Monday, October 9, 2017

October is here!

My mom and dad are SAINTS and took my oldest 2 boys camping at Capital Reef with the Haights!! I had to work so I couldn't go; and I think my boys had about 90% MORE fun because of my absence. They were (so I'm told) living off sugar, soda, and chips; and were able to eat and wear whatever they wanted, whether it was outing/weather appropriate or not. Rod played in a sand castle with white fleece footy pajamas. They had an AMAZING time.
While they were away, Calvin did preschool,
 And fell asleep in my arms. :) He does that when he is very tired.
 And Isaac watched Calvin so that Justin and I could go to Orangetheory's Black Light workout! We had a great time. :)
 Cal and I also spent some quality time at the river. It was really fun until some ducks thought we might have food, and started to waddle pretty menacing in our direction! Calvin KNEW they were going to "get him"! It was really funny, but at the same time, I was kind of nervous; there was like 12 of them coming together, following us without any flinching. Calvin almost lost it, and we had to hurry to get away from them!
This is so cute, These are pictures below are of Jaxton getting all emotional when he was telling me about his amazing camping weekend. All teary he said, "When I think about camping and about Max, I feel like I want to cry." It was SOOO cute!! I've never seen him do anything like that before--he must have had a REALLY good time. Props to the Haights! And my parents!! And Max!! :)
 We knew we needed to go see all the beautiful colors in the mountains, they are only like that for a short time in the fall. We got with our favorite neighbors and made the trek up to Big Springs Park. It was SO fun and SO pretty!!
I have sooo many pictures because I went with Ashleigh who takes a billion pictures of everything and everyone all the time. I've got to admit, it's great to have so many pretty pictures to document our little hike!
The two pictures above are cute!! Justin had just fell a dead tree, and Rod was being a lion. So was Calvin in the pictures above! It was this beautiful clearing and it had all this perfect "lion pretending" grass. Lot's of fun to be had in the mountains!

Also, Jaxton plays the piano beautifully. His song for his recital is Clair de Lune, It's SO pretty. It's one of my favorite songs and I love to hear him play it.
Rod found smooth rocks while camping-I let him keep 3. Here they are.
We were so happy to have Grama and Grampa Haight come down and watch Jaxton's soccer game with us!!  They gave Cal his late birthday present, he loves his red tanker, and we LOVE Grama and Grampa Haight!! We are so lucky to have them!!