Monday, November 30, 2015

Family Pictures Nov. 2015

We got our Family Pictures taken the middle of November. It was a cold fast ride! My regret is that Calvin didn't ever really smile; he has such a beautifully huge, goofy smile. Jax was wonderful and Rod tried most of the time. I have great boys. And SO handsome!!
Thanks for taking our pictures Dad!!
My handsome Rod!! I love that one on the bottom!
These ones of all three boys are my favorite!!

I LOVE the pictures of Jax. He was very excited and insistant that he have his picture taken in the trees. And mostly posed himself. This one on the the top right kills me! Love it!
We were lucky to get any of Calvin. He was teething and was not in the mood...when is he NOT teething?? 12 teeth already this one!!
Gabe actually photoshopped this last picture--Rod's entire head!! My dad took 4 of these pictures and Rod had his eyes closed in each one! Thanks Gabe!! 

Friday, November 20, 2015

October 2015

What can I say about this picture!? He is my little diva! This boy loves him some accessories. Sunglasses, hats, socks and shoes seem to be favorites. I love him.
 The boys loved soccer again this year! More then last year even!
My silly boys. They asked for these pictures: 
My Cal!! This is when he gets excited!!
Baby Porter!! I went up to Elko with my parents and Chanel, SUCH a fun quick trip. Loved the shopping and eating at that weird casino, and of course, the entire Zach Judkins Family!! Porter fits on me perfectly!! LOVE that sweet little dude!!
 This happens...a LOT. This particular time, my mom and sister had just left. It was NOT okay with Cal.

 Calvin LOVES Debbie and Prestons stairs. I have a lot of video of him playing on them. This is when he was first starting to stand on his own.
 One of the last warm days of this year we went on a super fun bike ride with our perfect neighbors. Boys can be so much fun!
Vivint year end party, lots of rides! The kids had such a great time!

I LOVE that picture of Jax and Justin.
Not pictured is Cal falling and cutting his head before the rodeo. I freaked out so badly. I've never felt so out of control and emotional for such a long period of time--over something so little. It really WASN'T that bad of a cut. It was super embarrassing and emotional. THANK HEAVEN I had Preston and Debbie and my mom with me (just like a child), and Brooke on the phone; other people who could actually think logically at the time. We ended up (after a LONG process) getting some super glue and Preston just superglued the cut. No big deal. And everything was JUST FINE. PHEW! It was awful. Just a lot of unnecessary psychotic worrying on my part.
This picture kills me. It was SO cute. Rod was mystified by the weird, crappy, mechanical puppets that were singing weird barnyard toons. Rod was kind of the ONLY one in the whole park that liked them..!
 Rod switched preschools the 1st of November, no more driving 20 minutes! Huraay! But Ms. Merlene will be missed!! Oddly, Rod has done SO WELL with the switch. He has been all for it from the beginning. Super bizarre. Here is Roddy in his favorite PJ's and here's how he writes his cute name!
 No words for this cutie pie. He IS real, and he is my son. :)
  And this happened! It was SO cute! Justin built this robot with Rod--Rod is holding the robots hand. The robot is named "Heatwave." Rod LOVED it. 

 We went to on a hayride and got pumpkins! And Jax LOVES all babies. He loved holding Porter! They also love to oooh and ahhh at baby "Aweesa" (Louisa) They love their little cousins!!
Rod BEGGED to be a pirate forever. I finally wrestled up everything he needed and at the last minute he changed his mind because he saw a hulk costume in the halloween box. But he was a pirate for his primary party. And he makes SUCH a cute pirate!! 
Happy Day!!