Sunday, August 9, 2015

A big post.

There are too many things to catch up on. So I just thought I would post a TON of pictures with a small caption on a few things to remember. 
I love this picture.
First time riding in the front of the cart!! It was so much fun!
I love this picture too.
River Trail with Mai Mai
Hang Time trampolines--the boys love it!
I just thought these pictures were so pretty. I love the lighting, and of course, the people.

 The boys each did spring soccer.  I just cant find that picture of Rod. This picture of Rod is the start smart program he did in the winter. The boys seem to really enjoy playing.

Katelyn almost won the spelling Bee! 3rd place for her whole school!

Mom's and Muffins!
Dad's and Donuts!
Just love these pictures.
These pictures are right before Jax went camping with my parents and Natasha's family. He had too much fun. :) 
Rod missed him, and this bottom picture is them after Jax got back, totally enjoying each other. Makes my heart happy.
  These pictures are the best.
So in love with my children.
Calvins first cookie.

My best friend from college days came to visit! 
Happy Birthday Jax!

Grama Wing with Cal. 
Justin did a HALF MARATHON!!
Some handsome boys in Sunday best!
Memorial Day with the Haights!
Happy Birthday Rod! Funnest cutest cake I ever made--his idea!
Way to go Chanel!
See you later Johanna!
Jaxton's last day of Kindergarten with Mrs. Arney. 
Museum of Natural Curiosity!
 7peaks and water fun!
All the sisters together with Mom!
   I cut and bleached my hair and love it.
 Vivianne had the funnest birthday party!! Soap slide!!
 I love him. 

Bridal Veil Falls with the best neighbors ever.
  Fun with Grama Gause!
These boys...
 I have much more but the blog keeps crashing...I will finish later.