Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Walking on his hands

So all the sudden jax is doing this weird walking on hands thing. It's really funny in person. He thinks he's pretty cool. So do I. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cute video

So this movie is typical Jaxton stuff, he's a funny kid. H-a-l-a-r-i-o-u-s.  He is SO, SO cute guys. And it's kinda sad because he is gettin all mom-clingy and so mostly I'm the only one that see's a lot of his cuteness. Cause he can really be quite the ronch(sp?) to everyone else. He's got serious attitude. BUT he is talking SO much more now-a-days (as shown in the video) so a lot of the frustration from not being able to communicate is lessened. Kind of.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

18 month stats

Jax had his 18m. check-up. Here are the figures:
Weight: 27lbs, 71%
Length: 33inches, 72%
Head Size: 20inches, 99%
At his check-up a lady came and talked with me about doing this a flu vaccination study with Jax. I guess they are trying to add one more strain to the current vaccine and they are doing some of the testing/study at my doctors office. I was a little freaked out initially because of the word "study" and they had to take a tsp. of Jax's blood in the beginning and at the end (2 months later). But, after discussing it with my doctor (who was not affiliated) I decided to do it. My doctor thought it was a REALLY good idea to get him vaccinated, and the study did just that. So i did it,  #1-because they vaccinate him for free (normal flu vaccine and the H1N1 and possibly that new strain--no one knows if he got one with the new strain or not.); #2-because they give you $150 after it's all done (slight perk). So anyway, i've had to do this "journal" for a week; take his temperature every night, watch for abnormal behavior, check the injection site and such. He didn't seem to have had any reactions. So that is a relief. He doesn't really react to stuff very much, kinda like me; stuff just normally does what it's supposed to in my body. He rarely runs fevers. he is always like 97.0 degrees. not even 98. And i never have fevers either. My family just doesn't really get them...a fever for us is like 100; and that means we are pretty sick. Sorry; I'm rambling.

Look how cute!
Jax doing a silly face with the Christmas tree that he "helped"  me decorate like a big boy. :)
Ps. He is all over that tree. K, and i mean, i can see the draw, it's gotta be tempting, but really I cant believe it hasn't fallen over. Lets all pray it makes it till Christmas...:)
It's a little bleary because I took the picture with my phone...
Love this little trouble maker!
Ps. If anyone has any cool disciplinary tactics for 18 month olds do share. I'm loosing that battle FAST. He seems to be un-affected by everything...