Thursday, September 26, 2013


While I'm pounding out posts, here is June:
Jerica and Gabe got married the first part of June. They are just the best. They are just perfect. And this is the only photo I have. Booh hoo. What a nice day. What a nice couple. And lets be honest, what a darn good wedding breakfast....;) Of which, I also have no pictures. Sad.
For Fathers Day, Clarissa (amazing Clarissa) put together a picture that says "Grandpa" with my dad's grandchildren. It's DARLING. All I have now is the pictures from my kids, but you get the idea.
 And can I just say that for Fathers Day I tried to be awesome and make Steaks for dinner for all the wonderful men in my family. Worst idea ever. In all caps. In my family, I don't think I will ever be in charge of cooking meat again! And I promise it was WAY worse than it sounds.:(  Now I'm in charge of the tofu and everyone is happier. :)
And Rod and Jax enjoyed many a nice time by the pool. Usually not content to JUST play in the pool, but must have the hose going or the water gun or something so that they can squirt each other and scream. Or squirt through the only open window in the house while I scream.:) 
My darling friend Kari came and visited with her kids (we ran track together at UVU)--it was SOOO good to see them, I have more pictures somewhere but I can't find them. This is our kids all playing in the hammock, it was a lot funnier in person than these pictures--all you could here was giggling and smooshed sounds, but they loved it! :)
 We went on our first family Razor expedition in June. We all had a lot of fun! Especially the kids, it's basically their favorite thing to do now. :) 
Sorry, I love this picture--so I had to make it huge! :)
 Jax and I went on a "Date" at the end of June. We went bowling.
 And in case you can't tell, he LOVED it. I need to remember to do this kind of thing every so often. It's SUCH a good time. And needful, I think.

And that is June. In a VERY small nutshell.

End of May Wrap-up

I haven't done a post it a LONG time, so here is some catch-up...
Jax makes a beautiful ballerina. 
The only "cart" I can get them to satay in...
We had a bridal shower for our new  DOLL of a sister Jerica Jane. A complete doll. We LOVE her. MUCH. I'm trying to remember what we ate...I think it was panini's, and--boy, were they good...
For Memorial day my mom made a full pancake breakfast for anyone and everyone at her house--it was SOOO good! Then we all went to the cemetery. It was very hard to answer Jaxton's questions about what a cemetery  is, and why people are under the ground.  I'm so thankful we haven't ever HAD to explain it--I'm so thankful for my family.
And Isaac graduated!! What a peach!! We LOVE Isaac!! And we are so excited to see what he will do next...!! :)
 The last weekend in May, me and Chanel and my mom went to Jaron's beautiful wedding in the Las Vegas temple. It was very nice. 
 I love my Grandparents!!
 On the way to Vegas our Grandparents in St. George were so nice (always) and let us stay with them.  So we only ended up in a Hotel for one night (bunked with some awesome cousins, grandparents and uncle) and saw a few sights of Las Vegas before we went home. Mostly we saw this HUGE mall, which is what I have pictures of. We all got little makeovers and water bottles at this event MAC was doing. And we ate at Cheesecake Factory. Loved being with everyone and spending time with my mom and sister!! 
The mall was seriously out of control...
And lets not forget that Justin was home with the littles' while I was away, way to hold down the fort Justin!
And that is the end of May.