Saturday, July 16, 2016

End of June, Early July.

 This one time we went to Ikea, and we were in the loading bay, with kids, at lunch time, for a REALLY long time for a few different reasons. The kids were so good at making it into a fun time! Lots of swinging going on. I loved how it looked and took tons of pictures. They are so cute!
 Justin had a little work training in SLC and they let the wives tag along for some of it. It was a really great time, very fun! The next day Justin had training, so I stayed alone in SLC for a few hours and just puttered around and shopped. IT WAS AMAZING. So relaxing. ah.
 Jax drew this picture for Chanel during Church.
 The 4th of July is always a nice fun day. This year it was again!! On a related note, Justin and I scored tickets from his old boss for the Stadium of Fire--Tim McGraw!! And he was AMAZING. It was so darn fun. SO fun. And he was amazing...I'll stop... :)
 After the parade we went to Grama Wings for some KFC! It was very fun, Grama Wing is just the best. :) And we watched the Olympic Trials, so fun and low key. Loved it. And the cousins played! woot!
 That night we went to the Vivint party and the kids (again) had a BLAST. Bounce houses, treats, balloons, whats not to like?? It was really great. We stayed until 8 and enjoyed ourselves very much!
 And THEN (jam packed fun day!!) we went to Natasha's for some FIREWORKS with her family and my parents! It was such a fun was to finish the day! The kids had a so much fun (again!!?) and it was really fun to relax with the fam. Thanks for letting us tag along to your fireworks show!! Perfect way to end the day!!
  Oh! And this is how we got around Provo on the 4th! We WILL be doing it again. Sooo great!! Especially when you have great family around to take advantage of!! ;)
 We celebrated my birthday with my family on Sunday and my sweet sister and mom made me these yummy baby kale, lemon, pesto salad pizzas!! And this amazing chocolate CAKE! And my sweet dad made me his homemade ice cream. I was very spoiled. It was GREAT!!
 And I think I am mostly caught up. Summer has been pretty fun, a little crazy having all the kids ALL the time...but that's just summer for you. There are always so many fun things to do. We have been going to the pool at the Rec instead of Seven Peaks and prefer that. We have been seeing a lot of family and that is always great. I really miss Chanel. :)

Friday, July 8, 2016

There is too much to say, so heres some pictures. April-June 2016

The blog wouldn't download about 30 random pictures from this time period, I don't know which they are, so here are the ones that downloaded successfully, if we don't know what we're missing, we can't be sad, in theory.
Jaxton had a Birthday!  
Friend party with: piƱata, soda pop cake, soda pop, water games, AND NINTENDO  WII!
Jax and Rod finished their year in school!
 We planked.
 Rod with a crazy mustache and Cal with his best Friend.
Rod had a birthday! He had invited every single person in our extended family by name specifically-it was darling. He wanted a water party and it was a ton of fun. I made a "water blob" for the occasion and it was a big hit. It didn't last very long but the different stages of deflation were very fun in their own way. You can see the blob in the pictures.

Chanel left for her Spanish speaking Vancouver mission. HUGE sob insert. Es, no bueno. It's a huge deal.
 Splash pad with cousins
Justin built a shed, then we all painted it!
Playing with Jerica is always fun!
You will see a lot of "Calvin Faces". They melt me.
 I sent these pictures to Chanel after she left.
Bridal Vail Falls with my mom and dad. My mom took great pictures and gave them to me. Thanks mom!
  Fun Haight Family Reunion at Palisade in Manti! 
Lisa did charms on Calvin for an hour to get him to go to sleep. It was amazing, and it worked.

Mini "hike" with the littles!

My dad throwing big rocks into the lake to impress the kids!
Zach climbing on a tree and almost falling in the water, to impress the kids. :) Maybe his wife too...:)
Luke was the Calvin charmer on the last day, Calvin loved him and fell right asleep in his arms!
We are doing the sera summer movies this summer, it's been fun!
Calvin got new sunglasses and flip flops. He was feeling [and looking!] pretty cool. :)
I insisted the dentist take a second look at Jaxton's missing teeth because they should have grown in long ago. The dentist said Jaxton's gums where his teeth have been missing  had callused because it had been so long. So he sliced a big ol' gap, and low and behold, the tooth was just sitting there! For who knows how long, waiting to come right out. The picture in the neon shirt is the day after, (pre-hair cut,) you can clearly see the tooth just coming right out! The darker one is post hair cut about a week after. It will be SO nice for him to have the tooth back!! 
Preston's 60th Birthday was this year. We decided to go on a hike. It was longer and hotter then we thought, but very fun!