from my first labor--ONE of my nightmares from my first labor...) We did these awesome posed pictures:
and then I was hooked up to the pitossin (sp?) at 1pm--I was dialated to a 3--which is the farthest I have ever been dilated when induced! Woot! It went swimmingly. I got my epidural around 3pm; it took waaay longer than any of my other epidurals and it hurt way more. So that was kinda lame; but when it kicked in it didn't matter because then I felt super awesome. Then my mom came and stayed with us the rest of the time. I love my mom. They broke my water at about 3:30ish; this also hurt way more than it ever has, (I don't think my epidural was working super well until like 3:45 or 4pm) and it went everywhere, which I don't remember ever happening either. Kinda nasty. I had Clavin at about 6:40pm after only like 4 or 5 pushes. I remember Dr. Judd having to minipulate Calvin quite a bit to get him out, I guess the cord was wrapped all around him, lots...? And I think he was kind of facing a weird way. When I was done pushing, I remember waiting and waiting for the Dr. to pull Calvin out  or for Calvin to start crying or something, when all of the sudden a super long arm just flops out, it's like the only thing I could see, it was startling and kinda funny--especially in hind sight because Calvin's arms are SOOO long.:) The Dr. got him out fine and got Calvin crying, at first it sounded JUST like a little squeak--not like my other kids, JUST like a squeak, a bunch of little mad was beyond cute. THEN he started to SCREAM squeak, which was great to get his color back but kinda sad, and he had such a hard time not crying from that time forth through the end of that night. We could calm him down so he wasn't crying but he just had this look on his face like, "I'm trying SO hard not to cry right now..." and then sometimes he just couldn't hold it back. He was pretty sad that first little while; very tender and touchy, and sensitive. It just makes you want to hold and cuddle him and make super sympathetic faces at him.
I was struck by how small his head was (it's not a puny head--still 50th percentile, but not like my other children 80th-100th percentile) and how big the features were on his face!  Big eyes, big nose, (those weren't AS shocking because I feel like my other kids are kind of this way-- but a BIG mouth! My biggest mouthed child for sure. Also, how very long and narrow he was, especially his arms! Long skinny arms! Long skinny legs! Long skinny everything! :)
I LOVE this picture!! 
Another one of my favorite pictures!!
I was/am smitten. He is my little baby doll.
Seriously, this was his trademark sad face--he still does it--it made us all melt! Still makes me melt!!
His limbs look deceptively chunky in this picture...he must have been swollen or something,..He really is so skinny! :)
Look how wonderful my family is. It was so fun to just watch everyone follow Clavin around, he was a ligit movie star in that room, everyone was taking pictures and cooing over him like crazy, it was so fun to watch. He is SO loved. Amazing Natasha is the one taking most of these pictures, she grabbed my phone like an angle so that I could have photo's! I don't think about things like that sometimes, anyway, she isn't in very many photo's because of this. THANK YOU NATASHA!!

I love this one too!!
  My kids were watched by my Mom, Isaac, Natasha and then Debbie all in one day! Such a big Thank You to them all for being so flexible. So nice to not have to worry about my kids! Debbie brought my kids in after the birth and that was pretty darn fun. My kids LOVED that baby, still do. I love seeing them be loving and sweet to Calvin. See, no hard feelings, right kids...?;) 

My dad took these next pictures with his ACTUAL camera, me and Justin just have phones...:) A real camera makes a big difference--esp. his camera, cause it's above and beyond. I LOVE the clarity, Calvin still makes all of these faces on a daily basis, and the picts of my kids and family are perfect... I love these pictures.:)

And then we resume with the camera phone, cause my dad couldn't be at the hospital the whole time...:) I had so many nice people come visit. Everyone was SO sweet! I got pictures of most of them, I think I am just missing pictures of Uncle Jason and Great Aunt Emmalee.:)
 Calvin is so special and we love him so much!!