Thursday, January 21, 2010

Picture to brighten your day.

This kid is so cute it kills me. :)

the thermals that were only worn once...

Got these thermals at the dollar store--"1T" in size, 1$. Came home and put them on the boy, and lets just say it was a tight squeeze. But i love this picture of Justin and Jax. And i love being able to see Jax's fatty patty!! :)

Haha, look how we couldn't even pull them up over his bum...they were pretty tight.
One of my favorite things is putting Jax in tight clothing. But don't worry, this was only put on him once. :)

Remember this?...

Remember how i never posted picture of Jax in his knit suite?? I found some and here they are...okay and really, is it not the cutest thing you've ever seen?! The hat is just too much. :)

I LOVE this baby!!

This is a super cute video of Jaxton eating and laughing. The funny part is that for some reason he wont close his mouth at any point when he laughs, so all his food comes out... :) well, i think it's funny. Actually, that video was too big... dang it. So here is a different one.
Jax gets really intense when it comes to soft things, he loves them in his mouth and all over his face, it's really cute. He'll do this with blankets, soft pants --- you get the idea. This particular softy is a parrot puppet aunt Tash gave him for Christmas--he LOVES it in his face, hard. :) ps. he starts to get really intense at the end, then my camera died. :(

FYI for me: Jax is 8 months old, and feels like a sack of flour. So as you might guess he eats quite a bit. At LEAST the equivalant of 2 baby food jars in one sitting. Food at 8am, 5 oz. bottle at 10am, food at 12pm, 6 oz. bottle at 3pm, food at 5pm, 6oz. bottle at 8pm. Just for my information.
This kid is getting a big personality. :) It's so fun to interact with him, he is SO funny sometimes, a real big whiner, but also
really jolly and excitable. We think he is the BEST!! :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sledding on New Years

My mom's side of the fam went sledding in SLC on New Years--It was VERY fun. These picts are only of the semi-lame hill we were on when we started. After about 15min of this we decided to go hard core and went to a AWSOME hill about 15 minutes away. Sadly i didn't take any pictrues of the really cool sledding at the second location.
Afterward we all had chili and chips on the side of the road.
It was a BLAST and i'm sad i don't have more pictures as proof. :)
P.S. That first hill, can i just say, I've never seen so many people with loose dogs in one location contradicting the multiple signs posted "keep your dog on a leash" and "please pick up after your pet". The dog poo was EVERYWHERE! Another reason we left.
I HATE DOGS. ESPECIALLY dogs that aren't on leashes and poop where you can step on it. I HATE DOG OWNERS that let their dogs do either listed above. I cant tell you how upset the situation makes me. done venting. for now.

You cant really tell but jax looked A LOT like "Randy" off of a Christmas Story. He could barely put his arms down, it was making everyone laugh. :)

I took Jax down a few times becuase this first location was pretty tame. He didn't really seem to care. This is uncle Isaac helping him up--you can kind of see jax's stiffness in this one. :)

My uncle Gord and cousin Russel. I think Gords stomach was a little sore after this one. :)
Cutie Chanel!

This was a mountain man we meet on the slopes.

Uncle Isaac taking jax down. Like I said Jax doesn't seem to care.


Chewin some jerky in the car. I NEED to get him jerky more often--keeps him entertained for quite a while. :)

Jax sitting with Grama Haight--courtesy Gords Blackberry.

This is a silly video we took of Jax going down "by himself"...don't get your hopes up--not too exciting. Jax pretty un-impressed. Shoulda sent him down a bigger one. :)

Back-track for a sec...

Justin's Birthday was on December 17th. I did a "surprise" wii birthday party for him, invited the fam. It was SO fun, and Justin was very surprised and LOVED it. We had a wii tornament, which included EVERYONE (moms and dad included--best part was when my mom and justin's mom went at it in boxing...why didn't i record that??? Justin's favorite snacks ie: sausage/meat log, crackers, laughing cow cheese, bean dip, soda (not a usual at our house--but he loves it), artichoke dip, vegi tray, blah blah blah. etc.
Bottom line: SO fun. needs to be bl0ged into my memory. :)

This is Jusin's first present before the party--he still didn't know there was one...i'm killing time.

And this is how much he loved it, touchdown for Tawny. (note the decor in the background--it looked sweet, and he had no idea. :)

This is the "birthday cake" Justin wanted, fruit pizza. i made two. Time consuming but AMAZING.

Look at our WONDERFUL family! they were all VERY good sports and participated and were their amazing selfs the whole night. love them!!

Now for the presents--Jusin was showered. Like tons of presents.
Oh what a cute vest! And what a cute blonde back of the head!

Ya! Shaving creme and lotion, the high class kind. :)

Thanks for the Jeans Debbie!

Mother-in-law gift, what could this be??

JUST what he's always wanted!! (i'm not being sarcastic.)

He has most of his presents on here. (new tees too.)

It was a GREAT birthday if i do say so myself.
Thanks to everyone who came and made the night great and spoiled my husband! :)