Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Some from November and December 2017

We had our Anniversary!  
11 years and counting! My mom took the kids for the night and we did whatever we wanted until the next evening. It was super great.
 The boys begged us to go to the "skate park" by our house. So we made their day and took them. They had such a great time even though it was FREEZING. Mom and dad watched them from the car...!
 Beautiful Natasha had her birthday, I tried really hard to make the best Carrot cake ever. It was beautiful but didn't taste quite as good as it looked. Maybe next year... The elusive carrot cake gets me every time.
Jax loves Natasha. All my kids love Natasha. Like SOOO MUCH.
 And here are more cute pictures of Cal and his preschool and amazing teacher. 
 This moment was cute, Rod was reading the boys his book he made a school and they were all listening so nicely. It was darling. And then Cal started to mess around. Still, super cute moment. 
 My good friend and neighbor of 6 years moved to Missouri. We did a little get together, here I am with some of my good friends and my mom. Who is ALSO a good friend. :) 
 We finally got the Christmas tree up! It was a feat. We had lighting complications and it was really hard to finally get it all put together and lit. We love it though. We got some new ornaments and love the colors. The kids were so "helpful" with the decorating. I love them.
I like these two picture because they are classic "Rod" and "Jax".
And most exciting of ALL THE THINGS, Chanel got home from her mission on November 27th. We couldn't be happier to have her home. She has been so missed!! Here we are on our way to pick her up! So excited!!
We waited quite a while for Chanel to finally get up the nerve to come down the escalators...! And when she did we all exploded. Tears, everywhere.
It was such a happy memory. Ah, so good. :)
 This was darling to watch; Mairee patiently did Calvins finger nails for him. He was so happy. The problem is that it takes a long time for them to dry, and he is 3. So that was a problem. But I love these cute pictures!!
Chanel and I at my work, working out! I have been wanting her to know/experience what I do for a long while. Yay!
Jaxton and Rod had their piano recitals!! They did SUCH a good job. I love listening to them play. I loved their pleased faces when they finish. It all makes me very happy.
 Next time though I'm going to request to Terry, (their piano teacher) that everyone only does 1 song. We want to try and avoid the 2 hour children's recitals if we can. :)

 The Haight family Christmas Party was the first Saturday in December! It was so much fun to be with everyone and eat and play!! Rod was in his element dancing for everyone on the stage. I don't know what he ate that night but he couldn't stop dancing! :)
Here are some pictures of everyone there.
 Also, Justin and I were there.
My grama had the kids play the chimes. It was fun to watch and the kids loved it.
Lisa was super helpful! And had the coolest poem about her pants...! :)
I don't know why these are flipped, but here are the kids doing their white elephants!
I didn't get any pictures of the adults doing their white elaphant, there were just too many tears... ;) Hehe. Just kidding. 
Christmas is Coming!! 

Monday, November 20, 2017

November 2017

This happens sometimes!!! I love seeing this kind of thing. Rod sweetly reading to Calvin, it's the best...darling boys. When they get along, it's magic.
  My friend Ashligh takes pictures of me all the time. haha! So instead of just deleting them I am posting them. Here I am with a sleeping Calvin, and eating some sub-par sushi with mashed potatoes. Yup, you read that right. 
My mom bought tickets for all of us to go to a play (A Year with Frog and Toad) at UVU. After a long struggle involving a lot of unfortunate things we ended up being about 6 minutes late and they wouldn't let us into the play. Luckily they transfered our tickets to a day later in the week; but we were still pretty bummed. Since we had already paid for parking, we decided to explore UVU with all the kids. It was pretty darn fun. Here are the kids mesmerized by the giant pendulum that swings somehow in accordance with the earths rotation. It knocks over wooden pegs and the kids (and I) all squeal! 
Afterwards we went and got ice cream at Macey's. Rod thought he was smiling in his picture...They love Macey's ice cream; and the T.V. which was on while they all stared memorized, licking their ice cream.

 Because Justin has "free time", we get to workout together a little bit here and there. It's super fun, he is the best. Also because of said "free time" I never have to find a baby sitter. Its AMAZING. I love it. And he is such a GOOD babysitter. I'm sure he will find a job soon and all my beautiful, free, perfect babysitter will be gone. You win some you loose some. :)
Calvin and his little preschool friends were in class when we had the first snow of the season, they wanted to go see if they could eat the flakes. :) They are SO cute.
Another art project by Rods amazing teacher. He gets one of these ever single preschool day. It's amazing!
 So later in the week we went to that play my mom got us tickets for. The kids loved it and Calvin went up afterwards (no fear!!) and just started chatting with the character "Frog". I wish these pictures could accurately portray how cute it was. I was floored, and wanted to tell "Frog" how cute my kid was.
 We got a picture of all the kids on the set after it was over, the lighting was very poor. They kids had such a great time, which means, so did the adults!! :)
 We had our 11 year anniversary on the 17th. My mom generously took my kids for the night and the majority of the next day. We had a really good time, saw some movies and ate some good food and did some fun shopping.
We love each other.
 Clear back on November 4th we celebrated Eli's 3rd birthday by going with the Gause's to a cute ice cream shop called Eli's. We got Team G shirts for the occasion, (Eli shirts). It was a fitting and cute way to remember Eli.
Here are some pictures Brooke sent me of the boys at Eli's funeral 3 years ago, they have grown so much!
Super special.
 Calvin does not take naps anymore, and that has been so for quite a while. But the sleep depravation (because he certainly still NEEDS a nap) builds up and sometimes you catch him passed out on the ground. Or in the car. And it always effects his bedtime, sadly. I don't understand why, because he SO needs the sleep, but we can't seem to win with him and bedtime/naps. He is almost always in a constant state of sleep depravation. This and his general unwillingness to eat food generally lead to a very moody, whinny, cry-y Calvin.  That has been the scene as of late...still just as cute as ever though. 
 Sometimes, on beautiful rare occasions, I snuggle with ALL my kids on the couch. It's the best. Jaxton IS snuggling, he just looks a little distracted, mostly he is just stoked to be snuggling with me. :)
 My kids had parent teacher conference and they are both doing SO WELL!! I was so impressed with how their teachers spoke SO well of each of them and their work, particularly Jaxton at this conference. I was so pleased.
 Rod was so pleased to be showing off his Portuguese skills, he couldn't wipe the grin off his face. :)
I love it.
Bring on Thanksgiving. :)
ps. I'm 10 weeks pregnant.