Thursday, March 31, 2011

Throwing, too fun.

As mentioned before, Jax will throw anything and everything, at anything and everything. We've been trying to teach him when and where and with what throwing is appropriate. He is getting better...kind of. 
Here are some pictures of him throwing completely appropriately...which can be rare... :)
These pictures also show how seriously Jax takes his throwing. It is serious business. Just don't get in his way. :)

He's "ready" to throw.

This is a "wind up"

This is his "follow through"

Here he is throwing straight up into the air. It doesn't always go "straight up"...look out.:)

I just think this is cute, every time he hears an airplane he try's to show it to me. Sadly, you can hear those things a lot better than you can see them.
He sure is fun to watch. :)

Monday, March 28, 2011


Jax is 22 months and still has very little hair; but it still needs to be trimmed every so often or he starts to look like a rag-a-muffin. 
It's weird, he has hair, but he doesn't. It's curly but it's straight. It's thin, but it's thick. It's blonde but it's red. or light brown. Anyway, he always looks a bit sharper with a trim. And it's a fairly easy process since he doesn't fight it; it might be one of the only things he doesn't fight us on. And that boy can FIGHT. :) I think it is because he see's his dad cutting (he uses clippers) his own hair so often that it makes him feel like a "big boy" to be able to do what dad is doing. In any case, it makes it nice.
This was his 2nd official hair cut; maybe 3rd?? And seriously he doesn't really have hair, so like I said, it's weird. So we are giving him his cut and Justin gets out the sissors to trim around his ears and the back of his neck...his ears went great, the back of his neck...not so much. Jax moved exactly when he clipped the scissors and Justin took off a good chunk of hair right down to the near skin area. It looked bad/halarious. So of course you "try and fix it", got this buzzer thing, it was shorter than we thought and anyway...the result was this:
Notice how the left side is missing hair? We were tempted to just do the deed and replicate it on the other side so that he could have a mullet of sorts, and then Justin mentioned the end we decided to be boring and just leave it; that way people know that we messed up. We love that.:)

While we are here...
This is Jaxton's new favorite thing to do (play with water in the sink). It always ends with water out of the sink, and on the floor/counter/Jax, but sometimes that "end" can take up to 20-25 minutes to get to...Do you know how much I can do in 20 minutes? Not as much as you'd think, but you get the idea. :) So I let him play more often then not. He LOVES it.

And while we are STILL here... 
This is Jax in his Sunday cloths on his way to church. Jax really doesn't mind church. I mean, sacrament meeting is hard; the kid has a lot of energy. It can be rough, but the awesome fact that makes it all bearable for him is that he has nursery after sacrament meeting. And he knows it. He LOVES nursery. He has always loved nursery. I even put him in nursery at 16 1/2 months without telling--I told the leaders he was 17 months and I think they knew I was lying. But seriously, at that point Jax was just too hard for me at church, I couldn't deal anymore, so I said that I wanted him to start to "get comfortable" before I brought him in at 18 months--to "come get me if there is a problem." And then I walked away really fast, before they could stop me. He has NEVER been brought to me, never had a problem, never cried, never anything. He has loved it ever since the beginning of time. In sacrament meeting, after anyone sits down after speaking or singing or praying or anything he always looks at me and hopefully says "nursery?? nursery??" And I always have to say, "not yet"; but then when I say "yes!", he freaks out and makes a b-line to the nursery room. He knows where it is and can go there by himself. We know this because one time I wasn't going fast enough for him (we sit in the front at church and the isle's tend to get backed up)--so me and my preg self was stuck at the front of the chapel waiting for the crowds to dissipate, Jax took off before I could grab him and went in between, around, and under legs/dresses and was gone. I semi freaked out just because I couldn't see him and didn't know where he was going (the kid has NO bounds--so if there was an outside door open, he would just be gone and be hit by a car in the middle of the road), so I had Justin run around and find him. (He's just a tiny bit faster than me when I'm pregnant...:)Justin found Jax in the nursery room playing. I thought it was so funny.
Anyway, he makes life fun. What a goob.:)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ramblings of my mind.

Throughout my ramblings are some cute photo's of my sweet little guy. He could see himself in my phone (cool iphone feature) as I took these pictures so it was pretty funny to see the faces he kept doing. I got the most DARLING video of him (again while he was watching himself--this made it so funny) but the formatting of the video on my phone doesn't mesh with our computers--basically nothing "mesh's" with our computer; so pictures will have to suffice. He said all of his animal sounds in the video. So cute. So gifted. :)
-As of 2 day's ago I’m 30 weeks pregnant.  Already I’ve gained 30lbs… and that’s if you weigh me in the morning…and if your going by what I weighed at my 29 week appointment...:)
  --Acid reflux has taken over my life. But if that is as bad as it gets I really can’t complain. Remember how I don’t throw-up when I’m pregnant. I think I am pretty darn lucky to have pretty darn good pregnancies. But shoot, tums sure get old...
--We are suddenly moving.  Like, by April 15th moving.  Not just moving, but trying to buy a house (we’ve always rented). Not just any house, a house under $115,000. Have you ever seen a house for this price? We have. Like 30 of em’.  You can probably imagine, it’s pretty rough viewing.  It makes you want to be in really clean places and to never have an animal in your house/yard.  It gives you a real appreciation for soap, among other things…
 --Mortgage insurance on FHA loans goes up on April 15th. That is why we want to have a house picked out by then. That is in like, 4 weeks.  We didn’t realize this until we met with our loan guy (who is amazing btw, if anyone wants one, we have one) 2 weeks ago. The main reason we are buying is because it is going to be cheaper than renting. The other main reason I because we feel like it’s the right thing for us to do right now.
 --We have an offer on a house that I would LOVE to have. But it is a short sale, which = long process...cause it’s not even bank approved yet. We don’t have long (4 wks, remember). So my dreams will probably be dashed (and "dreams" is not just a manner of speaking, I literally dreamed about that house last night, like a long dream, we got the house in my dream...). I obsess over this house. I’m hoping it’s the pregnancy hormones. I’m SO stressed we aren’t going to be able to get it (reality, we probably won’t, more stress, more stress) and that we won’t find one greater than or equal to for the price. Sad day. Then we’ll have to move into one of these marijuana houses where they owned huge rottweiler dogs who lived in and destroyed all cabinets, closets, and doors; and let them pee and poo all over the carpet and appliances and then microwaved small cats for them to eat. (I’m not being dramatic, you need to see these houses—or at least just smell them to know what I’m talking about.)
--I’m back working 12hrs a week at Squire and Company for tax season (Wednesdays and Thursdays from like 12-6). That is kinda nice. Nice to get the extra money and nice to have a little change/break from the mom routine. Nice to be doing something that can be measured. To be working with paper...:) My mom/family watches Jax; this makes jax very happy. So everyone is winning here.
--Justin is amazing. I’m freaking out over this house situation; truly, truly, SO stressed. And he has been so level headed. I know he’s stressed but he is sure handling it waaaaay better than me.  He is good at letting me just vent to him about it. He has also been working a lot lately, like overtime and stuff, not to mention his 14 credit hours at UVU, and still is being very calm. (But please babe, for the love, come home on time tonight..!) Unlike me who sits at home all day with Jax and freaks out. He is a good one. I love him.
 Jax is waving "bye, bye" to you in this picture.
My mom gave him those cute Elmo jam-jams. Jax has no idea who Elmo is. I'm such a bad parent.:)
I can't believe Jax is 22 months old...
I can't believe I can love him so much.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Please let me brag...

I seriously need to brag about my child a little bit; specially since it seems i never get around to posting pictures or movies of his amazing-ness (not my fault--our computer is a dinosaur, it takes ages). So i have to use pictures from my phone that I email to myself, quicker that way (still takes a bit, so it's really hard to motivate myself). But I can't load the video from my phone cause, again, the computer is a dinosaur/just really stupid. And lets be honest, i've kinda stoped taking pictures of Jax the last little bit--i'm bad, but he's never sitting still and when i pull out a camera he either runs away or wants to watch old video's of himself---doesn't really pose for a picture well. But i need to do better, or i know i'll hate myself one day. :(
Anyway, just wanted it documented that Jaxton is very impressive in the following areas:
Jumping. He can jump, quite high, with both feet leaving the ground, running or standing. Like a stud. He can also jump off high-ish things (high for him). I've seen him jump, by himself, jump off of things that are like 18in tall, lands in a perfect squat. If i hold his hand he can jump off of oober high things. He LOVES jumping.
Running. This kid runs and runs and runs. And you know how kids have short little legs? Those short little legs move around and around themselves so fast; it always makes me smile when he is running "fast"; cause he looks like this speedy little tiny man. And remember how I'm 29 weeks pregnant? Picture me and my added 30lbs of preg weight chasing this tiny little man. If he makes me chase him i get petty mad/self conscience. My biggest fears are about Jax in a parking lot; he has darted before and I'm not quick enough--nightmare, i cant let go of him.
Throwing. Like abnormal accuracy and force behind the balls this kid throws. I get comments all the time about it. It really is impressive. I've got to get it on video. Not that i could load it onto this blog....grrr. He LOVES to throw anything and everything and he will throw it HARD. He has quite a few times thrown a ball hard against the wall and had it come back and hit him hard in the face; it doesn't really faze him. Poor kid. :) He loves it.
Kicking. And this little dude has been kicking since he could walk; he kinda stopped for awhile at like 16-18 months but picked it up again in full force. And he kicks HARD. It's so cute. He has been doing this thing where he like "winds up", backs up from the ball a ways and then runs at it and kicks it; he does a really good job. :) We're hoping he grows up loving soccer...:)
Anyway; this kid deserves lots of credit, his lame-o mom doesn't talk about all of his coolness enough. He is really so impressive. Keep in mind the cute kid is only 21 months. 
I love him; this new baby is going to rock his world.