Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Remember when we went to St. George?

Oh wait, didn't blog about it. We went to St. George to go camping. However, in light of my vow, we (justin, me, and jax) didn't really camp; we hung with the campers by day, and slept in my Grandparents Judkins house by night. In a queen bed. in a room. with fans. bless me. And that is how it's done people.

Sadly, because of laziness and blah feeling i took only the pictures below. But my, are they good pictures.

This is how we found jax after looking away for like maybe 30 seconds. I can't say i didn't see it coming, but it was a HUGE mess. Good thing we werent really camping and could go wash the cloths later that night. That didn't stop jax from getting a pretty severe cold shower in the large fresh water spicket directly afterward. Don't worry, we let him play for awhile in his nasty puddle, cause i mean, the damage was done. No reason to stop the child when he will play by himself for a bit...But then he started drinking the water. It was irrigation water. I kind of  really hate that campground for a number of reasons...that is one. There were  puddle like lake things around alll the trees in the campground--the spickets CONSTANTLY just ran water to the tree's unless you ask specifically to have them turned off in your site. DUMB idea if you want kids under 4 at your camp ground NOT to get giardia. Ya, Jax might have that. what? yes, thanks stupid campground. (in the campgrounds defense--it was GEORGOUS down there...but that had way more to do with the location then the campground...lets be honest.) Anyway, ya, giardia. Jaxton's poop is progressivly getting more and more funky and frequent. In case you were wondering. I'm a little nervous about it...mostly because i DO NOT want to do a stool sample.
Here is my Angel...:)

In case you can't tell, he is having a BLAST. :)

See the stupid leaky spicket; Jax had his entire mouth around that thing and he was lapping up the water.

My dad was being nice to jax after the cold spicket shower we gave him. What a nice grandpa. :)

Look! Other people that aren't jax! See sometimes i do take pictures of other things...

Cross your fingers jaxton's poop starts to normalize...:)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Here are some pictures since blogger sucks and i cant load my videos i was SO excited about...HATE it. blogger, i HATE blogger.

Jaxtons new corky thing he has started to do somtimes is try and clawl into small spaces. Which he can usually do, however, he cannot usually get himself back out.  So the other day i found him in this little place.  and nope, he couldn't get himself out of this one either--that smile didn't stay on there too long...poor kid. :)

This is Jaxton walking to church, i couldn't resisist snaping a picture with my phone becuase he was just walking with so much purpose and was really being pretty silly (refer to other picture below.) He doesn't like church-has a hard time, so it's extra cute and funny to me.

He is SO darn cute i cant even deal with it. Thank goodness i think he is so cute... the little stinker. ;)