Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Senior Games Trip

My Dad has started competing in the Senior Games in St. George, last year he did singles Racquetball, this year he changed it to doubles and added High Jump. We LOVE to go watch him. He finished High Jump before we got there--which is a REAL shame because, I'm dieing to watch him compete in that or any other Track and Field event--love it--He got 2nd place!! And would have gotten 1st if his darn heel injury wouldn't have been bothering him so badly. It will be fun to see what he can do next year.
 Anyway, we went to St.George without Justin this year because he couldn't get work off.
Below is me at my house checking to make sure that my "Snuggy" still fit my 35lb child. It did! I'm not carring him on hikes with not hands free, this did the job. And it looked hilarious too. :)
 I love my Grandparents, can I just say, they let us stay at their house while they were away. It was SOOO nice. So nice. Natasha and her family came, along with my parents and Chanel. We were a little crowded. So, naturally, I slept in the garage with my kids. :)
But you have never seen a cleaner garage in your life. So it was really great. And it was free. So it was PERFECT.
 And here are action shots of the action! My dad is serving in the 1st picture and then on the left front in the others. My dad and his team mate, Matt, got 3rd place overall. They did SO good.
And this is all of us spectating. It was seriously so fun being with all these people and watching my dad. 
 Jax would rather just play grandpa's phone...always. But seriously all electronic devices were in use during these games trying to keep the kids happy and silent while the adults watched.
 There was a darling little park across the street--so convenient and nice.
I promise Rod isn't strangling Hazel--she is laughing, he is laughing, they were least for the time being...:)
 Rod giving me kisses through the nasty plastic thing--I loved it! 
Jax loves to balance on stuff, he loves these kinds of things at playgrounds.  
 We went hiking at this gorgeous place in St. George. It was PERFECT for kids. I want to do it again next year. I got some really good pictures and put that backpack to use. 
That little kid in the center of the photo is Jax!
Look at that beautiful view!
 That is my Mom, Chanel, me, Jax and Rod on top of that Rock.

 These kids were too cute all in sitting in the back of Grandpa's truck. PS. They LOVE Grandpa's Truck.

 THIS was SO fun! We stumbled across this mini bmx course. It was SO fun.
 Jax and Max especially loved it. We will definitely have to do it again when we go back.
 And St. George has the coolest water park, we went last year and were happy to go again. 

 The kids were all trapping an ant...:) LOVE THEM!
 And this is how much water Rod got--luckily he hung out with my parents for the bulk of the water playing so he didn't miss much. Poor kid--I'm so thankful he didn't break his let in the Summer!
This was such a fun trip for our little family, Jax keeps asking "When can we go back to St. George??" He really had so much fun. If I get my way this is definitely going to be an every year trip. It was just too much fun! :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

A bit of October.

One FHE we rode the razer to the river and threw in some rocks. Jax loves the "BIG ones!"
 Rod cuddled with Justin and threw some rocks himself. 
 Justin threw the biggest rock--I should have gotten pictures. It created a tidal wave. :)
Jax learned about Firemen in preschool and I snapped a picture because it was SO cute with his hat and face...and then the next day at the Home Depot Kids Craft Justin takes Jax to, they had a Fire Truck for the kids to climb on!
 Vivint had their always awesome employee party in October. They rented out the entire Energy Solutions and had a private event with Imagine Dragons, and fed everyone. We had extra tickets so we were able to give some away to family and friends and actually sit with Jerica, Gabe, my Mom, Dad and Chanel. It was SOOO much fun. Like beyond. It was great. I was shocked at how much fun it was.
  These are my babies!
 Here is a cute picture of the kiddies at Brooke's house.
  Here is a REAL smile from Rod, and he is smiling because he keeps shaking Jaxton's head back and forth violently.:)
 They both thought it was so did I...:)
(the pictures are blurry because they are moving so fast!)
 And then we had another fun FHE at this little farm. They had free hay rides and cheap pumpkin picking and other little things. It was pretty fun.
 Hehe, I love these...