Monday, August 14, 2017

The Dentist, and the Judkins Family Reunion

We love our dentist. Dr. Lund.
I love my kids in sunglasses! They are so cute to me!
The dentist is always fun, Jaxton and Calvins teeth are always perfect. Poor Rod has some issues with a very small mouth, huge teeth, and for some reason, (the dentist thinks is possible it's from all the ear infections he had as a child,) a portion of his permanent teeth are growing in without strong enamel. They are varying dull orange and yellow colors depending on the severity. Apparently when those particular teeth were forming they didn't have all they needed to form right. :( So they will be more brittle and have problems, and be yellow. So we got some $20 tooth paste and are hoping for the best as his two huge front teeth come in...we are hoping neither of those two have been affected.

The Judkins family reunion was a pleasure. We LOVE spending time with family, it was a darn shame that we were missing 3 siblings, we sure felt their absence, but managed to have a really great time anyway. 
There was a community pool close to the house, and though it was usually windy and NOT hot, we spent the majority of our time here. The kids didn't really care that they froze to death.
Thank goodness there was a hot tub that didn't break until the last day!
Calvin played with whoever would hold him, Steve was really nice and in the freezing pool, let Cal jump to him a billion times, splashing water right in his face every time. He was Cal's hero. Zach also did this quite a bit. I think everyone got a turn... :)
Justin got in on that action too. :) No one could escape the freezing pool!
MOVIE TIME!! How cute are these kids???
Here are some pictures of the house, for my siblings that weren't here and are curious. It was a beautiful house. Very rich people own it and have furnished it with very high quality, beautiful things. It was a little nerve wracking to have all the kids in there...!
I love all the little cousins being present and at your side at a moments notice. What a treat!
These next pictures are SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!
I love my family.
We were SO missing our siblings that we decided to show them, by making their own, unique names, with our limbs, mostly our arms and hands. It was so funny. And they turned out pretty dang good!!
There was a cute little playground right by the pool, the kids LOVED this little airplane teeter-toter. They looked so cute in their little formations! The kids got along so well together.
How cute is Shane!? "What?" 
Cal wanted Clarissa to tickle is arm. It's a well known fact that Clarissa has magical hands...!!
Here are pictures from the "hike" we went on, it was a fun little thing and perfect for our purposes. Right by the house, and around the house! It was great!
Watching kids walk from behind is one of life's great pleasures. :) 
On Sunday we went up and down the free gondola, it made the adults a little sick, but the kids loved it. I loved it until the 5th time. Then I got sick.
Calvin was terrified until the last ride. So that was a bummer. It was really cool!
We finished the day with (surprise!) the pool! 
We all partook of AMAZING food. I love when everyone is in charge of a meal, then you get a little peak inside their food soul. There is such good food in their soul...! :)
My favorite part of the entire reunion would probably be the times the adults were all together, after we put the kids in bed, and we just sat and talked and told stories and laughed our heads off. It was so good to catch-up in that way, normally we have kids around or someone is on a phone or not everyone is present. Just so many variables in life--we don't get those moments often. That was definitely the funnest times for me... Also the food... And the cute cousin time...!
We can't wait to do this next year! I am excited for the very real possibility of at least 2 more siblings being able to be in attendance!