Monday, November 20, 2017

November 2017

This happens sometimes!!! I love seeing this kind of thing. Rod sweetly reading to Calvin, it's the best...darling boys. When they get along, it's magic.
  My friend Ashligh takes pictures of me all the time. haha! So instead of just deleting them I am posting them. Here I am with a sleeping Calvin, and eating some sub-par sushi with mashed potatoes. Yup, you read that right. 
My mom bought tickets for all of us to go to a play (A Year with Frog and Toad) at UVU. After a long struggle involving a lot of unfortunate things we ended up being about 6 minutes late and they wouldn't let us into the play. Luckily they transfered our tickets to a day later in the week; but we were still pretty bummed. Since we had already paid for parking, we decided to explore UVU with all the kids. It was pretty darn fun. Here are the kids mesmerized by the giant pendulum that swings somehow in accordance with the earths rotation. It knocks over wooden pegs and the kids (and I) all squeal! 
Afterwards we went and got ice cream at Macey's. Rod thought he was smiling in his picture...They love Macey's ice cream; and the T.V. which was on while they all stared memorized, licking their ice cream.

 Because Justin has "free time", we get to workout together a little bit here and there. It's super fun, he is the best. Also because of said "free time" I never have to find a baby sitter. Its AMAZING. I love it. And he is such a GOOD babysitter. I'm sure he will find a job soon and all my beautiful, free, perfect babysitter will be gone. You win some you loose some. :)
Calvin and his little preschool friends were in class when we had the first snow of the season, they wanted to go see if they could eat the flakes. :) They are SO cute.
Another art project by Rods amazing teacher. He gets one of these ever single preschool day. It's amazing!
 So later in the week we went to that play my mom got us tickets for. The kids loved it and Calvin went up afterwards (no fear!!) and just started chatting with the character "Frog". I wish these pictures could accurately portray how cute it was. I was floored, and wanted to tell "Frog" how cute my kid was.
 We got a picture of all the kids on the set after it was over, the lighting was very poor. They kids had such a great time, which means, so did the adults!! :)
 We had our 11 year anniversary on the 17th. My mom generously took my kids for the night and the majority of the next day. We had a really good time, saw some movies and ate some good food and did some fun shopping.
We love each other.
 Clear back on November 4th we celebrated Eli's 3rd birthday by going with the Gause's to a cute ice cream shop called Eli's. We got Team G shirts for the occasion, (Eli shirts). It was a fitting and cute way to remember Eli.
Here are some pictures Brooke sent me of the boys at Eli's funeral 3 years ago, they have grown so much!
Super special.
 Calvin does not take naps anymore, and that has been so for quite a while. But the sleep depravation (because he certainly still NEEDS a nap) builds up and sometimes you catch him passed out on the ground. Or in the car. And it always effects his bedtime, sadly. I don't understand why, because he SO needs the sleep, but we can't seem to win with him and bedtime/naps. He is almost always in a constant state of sleep depravation. This and his general unwillingness to eat food generally lead to a very moody, whinny, cry-y Calvin.  That has been the scene as of late...still just as cute as ever though. 
 Sometimes, on beautiful rare occasions, I snuggle with ALL my kids on the couch. It's the best. Jaxton IS snuggling, he just looks a little distracted, mostly he is just stoked to be snuggling with me. :)
 My kids had parent teacher conference and they are both doing SO WELL!! I was so impressed with how their teachers spoke SO well of each of them and their work, particularly Jaxton at this conference. I was so pleased.
 Rod was so pleased to be showing off his Portuguese skills, he couldn't wipe the grin off his face. :)
I love it.
Bring on Thanksgiving. :)
ps. I'm 10 weeks pregnant.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The end of October, beginning of November!

Calvin wrote with pen on almost every inch of this couch. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but it's there!! He used a black pen, Justin and I were both shocked. It's not like Calvin to be so naughty, and he is 3 years old! So that was an unfortunate incident, but it was AMAZING how he got almost the hole couch in it's entirety. Very thorough. 
Our mortgage guy pays for all of us to go to Jakers and get pumpkins every year. It's always fun. It was extra fun to have Justin with us this year. :) I love watching what the kids do in this dried corn. I swear I could take pictures all day. It's so funny! :)
I love these pictures of my boys with their dad, so cute.
I can't remember the exact day, but our neighbors little boy who is Calvin's age took off his training wheels and rode his 2-wheeler. When Calvin saw this, he asked us to get out his 2-wheeler and he wanted to show everyone that he could do it to. So he did. And then he had us put it away and hasn't wanted to do it since. Haha! I don't think he likes how edgy and dangerous it makes him feel. He wanted people to know he COULD do it if he wanted to. But he does not WANT to.
The pictures below are Calvin being a "lion" with the neighbors, he was sneaking up on them with a growl, it was so fun to watch.

Luckily, BECAUSE OF SAID NEIGHBORS, (TONS of perks from these neighbors!) my kids are no longer terrified of dogs! Jax has always been one that has tried to like dogs, always wanting to like dogs, but has had some sad confrontations with them. However, he warmed up to the neighbors dog, Tris, very quickly. Rod though, it has taken about 2 years. He has always been absolutly terrified of dogs. And then there is this monumental picture of him touching Tris!! Thank goodness for good neighbors! Calvin also doesn't not run screaming anymore when he sees Tris. So i'm a happy Mom. I don't like passing my fears onto my kids.
We had an impromptu Halloween Party at my moms because Clarissa was down her with here boys for a day! It was so fun to get together, (as ALWAYS) and the kids in their costumes was a huge plus. There was so much sugar at this party. Jaxton had taken his money to Walmart with me and wanted to buy all the candy in the store for his cousins. I got him to narrow it down to sugar cookies, fruit snacks, and a big bag of taffy. It was SO sweet of him, he just wanted his cousins to have everything, but at the same time, lots of sugar!!
I also had brought cupcakes to decorate, so the kids were in heaven. 
We did a Halloween Parade, and it was SO cute. Kids are so cute. They make holidays so darn fun.
Calvin is always bringing home the cutest things from preschool. I feel so bad when I have to throw them away. But where am I supposed to put all this stuff?? It's SO cute!! Here is my cute little duck!!
We finally decorated/carved pumpkins the Sunday before Halloween. Jax was determined to carve his. He did a great job, Justin was his helper. Justin also carved his, but used power tools, so I don't know if it's called carving...?? :)
The rest of us painted ours. You can paint a pumpkin for a very long time.
Here they are all out on the porch!
November 1st was Ethans birthday and he invited Jaxton and Rod to Lowes Extreme Sports with him. They had such a good time!!
Later we all met at Ethans house for some yummy cake and ice cream. ZANE WAS THERE!! He is the best.
We like to go visit Grama whenever we can. These pictures are from our last visit. Everyone was taking turns playing the piano for Grama Wing.
Halloween finally came!! It was such a fun day!! You can't tell from the picture but Calvin LOVED being Batman!
It's so fun to go to the Halloween parade at the school. Jax was a scary Zombie! I love him. I think he scared himself a little bit!
Rodrik was set on being Robin, so he could have a big R on his chest and muscles; but when we couldn't find a good one he was a good sport and went with Batman, which was his second choice. He was the perfect Batman. It was so funny because when I saw him walking in the parade he was like throwing his arms up in a "what the heck" kind of manner, one side then the other side, then adding kicks and just fun aggressive body movements!! It was the best. I finally got his attention and he posed with his muscles. And then moved along do the same aggressive dance movements. And what I thought in my head was, "This kid has a lot of self confidence." And i'm glad.
I sadly had to work the night of Halloween, but I was able to doctor Jaxton up before I left with a fresh coat of make-up. He looked so good!! I love doing make-up!
I got the picture below from a friend who was with Justin that night; apparently he was racing the boys from house to house. I also received a video of him sprinting across the street, as shown below, and then when he went to put the stroller back up on the sidewalk, (still at a brisk pace) he missed the right front wheel and totally dumped Calvin on the ground. It's the MOST hilarious video ever.
To end the night we went and visited Debbie, Preston was in China! I love these pictures, Jax is trying to hug Cal and hold the picture together for me, but it looks a little like choking... :) Hehe!! I love these boys!
Again, another of the millions of cute stuff Calvin brings home from preschool!!
I was able to get some of my medical insurance sorted out in such a way that I was able to go and get an ultrasound!
I've been wanting one (they don't do one until 12 weeks now??) to make sure everything is okay, and that the way I'm feeling is normal. Cause I HAVEN'T been feeling normal!! So I manipulated what I could and was able to get one! 
We are normal! What a relief. As far as we can tell. And everything looks good! As far as we can tell. So that is absolutly fantastic!
 I am just feeling very pregnant in many aspects of the word, and am only 8 weeks along. WHAT??? help... I think, perhaps, because this was so unexpected I don't remember things as well. Like I sealed off that part of my brain and now I'm suddenly back but that stuff is locked away.  I haven't prepped my physique or my mind for the physical and emotional strain that is pregnancy. It's like everything is catching me off guard. And I tell people, and they say, "ya, cause you are PREGNANT." Oh...
May the force be with me for the next 32 weeks....
Ps. How cute is that little blueberry child???!