Monday, December 19, 2011

Justin's 27th

 Justin had his 27th birthday on Saturday, the 17th.
 The lucky duck got 3 days of celebration! 
He took the day off on Friday, cause lets be honest, no one wants to work the day before their birthday. So he got a big breakfast with all the meats that don't normally grace our breakfast table, then we went to the new Sherlock Holmes movie (supa good one, like a A+, but  supa intense, don't know if i'll be able to sit through it ever again). Then we went to Rodizio's, it was pretty sick, and not just because I don't like red meat.  Tucano's is at least twice as good. But the people working there were the kindest, nicest, restaurant people I've ever been around. Weird.
Special thanks to the birthday babysitting scrambling that took place while we were at our movie and eating.  My mom for the first hour at our house, then to her house, Great Aunt Lisa for the next hour and a half at my mom's house, Arianne actually taking the kids from my mom's in her car to pick up her hub from work and then coming back to our house afterward and watching our kids til we got home.
phew. Thanks for makin' it happen family!!

Saturday was when the real fun started. :)
We went to Jump on It with the entire family clan...with a few exceptions who were mourned. 
 Thanks to everyone for coming and making it be the blast that it was!
I actually got pictures at Jump on It!

The two BFF brothers. The plan was to scale the wall, I don't know if that actually happened. :)
Jax was in his heaven.
Little cousin buddies
I did not pose this little princess
Grama Gause and Ethan
My mom will kill me for posting this picture...but look how fit she is!
My psycho athletic 50yr old father...stop showing off dad. :)
Tried and tried to get an unblery picture of this cute group--this is the best I got...I still think it darn cute.
Speaking of showing off, there was a lot of that going on. You wont be able to tell from the snapshots but there were some really cool tricks being done by all:

Isaac, back of Arianne, side of Chanel, bottom half of my dad.
Tasha playin' with the kids...It's harder to jump onto that red thing than you'd
We wanted them to all jump at the same time...
Max was the only one who knew what we were talking about. :)
Aaaah, Great Grama Wing.
This picture is so comical because she is ALWAYS smiling and she looks like a crank here. :) Don't let that glare fool ya. :)
 She came JUST to hold Rod so that I could have a fabulous time and jump my guts out.
See, no scowl in this one! Also Grampa Gause, he had some bad kind of arthritis and was forced to sit out the jumping.
Isaac the stunt man about to do crazy, CRAZY flips, aerials, gainers..etc..SO TALENTED, this one...Please do something cool with all your cool talent Isaac. (add pleading look from your older sister:)
This is the completion of one of his crazy moves. Oooo's and Awww's all round.
Go gabe-y, go gabe-y go! This picture may be deceiving, he is NOT doing a "bum war", it was something WAY cooler.
Birthday boy!
Gabe getting ready to redeem his "bum war" picture. :)
The little kids in the big kid part, they were holdin' their own.
Love Jaxton's face in this one. KISS HIM!!!!
SWEET action shot of the HUGE game of hard core tag we were all involved in to some degree...the women of the group really seemed to have a lot more stamina and, lets injuries. The men...ALL injured at some point. And just in and out of the game of tag as their heart rates and injuries would allow. Really guys?? We should have done a boys against girls competition--girls would'a swept it. :)
Proud to be 27
The only break they took the whole time. :)
Mai, you silly doll.
Kaitlyn is the blur with the black pants--she was all over the place in our tag game, Justin is tired. :)
This was near the end...plum tuckered out.
I believe he is trying make a 20ft high basket.

Jason, doing the same.
 This was cute, the kids are getting a free carousal ride (courtesy Gabe, Jason, Isaac and Chanel) at a much faster pace than the ride intended--they LOVED it! 

What was left of the clan after 1 1/2hrs of jumping. My mom took  insisted on taking the picture--so imagine her cute face by my dad. :)
 As if that wasn't enough fun...
The ENTIRE (everyone, all, inclusive) Gause/Judkins family came over for a "surprise" party that night. We had some darn good food, and darn good company.
And this: 
 Dance Party 3 yo.
I can't tell you how much fun this was to watch. Those kids were SO cute!!



The end.
 The adults were "cute" too...just in a different way. ;) I was kind and didn't take pictures of any adults dancing, only video.  But it's too long to upload...Just imagine the cute faces below on the bodies of the cute kids above. :)

I said "Hey, why isn't anyone sitting by Gabe??"
Chanel moved over like a cheeta cat...of course :)
Yaa, we had a lot of left-over cake...
I tend to over prepare, and i'm okay with that, it's a lot less awkward than running out of cake. :)
The deed is done.
Justin wanted this Double Chocolate Torte (it's to DIE FOR DELICIOUS, but seriously, where did they put my husband??) and then he liked the cup cake cake my mom had made with vanilla pudding whipping cream frosting and innards. So I made two. One confetti cake and one white. So good. And then of course, Justin's staple, Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. :)
My favorite past time.
Don't close your eyes Jax!!
Thanks to everybody for bringing everything they brought--yum!! And for bringing themselves and helping us make it such a fun party and day for Justin!!