Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Febuary Snapshots

What a blessing February is short month.
Here are some highlights, the weather was NOT a highlight.
 Our Mortgage company sponsored a free skate night at the Peaks--the skating part was an ABSOLUTE bust with my kids, ("bust" is a negative thing right??) They couldn't even kind of do it. Even kind of. Jax is the most coordinated kid I know and I was shocked at how much he just DIDN'T "get it". It was like someone greased the bottom of his skates. That was exactly what it looked like. And it was NOT for a lack of trying, or lack of positive attitude. Those were both abundant. I think he was proud because he kind of thought he WAS skating, he wasn't. And he loved every second. It was unbelievable on so many levels. He was worse than the 2yr olds because at least they were 15lbs lighter...! :)
  I believe those in attendance included: my Mom, Me, and my 2 kids, Natasha and her 4 kids, and then Gabe and Jerica, and maybe Chanel...? Through some evil scheme, Gabe was the only male. Either way the adults backs were breaking. There were too many kids that just couldn't support even a 10th of their body weight on those skates, which of course left the adults supporting 100% of the kids body weight and sometimes more on SKATES, on ICE. It was pretty bad. Huge sighs of relief when we found this other part where they can just wear their shoes and hit ball with paddles. Hallelujah!!
It took Rod a sec to warm up--he wanted the ball. :) True to form, Jax loved every second.

Rod finally gets the ball and is happy, temporarily, until we have to go...
 Sweet little James and Arianne, ps. James got his helmet off last week!  I also went and saw Gabe play in his band and he did such a great job! It was really fun to see him.
 The Gause cousins come over and we always have tons fun. This picture should have had ALL the kids in it (they were ALL in the "fort" and it was TOO CUTE!!) but the lighting was too bad to see them. They all play really good together.
 And this picture just doesn't do justice to the darling-ness of this situation. These are the dress-up outfits Jax and Mai put on almost every time they play together at my mom's. Just so you can grasp a tiny bit of the happiness it brings me: Jaxton's pants are forest green and made of velvet or some kind of valor....and that is a candy cane vest....and a superman cape. And it is always quite apparent Jax thinks he looks preeeety hot, cause I mean, he totally does...! :) Jax is generally the guy on Frozen, and Mai is generally the princess on Frozen. There is a fair amount of drama, but all intentional, they don't usually fight when they play. You have to introduce Rod and Hazel into the equation to get fighting. :)
Side note: Rod and Jax (and everyone else in the world) love to sing "Let it Go" from Frozen. And they do it SOOO darn cutely!! Rod in particular gets very into it, knows every word and enunciates all those big words very well...like when he says "kingdom of isolation"...slay me.  And he is convinced that Ana is Mairee.
 And Rod, gosh darn-it, is at that point, and has been for some time, where if he gets a nap, he has a hard time sleeping at night. A really hard time. And he doesn't nap well anyway. AT ALL. So we have to keep him up, and as a result, anytime after 3 or 4pm is fair game for him to nod off. And we have to get him up fast for it to not effect his bedtime. It's hilarious, we will all have to yell and yell "ROD!! ROD!! WAKE UP!!" and shake him and squeeze him, throw water, and such. It's really just all we can do once he nods off to get him to wake up again. It's very challenging. So the trick is to be really aware and never really let him get that glazed over look...He is a ticking time bomb....
 And Jaxton's teacher (who is SO on the ball I could never even explain) sends home so many things I can't keep even 10%, and some of it is huge, so even though it's darling there is no where for me to keep it. So I took a picture of this particular one. And the darn blog turned it sideways and I don't know how to fix it. Jax decorated it and told his teacher what he loved: "eating jam sandwiches" (untrue) "my mom and my dad and even my family"(my darling boy) "to go to all kinds of parties" (that's the truth right there) "going to the park" and "playing train tracks with my brother" (melt me.)
And I LOVE this picture.
 Chanel went to the Valentines Dance and knocked everybody's socks off for SURE. Because lets be honest, look at her!! She let me do her make-up, and it was really TOO fun. Fairly unnecessary, but so fun.
Also, our OUTRAGEOUSLY priced insurance finally kicked in the 1st of March. So I was able to go to my first Doctors appointment and get a little pic of (spoiler alert) our 3rd little man. This was at 12 weeks. I'm always shocked to see how well formed babies are so early in pregnancy. It's a complete miracle.
I so love all my boys. How lucky I am.