Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Outfit or lack off it... :)

This is Jaxtons new little tank top onesie, it's my fav. It goes with these little navy blue mini shorts/diper cover/bloomers. The whole thing is totally histerical, but i liked it without the little pannnies b/c it looked like a little slightly girly swim suit.:) I love that he has no idea what his mother puts him in, and could probably care less.:) And yes, those are his baby little arms completely and totally extending out of the picture becuase they are SO SO long!!

Cheese Head

Jaxton loves his baths--like totally loves his baths. He has never cried whilst in the bath, imediatly before and after are a very different story. He was being a little bit of a cheeser during this bath time and we tried to catch it with a picture...the picture doesn't do it justice. :)

Silly kid

Please tell me you understand how funny/cute this is. Hopefully you can tell from the picture how funny it was for me to look down and see Jax like this.
By the way, this carry contraption is a life-saver (thanks Shelly, Rachel, and Heather) sadly, it's also a back-braker. :)

Fathers Day--late

Yay for Jaxton's dad!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cute face

Oh my cute...

Justin got us this great "jogging" stroller. Now i wont have an excuse to not go running. :) It's a really cool stroller, very nice. However, it's a little bit big for our guy right now. We put that little infant pad in it to help him not flop around, but as you can see the stroller still looks like it was built for a 4 yr old. The day he fits into that thing is the day I'm refusing to push him around while i jog. :)

In case you can't tell, this is Jax sucking on my lips...ha, cuties, but i love it. When he's hungry i do this and it appeases him for about 5, maybe 7 seconds, then he gets really mad. It's way funny/cute. The top picture portrays Jaxton's love for me. :) It's like our only pict of me holding him, I'm glad it turned out so well... :)

Smiley Boy!

Despite Jaxton's grudge at the world he is happy at some brief awake hours of the day. Here is my proof. Okay, so the lighting is really bad in this picture...but look how cute. Of course a picture is never as cute as the real thing, especially a poorly lite picture, but dude, he's smiling!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Jaxton loves his baths, it's awesome. Poor kid has a little bit hard time with life in general, but for some reason, the bath just does the trick. I had a video showing how much he likes it--but it wouldn't load. :(

Mr Green.

I love this picture. He looks abnormally aware. :)

kinda dorky

ha ha. love it.

2 cute picts

The one picture is Jax smiling, he does this quite often but is never really awake when he does i'm pretty sure they aren't super intentional. The other is a cute one with his dad. He loves to be held like that, (head back) it always looks really cute/uncomfortable.


Jax was way jaundice for a while after birth, we had to have him in a "billi-bed" at home for about a week--"only take him out for feedings and to change him" blah blah blah I hate you. It was the absolute worst thing ever. But he looked darn cute in it as shown here.
He didn't really have to wear the little mask that's in the one picture, it was just a suvinear from the beds at the hospital, we put it on him to see if it would help him sleep, and then took a picture because he looked cute--they are such silly looking masks. :)

9 months huge

Just in case anyone forgot my wonderful largeness, I've attached photographic proof. :) This is the night before we went to the hospital.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Jax is currently 3 weeks and 4 days. We are trying to get him to sleep at night, a concept he obviously has never quite understood. This is becoming more and more critical as my minuscule amounts of sleep keep compounding on each other, just like one big sleepless nightmare. We listened to tons of advice and tried tons of different things--nothing worked. AND THEN...last night, thanks to some very recent advice and Justin's lack of patience we very well may have hit a break-through. We just let him scream. Then he fell asleep. Magic.

My version of hell

This is what the my sweet angel baby looked like after 3 1/2 hours of pushing.
 Poor little guy. 
There's not a pict of me, my face and head looked better than his, but i can't speak for my nether regions. 
The pushing/not eating for 24hrs/not sleeping for 36hrs/pushing had had done a number on me physically, emotionally, physiologically, etc... definitely the absolute hardest thing i have ever done in my life. I have never experienced anything that even comes close. It was the most HORRIBLE, horrible, horrible thing. Ever. And then they hand you the product of all your hard work and say "Now take care of this baby." :) 
It was completly insane.
The other one is him looking super cute a few minutes after birth, the little hat they give him really does well at hiding his traumatized head. The doctor had broken 2 vacuums on his head (like pulled so hard they popped off and broke) so he had terrible bruising and abrasions on that part of his head. Not to mention his poor head was like a foot long at that point (from being in the birth canal so long I think...) But it shrunk back down super fast.
We love him.

Just when we thought he was coming...

This is us at the hospital, 5 am on May, 13th (i know i look attractive), we thought he was coming that day...nope. I was induced at about 5:30am and then was dilated to a 2 for 12 hours. sweet (aka NOT sweet). And yes, i did get an epidural, at about 10am, whilest i was still dilated to a 2. I'm not supper big on pain. :) Can i just say that my epidural was like a sweet peace of heaven; it worked like a dream. My doctor broke my water at about 5pm, i had a blessing, and finally i started dilating. wasn't to a 10 until about 12:30 in the morning, "rest and desend"'d for an hour, then, at about 1:30am, let the pushing begin. It was all downhill from there. :)

So this is how it's done...

I'm blogging. Hallelujah. :) Oh reminisce, here is a pict of Justin and I pre-baby. This is the day I graduated.