Monday, October 31, 2016

Family Pictures 2016!

Such a big thank you to my Dad!! 
He did a really amazing job with these pictures--you'd never guess the craziness that was happening just before and after all of these pictures!! Thank goodness he is patient!!
I'm trying to figure out which one is my favorite.
Look at Calvin in the one above this caption, on the right...! Thats why I included that picture, it was so cute of him!! Haha!
Calvin was impossible to photograph, but my dad was able to score this gems from the constantly moving, unwilling subject. I LOVE them. We might cut his hair soon so I really wanted some good pictures of him with his cute long locks. These are perfect. The top 2 are my FAVORITE.
Rodrik! My little stud muffin.
Jax was so good during the pictures. He looks so very handsome and grown up.
This next photo was very contrived. I saw it happen all on it's own but it was like 2 seconds long my dad was taking pictures of someone else a ways away. So with my stubborn insistance we tried to stage it 40 minutes after the fact. It took about 12 tries with 5 adults helping. That branch when pulled down like that is like a launching pad--with Calvin at the end! He had to be there though because that's where it was lowest.  The kids were very willing to keep hanging from the branch over and over. It was hilarious. And yes, that's me running away in the background. And a garbage can. But I LOVE this picture.
And I love this picture too. I can't believe my dad could even get anything from these three when they were all together. Good ol' Jax, he is always good for a picture.

Then Justin and I did engagement pictures. You feel silly, but it's fun to look back at stuff later, I'm told... :)
Thank you Dad!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 16th-22nd

We had another fun week! 
Fall break was here so it was a pretty chill week.
When we go watch Justin play at the indoor arena they have a small field to the side that the kids play on when it is vacant. They love practicing soccer and kicking the ball, scoring, etc. I always feel, (I'm bias I'm sure) that my kids are so darn coordinated, and so very fast! In these shots Calvin is dribbling all the way to goal. It's so cute to watch all of them, (and Justin!)
 We went to the new University Mall indoor/outdoor play place. I've made fun of it because it's colored and shaped oddly from the outside, but it is a REALLY cool play place, so I felt bad for complaining. They have an outdoor mountain theme and it is really cute fun for the kids. Because my kids are so into America Ninja Warrior they love monkey bars and anything resembling an obstacle course. They loved it all.
Poor Roddy fell pretty hard, like 3 times! And when he gets upset lately he gets a bloody nose, so that happened, and was the only crapper of the night. :)
These fish are cooler then they look...they spin around and around.
Calvin loves to hand and lift his feet off the ground, he feels like he is some kind of He-Man! :) In the bent leg picture his feet are off the ground, even though it looks like they're not.
"Mom will you take a picture of me on this frog?" I wish I could give this picture the heart eye emoji!
Calvin has only recently started going down slides that are bigger then 3ft, so I needed pictures. (Side note, Calvin also jumps with other people on the trampoline now! This has been great, a lot more fun for him and everyone! He is growing up! Kind of sad, but happy.) Jax and Rod kept doing crazy slide stuff. They definitely like to push their limits...! Mostly Jax...
It only took 6 months, but it's here. And its AMAZING. Big thanks to Uncle Scott for making it happen even though he had absolutely no time. I love it just as much as I hoped I would. The family functional aspect of van's is so amazing, especially when compared to the Acadia. So out with the expensive red sporty styler and in with the silver FUNCTIONAL (thank you!) family van that 85% of Utahs own. And I'm so happy about it. Everyone send positive vibes that we will be able to sell that darn Acadia...!
 Orem got a new park behind the Library as well! This one is incredible. The kids were in heaven. Rod especially, Jax was having some anxiety about loosing me and Calvin so he stayed by my side the entire time. Rod was off playing in bliss the whole time, so most of my pictures are of Jax and Cal. We will be going back! As mentioned before Jax and Rod liked to pretend they are America Ninja Warriors and I got pictures of it. Cuties.
Calvin loved this rope climb.
This was Calvin's FAVORITE. He was just short enough to have to jump to grab the rings. It made him feel amazing to jump and grab them and then lift his feet off the ground. He felt super cool.
So much fun was had. Happy day.
 Later that day my parents took Rod with them to Elko to play with Eli. Rod was SO excited and it seemed to really live up to the hype. Rod loves his cousins so much and is such a good friend. It was only a 1 night stay and on the way home my mom sent me this picture. Hehe! I'm thinking he had a pretty good trip!
That's about it. Pumpkin patch this next week for sure!