Friday, November 6, 2009

here's more...

Jax now weighs 18 lbs 7 oz. and is still in the 75% for head size. Go Bud!!

In the bouncer--he ALMOST has it figured out. I had to go and complicate things by putting slippy pj's on him--no good for traction. He didn't really seem to mind too bad.

He gets so excited. :)

The next three pictures are what happens when you put him on his stomach for more than 30 seconds...

Ya, he's NOT a fan.

FOLKS! I've loaded my first video!!!
It really worked, and this is a cute one. My baby laughing his little cute guts out. :)
Please enjoy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


All i have to say is: I made this, and no, it's not to tight. Jaxton fills it out perfect! :)

I love his cute chubby/wideness!!!

Oooh, now who could this hottie be??

Wolverine and superman, my life is complete.

Is it too cute or is it TOO cute??

Oh my cute face.

This is Justin with his bro Jason, what are the odds they would BOTH be wolverine and not tell each other and then show up and have these awesome pictures. We are a lucky people. :)

Yes, that is one BIG cucumber!!

Jax with his Grama Gause.

with Grampa Gause

My cutie little superman nephew, otherwise known as Ethan.

And this is Fancy Nancy/my niece Katelyn. Fancy Nancy is all the rage in children literature I'm told. I can DEFINITELY see why. little sweet thing. :)

And this is just too cute, as if i didn't feel guilty enough for not dressing up, my cute sister in law comes as none other than Cinderella. oh, the jealousy.