Monday, November 24, 2014

Some Highlights of October

  This is Calvin's 1st smile!!! 
Few and far between, but he smiled at my mom, he didn't smile again for like a week. His first like 3 smiles weren't at me--2 were at my mom and 1 at my doctor. He definitely doesn't give them out for free...He makes you work for it!
Grama and Grampa Haight love to come and hold Calvin and love on him! And look how happy he is with them!!
 Some other good pictures of Calvin's admirers...:)
  Here he is in his new clothes and shoes from Clarissa, and in his new church shirt made by Natasha!
Cake batter faces!! This was after they helped me make a chocolate cake. I LOVE this picture of Rod and his spider hat!! "Spooky!"  I LOVE these boys!!
Jax lost his 1st tooth!! Well, his 1st tooth to naturally come out...:)
And Roddy can ride a 2 wheeler!! 
He expressed interest, so we took off Rods training wheels at the beginning of October and he had NO learning curve--Just took off on 2 wheels like a pro!! He was sooo happy!! I just love it!! I attribute some of his quick learning to the absolutely worthless training wheels that he had on that bike-- he had been riding on 2 wheels off and on since the were installed, we had to keep hammering them down...Its a good teacher...;)
Love this picture!!

 Is this just the cutest picture?! Love these little cousins!!! They all just love each other too!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Halloween 2014

 Halloween was so fun. 
My kids are the perfect age for it.
 Ironically, they each wanted to be exactly what they were last year. Somehow they still fit into the costumes--well "fit" is a reach for Rods costume, it was definitely pulling tight in some [groinal] places; but he didn't complain! It was all so easy, and they had so much fun!
I was actually able to do hair and  make up on one of my children, so that is always really fun for me! I can't tell you how much my kids love Halloween. It is SO fun to be around happy kids!!
These next pictures are my favoirte!!  It starts with thier "scary" face and then they just get so silly!! They look like "Jib-Jbs" by the end!
 They are just sooo excited to go trick-or-treating, can you tell??
We went to both Grama's houses' but stayed and Trick-or-Treated at Grama Gause's, we took the boys and she stayed with Calvin and passed out candy.
My boys are so funny and different. About a quarter of the way around the block (we only did a block--but we did both sides of the block) Rodrik announced, "I'm done." When questioned about it he said, "I have enough, I don't want too much." and just walked with us the rest of the way without going to any more door steps, it was halrious. Jax, on the other hand, was all for more and more--it's never really enough with him--but I was shocked this year when his "feet started hurting" and we had to end a little early. 
It was really so fun.They had fun, we had fun. They ate TONS of candy while trick-or-treating and then more when we got home and then got kinda sick. Which has happened every year...probably to everyone's child...:)
What a silly fun holiday. We love it.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Eli Aaron Gause

 Life just goes and moves and rolls and then something like this angel happens:
 and everything just stops.

We were so incredibly privileged to meet our nephew, Eli, on November 5th. Just an absolutely perfect little angel baby, I can't even describe how breathtaking he was. He stunned and completely filled me. His powerful and valiant spirit only lived for 5 blessed hours in that sweet little body before he was called back to serve his Heavenly Father. In that short time he fulfilled everything he was sent to this earth to do. The entire experience was unforgettable on so many levels. And it completely changed my perspective, like nothing else I've ever experienced. 

What a whirlwind of emotions, especially for his sweet mom. She has been such a powerful example and amazing teacher through this whole experience. She is, and always has been, connected to Eli in such a special way. I believe she has a unique gift to be able to interpret every aspect of this experience in a very meaningful way.  It affects anyone and everyone who comes in contact with her or her words. Eli has definitely left an incredible stamp on this life, and she has recorded all of it in such a poetic and lovely fashion, her insights and description of feelings and impressions leave a person speechless. She is amazing; just like her perfect child.

 Here is the link to her blog, then you can know exactly what I mean: She has been blogging about her experience since she found out about Eli's condition when she was 20 weeks pregnant, and I expect she will continue...
I LOVE this wonderful picture. What a magnificent ETERNAL family. We love them.
This was my view during the AMAZING priesthood blessing given to sweet baby Eli by his absolutely wonderful Daddy.
As I said before, what a privilege. 
We love that Gause family so much.
And Eli, you are so loved, so very loved!

Calvins Blessing

Justin blessed Calvin the last Sunday in October. It was really wonderful. We had tons of family support (I LOVE MY FAMILY SO MUCH!!) and I loved Calvin's outfit! My amazing Mom made the absolutly darling little suit for Jaxton's blessing 5yrs ago, and then the little sweater pieces are from my great aunt Joy. I don't even know where you would buy anything so delicate, darling, and sweet. Justin wasn't as big of a fan...I think he wanted something that didn't include a bonnet or maybe booties without bows..?:)


This is my way of recording the amazing blessing given to Calvin. I was so impressed by so much of it. It was pretty remarkable. Some of my favorite parts are that even though there is turmoil in the world he would recognize that there are still good people, that he will be kind and loving to people and give them the benefit of the doubt. I seriously just loved the whole thing.
We love you Calvin!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Calvins Photo shoot

My dad took these BEAUTIFUL pictures. I love them all. Can't even pick a favorite.


We love him so much.