Thursday, November 14, 2013

Little Tidbits in November...

A lot of times when we come in to check on Jax before we go to bed, he looks like this:
 It's blurry because it's dark in his room, but you get the idea...:) That brown thing on the left is his pillow at the top of his bed.
 We celebrated out Anniversary a week-ish early because we were able to get a sweet deal on a hotel in Park City.
So we left our kids with my mom (who had JUST had surgery the DAY BEFORE--she didn't tell us until AFTER her surgery--and my dad who was going to the hospital the next day for a procedure, our timing was impeccable. But it worked out SOOO nicely for us...:)  
But seriously, Mom Of The Year Award goes to Marsha Judkins. Also, my sisters for helping my mom out with my kids, my family is straight from heaven. :)
Park City was surprisingly even more nice and relaxing than I thought it would be. It was really, REALLY good to get away for a little bit just with Justin. No kids style. :)
The hotel had and indoor/outdoor pool and 2 Jacuzzi (1 indoor and 1 outdoor) that we hit up both nights--the outdoor Jacuzzi one is what we preferred. It's so nice to be all warm and toasty outside when it's like 30 degrees, not to mention the fresh air. And did we mention we didn't have our kids with us???!  We also loved the Sauna. And Food Network.
As always we had to visit the Outlets to see what we could see. I got some new running shoes!
 These are the only other pictures I got of our Park City trip. We ate some yummy food, Cafe Rio the first night, and this place was called Loco Lizard or something the next night. The next day for lunch we each ate a different sandwich from 2 Deli style shops that were right next door to each other.  I got a sandwich at one and Justin got one at the other. We should have taken pictures, they were soo yummy and different. Mine was a panini and Justin's was just gigantic and more deli style. Then we came home.
Seriously, it was pretty wonderful.
Again, mom, you are the very best. :)

Monday, November 11, 2013


First of all, Rod got his cast off EARLY!!
The day before Halloween to be exact. Which was like 4 days early! He had a really hard time putting any weight on his leg for the first 2 days, but has progressively gotten better and better a little at a time. He still has a long ways to go before he is back to his old running self. His sores on the other hand are NOT gone. They are SO annoying. He still cannot wear shoes because it rubs the sores. I think they will be here for at least another week and a half, maybe more. It's been about 7 weeks since he got them--so they sure are taking their time healing... But honestly--i'm just SOOO glad that darn cast is off I can't even express. No more obligatory carrying 35lb child EVERYWHERE! Woot! Happy day!!
Here are my little superstars!!
 This pict was taken when Rod still had his cast. Much love and cute videos where taken that night--Rod and Jax had to keep "roaring". I have the funniest videos of it. 
Love my boys.
 This is Jax going to his preschool Halloween party.
 This is was Halloween night. They are a little hopped up on sugar--a LOT bit hopped up on sugar!! 
 This is how Rod spent most of his Trick or Treating time--in the stroller eating the candy already in his possesion, only venturing out to a door when he ran out of candy. It was pretty funny.
Side note--my kids LOVED Halloween, so pleasant and nice to go trick or treating with them.
 I love watching Jax go up and knock on the doors and be polite and look so cute and having him be so delighted.
 These particular doors are Grama and Grampa Gause's. He had a LOT of fun that night. 
 The aftermath of the sugar overload was a little sad, but all in all, super fun Holiday with the kids.

October middle and end-ish...

Much to Jaxton's relief we FINALLY painted pumpkins like 2 weeks before Halloween. :) Jax LOVES all holidays. But he really seems to extra love Halloween, he painted 3 pumpkins and everyone else painted one. :) He was sooooo happy.
Oh geeze, I love my crafty kids!! 
I LOVE this picture!
Aunt Ana, Uncle Kim and cousin David came for a visit, so nice to see them!!
We all went on a ride in the Razer up American Fork Canyon. It was nice--they had this awesome little area with a deck that goes everywhere. I imagine it's quite lovely in the summer/ spring. It was mostly dead when we got there but still really cool.
And Rod has to crawl everywhere still--crawling all over the wood/dirt, the cast is hard times...but look how darling...!
My favorite shots of my kids are always the close-ups! :)
We picnicked here and explored. It was nice family time. Funny side note: Every single time Rodrik goes on a razor ride he falls asleep, usually during the bumpiest part. It's crazy, and amazes me and Justin every time...:)