Monday, February 22, 2016

End of January, beginning of Febuary

Airanne came into town!! It was so fun to have her around!! I LOVED IT!! Too bad her kids were so sick for so much of the time! Here is Grama Haight loving on Louisa. She is so fun to love!!
 My cute CAL!! He is something else. Just something else.
 And his hair...we put conditioner in it to make it super soft.
And then there is my hair....and then there is cut little Rod man.
 I took Rod and Cal to the Bean Museum, Rod was in HEAVEN. The kid is an animal facts man. He remembers most everything he sees on his animal shows and then uses his imagination to embellish as needed. Talking to him is usually a TON a fun. And a complete riot. It can be surprising though, he is pretty accurate most of time. But it doesn't really surprise me--because he such a little smarty. And he has such a passion for animals. But not really in person. Not at all in person. :)
These pictures of these cute brothers are how you might see them at any given time at our house. These Perplexes Maze balls are just the MOST amazing toys I have ever seen. They keep my kids attention for SUCH a long time. And it's actually constructive. And they are WAY better at them then me. Justin is super good at them too.
 And Jax actually got to hold Louisa for a bit. He LOVES her and would hold her endlessly if allowed. Jaxton loves babies!! He is such a sweetheart. 
We went to the Bean Museum AGAIN while all the family was in town. Happy day!! I love this picture of Eli and Rodrik!! Rod was doing personal tours for any toddler (or adult!) that would listen.
I got certified to teach insanity the beginning of February. And Jax looks so cute
in a mustache!:)
This picture of Cal makes me swoon every time. Too beautiful for words.
I LOVE LOUSIA!! It was so fun to snuggle that little princess!!
Fun times with James and Airanne. We are so sad she lives so darn far away!! We miss them terribly.
Rod throwing a ball on his favorite step at Grama Gauses'. And Rod with his CUTE valentine box! I loved how excited he was about such a simple box.
And how CUTE are these two! I wish I could show in a picture just how excited Rod was to go to the indoor pool. It was so worth the $4. The pure happiness made my day.
The reason Rod got to go to the pool was because Jax was skiing with his Dad for the first time! Sadly they were only able to go for about an hour but they had a good time while they were there.
We also went to the Provo Temple. I love Jax and Rod in this picture. They are both whining at me as I write this, but they sure look cute in this picture!! 
Jaxton loved the staircases and Rod made sure we knew that they had to kill the Oxen first before they had them hold up the font. :)