Monday, August 31, 2009

The BIGGEST i've EVER seen his eyes go!! (top pict)


And this one is just super cute.

I love this boy!!

Couch Potato

This was funny, Jax sat like this and watched TV with Justin for like 5 minutes! Hopefully he didn't loose too many brain cells...

Visiting Cousins (finally plural)

We visited Natasha, Steve, Max and Mairee on Sunday. It was SO fun, we love seeing them!!

The only correlation this pict has to the cousins is that it's taken in their house, i just thought it was cute. :)

Max is SO cute and always wants to play with Jax--Jax isn't good at playing, he kinda just sits there--and he can't even do that without my help... :)

Okay, Dundadada! Angle Baby Mairee!! Isn't she a DOLL!! I got some REALLY cute picts of her, but I'm going to let Natasha post the rest.

Mairee is that cute tiny speck in the middle. :)


We love the Rogers!! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ya for Bear Lake and Family Reunions!

Way to go Stacy on planning this reunion, here's some pics-- I went alone with Jax, (Justin couldn't get off work)...that was fun, in a about as fun as it sounds kind of way. :)
No, but really it was awsome, i'm sad this was my first time. It was so fun to be with family, play in the water, and the food was excellent--props to my aunts, my mom, and uncle gord. :)

above, my little bro and sis, both of them are just dolls.

yay for me bringing warm cloths so that jax didn't freeze in the morning.

What in the world!? How did that get on here?! What a provocative picture. Zach you rascal.

Yay for my dad loving my baby!!

Me and Chanel being so super cool. ps. my swimsuit is a bronze color and i'm holding my shirt up cause i didn't want it wet but wanted it on to prevent sunburn-- in case you were wondering what was going on there...

See, we're so cool that you can barely see us when the camera's not zoomed.
note how shallow the water is.

My dude lounge'n

Close up!

The ratio of child/infant to adult at this reunion was in the deficit as shown in the picture above. :)

Aunty Chanel being as helpful and amazing as always.

Thanks again Stacy and everyone who contributed! fun times!

ps. fyi: had a "Famous Rasperry Shake", that was way good too.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Look what i got...!


meet mr. rice cereal eater

Yes, I've started giving him rice cereal mixed w/ apple juice, he doesn't seem to mind. :)

Look at him go! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Boy

Love Him.

Here's a good laugh..

My friend had this posted on her blog, i thought it was a little too funny not to pass on...:)

The big move...

About 2 weeks ago we moved Jax from this (bassinet inside closet)...

To this. (Crib in bedroom)

Okay and this is just me wanting to brag... We re-did the below amour and it is my proud completed project. Justin actually completed what i started but it was my idea, so who cares. :) Ya, i sanded this ENTIRE thing when i was 9 months pregnant (Do you remember my size when i was 9 months pregnant?). I literally thought i was going to die. Then I helped him put on some stain, and then Justin just put on the all the rest of the stain/finish (3 coats) and put on the nobs and hinges and things and put it back together... Good Job ME! :)
ps. it used to be this horrible orange scratched wood color, AND it's like 90 years old, from my mom's side somewhere, total antique.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Moby - ha ha

So my sweet neighbor made me a "moby", basically 5 1/2 yards of fabric that you wrap around your baby in all different sorts of ways, supposed to be really comfortable for the baby and the mother. They're really awesome. ANYWAY, so i was online looking at how to do an outward-facing wrap, i followed the instructions and was really excited to see how i did. So i went to the mirror and this is what i saw. I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard. I could barely control myself. Maybe you had to be there. Regardless, the below picture is NOT how you wrap a baby. Not even close. Honestly, i can't believe he wasn't crying. Which made it even funnier.

Below is the CORRECT way to do an outward-facing wrap. :)