Monday, May 31, 2010

May showers and/or snow, bring June flowers and/or gardens.

Exciting, the sun has been out for more than a 48 hour period, this = Garden time at Justin's house. Thank you Tawny, for marring someone that really thinks a garden is important. and then, more importantly, plants one. Using whatever he can find.

I can proudly say that i sat and watch this strapping young lad plant 14 plants. Well, I think i might have cut the plastic off of somthing... 3 of these plant are "MY herbs" (basil, cilantro, and par sly--so exciting). ANYWAY, Bottom line is:

I am very excited to reap the fruits of his labor.

We figure with 14 plants, somethings gotta live.

Here he is--i believe these are the green peppers (3). We also planted 4 Tomato plants, 2 Cucumbers, 1 Jalapeno, 2 Anaheim Pepper, 1 pepper that is like a Jalapeno but less hot, then of course, my herbs.

Same shot, different less hostile look. very nice.



Gimmie those garden vegetables.

Cruisen for a Bruisen

This blog title is is more then just a fun saying dad's use to threaten their children, it is a literal prophesy every 5 minutes with Jax. This kid just might already have brain damage from the amount of head trauma his head has trauma'd. Strangly, he seems to be pretty cordinated in most other areas. Too bad this area is a little more important then being able to dribble a ball... :)
Sadly, it seems as though his head just might be too big, if you can imagine that, for his little arms to catch. When the child falls, he doesn't fall or catch himself with his hands, he goes straight from his feet, to being in the air, then, straight to his head, all of his 25lbs being caught by that big naugin. His arms play no role in the "falling". Stoping yourself with your arms when you fall is something, that as parent's, you just can't teach. We are hopeing he starts self learning very soon. His poor head...
Here is some documentation. I will explain, as you are not able to see the evidence very well in these fetching pictures...
Note the 3 inch long "line bruise" on the top right hand side of his face. This was caused by the door runner to our master closet.
It is hard to see but he has 3 owie's in the top left of his head. One about 1 inch long bruise bump--ran into a drawer edge. One scrap almost at the top of his head--in his hair, i can't even remeber what that was from, i know it was a fall.... then some little remnence of another fall you can kind of see on the side of his forehead.

His lip and stuff, narled up whilst camping this last weekend, fat, bloody lip... :(
And bear in mind this is just the last few days and these are just the "evidences" of falling, MANY a time has he fallen and not nesesarily made a lasting welt. Heaven help my child.

As a testiment to his prone-ness to accidents and the like i give you, this video: The story of Jax's life. not a dramitization...

ps. if anyone has any ideas on how to help him catch himself more effectivly, or at all, for that matter, do share.

In conclusion: We LOVE this kid.

Sister Arianne

And here we have my BRILLIANT sister, graduate of 2010. In case you didn't know she has a music scholarship to UVU because she is so darn (DARN) good at piano...i could put 20 more "DARNS" in a row and have complete confidence she would still blow your mind. Like so good you couldn't believe. AND i'm related to her.

Speaking of family brilliance, here's to me trying to get my own head in the shot with my cutie chootie siblings.

And then cutting Jax out of the pict, you just cant have everything. (EXCEPT if your me and it's in the catagorie of having the MOST cutie chootie siblings ever, then there is an exception. :)

Wee all went to the most amazing yogurt place afterward (Farr's Ice Cream and Yogurt Cafe in orem) to celebrate. I got Burnt almond fudge ice cream with brownies, chocolate chunks, chocolate flakes, carmel and hot fudge. Arianne got Mango yogurt, burnt almond fudge ice cream, and like sugar cookie custard, all in the same cup--with strawberries...and she liked it. ps. it might have had carmel on it... yes we are related..

We are so proud of Arianne.
If i could draw a heart around her name I WOULD.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jaxton's First (1) Birthday!!!!!!!

Hold on to something cause this is a looong post. And i used self restraint to not post more...

First off: Jaxton's birthday was SOSOSO fun, WAAAY funner then i ever thought it would be considering he's turning 1, and well, that kind of speaks for itself.

Secondly: SOOO sad that i didn't get a picture of everyone there!! What was i thinking?! seriously. Now he will never know who was at his first birthday, sad sad sad....Oh wait, yes he will because i will list them here!! we are saved. List: Both grandparents on both sides plus a great Grandma Wing, Aunts: Brooke, Natasha, Arianne, and Chanel. Uncles: Jason, Steve, and Isaac. Cousins: Kaitlyn, Max, Ethan, and Mairee...i really hope i didn't forget anyone...

Third: It REALLY was SOO fun! (did i mention that?) AND we just LOVE the support we get from our AMAZING families! Thanks for coming and making it fun fam!

It was a beautiful day and we had a YUM BBQ. Which stands for a delicious BBQ.

This is the first picture of the day. Aww. We just love Jax. Happy Birthday!


Aunt Chanel being helpful, as ALWAYS...

Then we pictures, i'm lame. Then the kiddies played some little games. Again lame, no pictures. But don't worry, i make up for the "no pictures" during present time. Huraay! Present time, by the way, was hilarious and SO fun. Jax loved the whole thing. So did I, to the extent that I may or may not have started acting pretty crazy-psycho-spoiling-momish, without knowing it... well, right up until i said something like (while truly panicking) "Hurry and take this off so he can play with it!! He might start crying!! Hurry!!" Then i felt a little silly. Because, he was just fine and had TONS of stuff to play with. and i realized that i may or may not have yelled it. or just may have. ANYWAY, no more awkward stories, below, i give you "PRESENTS":

The FIRST of many presents: a CUTE frog chair, you will see it in almost ever picture here after.

The chair was from max/steve/tash. To celebrate we took this picture. If you can look at this picture without busting up laughing, i just might pay you money...please keep an eye out for this "max face" in pictures to come...I can't tell you how many times i've looked at this picture and just not been able to stop laughing, like right now...:)

This is unreal: Jax interested in a book for longer than 3 seconds. Thank you brooke/jason/ethan/katelyn.

And this is just sad. Blurry pictures are the worst, i CANT delete it though because its SO cute! sadly, there will be more blurry ones. Don't hate me, hate my camera, and don't hate it too bad cause it was expensive, and usually does a good job.

Still loving the book...

SO excited to pull off wraping paper! I love this kid!

Oooh, my mom got him "pop rocks". Jax thinks the packaging alone "pops rocks"...:) hehe.
This is Jax actually eating the pop rocks: for more on this, visit the bottom of this post where i have actual photage. well, a movie. the reaction from jax leaves you wanting more, but he sure has a cute face. :)
These next pictures i'm not going to really explain, random picts of presents, cute, cute cousins and "max face".

this was his only sad face, and it's not even sad, more confused and concerned then anything. He was SOSO good, and he was nap-less! He loved every second. Well, that might be a little exaggeration, but it was amazing how good he was and just really enjoying everything.

Trying to get a picture of all the cousins, correction, of all the cousins looking at the camera at the same time. Is that a realistic goal? look at the next three pictures and you tell me. and then i'll tell you: it's extremely unrealistic.

lost a cousin ethan...:)

This is us. and Katelyn. :)
Check out Katelyn's face. or her hands, or both. :)
Jax got such fun little toys and some little outfits and some swim diapers. YAY! Birthday's are the best! Everyone was SO nice to jax. ps. if you were wondering Justin and i got him a little bike seat to go on the back of Justin's bike. So that should be fun.


I made this, and it was DANG good.

And as you can see i impressed my birthday baby, which was what i was going for.


Jax eating the well deserved cake. Not with as much gusto as some 1 year olds i've seen. There is a movie at the bottom of this post showing his great deed. It's pretty funny, in a non-exciting kind of way.

oh geeze, he's so cute!!

Then the party ended.

Which was sad for all involved I'm sure. I was way sad.

Here are a few picts of the "afterpary".

Puzzel time. He loves this puzzel.

Jax was HALARIOUS in this chair. I think the he just couldn't get over that it was just his size. He sat in this thing for quite a while. This kid sits NO WHERE for "quite a while" so thats saying something.

His grandma Gause gave him this Leap Frog game/learning experience. It goes on the fridge. He LOVES it for many reasons. One big one is that it plays music, specifically the alphabet song, all you have to do is push a button. Also, when you place a letter in it, it sings " A says aaaaa and A says aaaaaa, every letter makes a sound, A says aaaaaa" and so on for each and every letter you choose. And he is pro at hitting the alphabet button and sometimes get's lucky with the letters. So thats a fun journey.

This is the video with the pop-rocks. Please ignore me.

This is the video with the cake eating.

Okay, so if you didn't know yet, Jaxton's birthday was just a blast and i was so glad it was a good experience. Good weather, good food, good company, good baby's. We are living the dream. :)